Written by mr cpl

2 Apr 2017

well I didn't know weather to tell this one or not but here we go

I'm Amsterdam a few weeks ago on the first night we went to the hotel bar for a night cap not too late but we were shattered from such an early start it was 11pm sitting in the back in a dark spot chatting away when a 30something guy came over ...heard your accent your irish love the irish and say with us told us he worked in the kitchen ...so I noticed he was very touchy feely with my wife laughing touching her leg stroking her arm then when I came back from the loo he was pulling out of a kiss they didn't know I saw.later in bed me and mrs I was so horny thinking about what I missed and she confesed they kissed and his hands were wondering all over her body we had amazing horny sex

next day went great out sight seeing and later after dinner we we decided to go back to hotel for a night cap same time as last night and yes you guessed it he was there and didn't take long to come over to us after some small talk I seen his had around her waist his fingers in her waist band playing with her thong...I got the nerve and said"why don't you kiss her like last night when I was in the loo,he looked a little hocked but they looked at each other and omg what a sexy wet long kiss they had his hands wondering all over her I didn't even notice him opening her jeans....ok he aid..yes perfect she said I agreed......ok would you take a dare he asked me ,,,ok what is it....give me your room key and 1/2 hour with your wife alone...I wasa little shocked .....what about me I asked ...you wait here we wont be long ok here is the deal you do it but I want you to call me when she is cumming I want to hear it and when you cum I want to see it on her boobs later

the words were only out and they were off leaving me hard horny and alone.....20 mins later my phone went I could her fucing then her screaming with pleasure cumming over and over then a grunt from him and yes from her ...it was over all quiet ....come up babe she whispers in the phone to me....I ran up hoping to catch them in bed but he was gone and like he agreed her body coverd in his cum fuck me please she begged and I will tell you what he did to me .I got on top of her and his cum all over her I will admit I didn't last too long I was exploding in 10 mins but worth it