Written by TOBETRUE

10 Feb 2011

we talk about it... fantasize about it...fuck hard at the thought of it

my lovely mature wife getting fucked by another guy...

Here we are in Dub in a hotel we have visited many times,she looking great

as always,we have just enjoyed dinner and the wine and the few drinks after

true to form have us in the mood and each occasionaiiy seeting the scene for

later through a compliment or flirtatious comment.We sit in a dimly lit but

comfortable and seclusively atmospheric part of the main hotel in earshot and

view of the main bar and observe that the party of males having a good time are

part of the business group we saw checking in earlier.now looking much more relaxed

in their smart casual dress,I myself inhabited this world at a time in my life.

As I expect my wife not only observes but comments on the 2 or 3 that she would

consider attractive and this leads to our usual hard on giving conversation about

the one she would most like to fuck...me knowing that there is now a nice warm

moistness inhabiting that lovely shaved pussy of hers which I would delight in

fucking later.She flashes her flirty smile when certain members of this party pass

in and out with mobile to ear and they looking for that place where they can hear

the caller end up mainly adjacent to the area where we are sitting and we can hear

clearly that they are over from the UK for a few days.I do note that one guy in particular has been out more than once and has my wifes attention on each ossasion

as she fixes herself and makes eye contact when he approaches,he is a goodlooking

guy in his late thirties...I ask the question have you noticed the attention...yes

she says...would you fuck him...I think I would she replies...we had this scenario when we are out many times before and not in a wanton way this excites both of us.She looks

very sexy with her crossed legs showing a nice flash of stockinged thigh and her fit

body and nice breasts complimented by her choice of dress made not without the usual

consideration for the evening,you see my wife is a special woman in every way,to me,

our grown up kids,family and friends,but she has that one secret desire and we think

its real...OR IS IT (to be continued)