20 Apr 2016

Last weekend Sara and I visited London for a break, and it certainly was an exciting one. On Friday after we checked in we went for a drink in the bar to relax for a bit, we struck up a conversation with an elderly man from Trinidad, he was waiting in the hotel until his son picked him up later in the day. He was in his late seventies, but was in great shape and a really warm and pleasant man. His name was Cyril, and the best way to describe him is to say he was the image of Patrick from Eastenders!!.

We chatted about various things, lifestyles, culture and more. Sara was really taken with Cyril's charm, and we soon found out that charm was something Cyril was an expert at. He explained that as a young man he made a living by servicing white women that visited the island, I could see Sara getting ideas as he told us his story, she flirted and made suggestive comments as he did so. When Sara went to the loo, Cyril asked me how far he could take it without embarrassing Sara, I told him she would be willing to go as far as he wanted to take it and I was fine with that.

When she returned I suggested we go to our room, so we grabbed a bottle and went up. Once there we just continued drinking, Sara put on some music and started to dance provocatively in front of Cyril. She was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, and she just turned her back and ground her arse on Cyril's lap. Suddenly she said "oh wow ", and it was obvious she could feel his cock growing. She pressed down and wiggled her arse, Cyril looked at me and I nodded my approval to do what he wanted. With this he reached around and cupped her tits, feeling them as she continued to press against his cock. I pulled Sara up off him, she in turn got him to his feet, and started to open his shirt. I lifted her t-shirt over her head, and removed her bra to expose her tits to Cyril, he immediately leaned in to suck her nipples. By now I had removed her panties and shorts, leaving her totally naked for him to have. Sara removed his trousers and let out another "wow" when she seen his cock, it swung heavy between his legs, a good eight inches but not hard. She started to stroke it, taking the head in her mouth, Cyril closed his eyes as she made it grow hard, sucking it and stroking it as she massaged his massive balls.

Cyril lifted her up, placing her on the bed, he spread her legs and greedily started to eat her pussy. He moved up to kiss her, his mouth covered in her cum, his massive cock, now a good ten inches was poking at her bald pussy, waiting to enter her. He took it in his hand and eased it in slowly, gently he started to force more of it in, but he told her to get on top of him to get used to it. She eased down on it, and as she relaxed more, she started to come again and with that she started screaming as she slid down on his enormous cock. Cyril then got behind her and fucked her long and deep, his balls swinging in time with her tits, every stroke, as he withdrew until the head was nearly out and then back in again. Sara screamed in pleasure as he fucked her, she clutched the sheets as he drove into, but he was really gentle and caring as he fucked her.

Cyril then put her back where he started, on her back again, this time he entered her very easily, he sucked her tits as he continued to fuck her slowly. Cyril started to talk to Sara as he picked up the pace, saying " I love fucking your tight pussy" , this drove Sara wild, and the more she screamed the more he talked and fucked her. Her pussy was now taking it all with ease, and Sara couldn't get enough. Cyril was sweating and he told Sara " look at me while I cum inside your white pussy", his balls tensed, his strokes slowed down and eventually he pushed deeper into her as he emptied his cum inside Sara.

As he withdrew, Sara's pussy was swollen and open and the cum ran out and onto the bed. Cyril just sat on a chair, his cock softening and hanging down as they had a cigarette and chatted. I've seen Sara getting fucked many times, but Cyril really was a pro, and a nice man too and Sara said it was amazing.

We returned to the bar where eventually Cyril's son picked him up, he even thanked us for looking after him, if only he knew!!.