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Waking up next to you

"This is basically me writing down my ideal day, this would be ch1."
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Chapter 1 – Rise and shine my love

It is early morning on a typical Saturday. As I gain consciousness, I feel my hips gyrating slowly in a circular motion against a warm, soft and firm round surface. I hear a slow moan of contentment from close by and a warm surface presses up against my morning wood, begging for its touch. I open my eyes and realize I am lying in bed with you in my arms, slowly grinding my manhood up against your ass cheeks. One arm is under your head, its hand and fingers entwined with yours. The other is draped around your body and is gently cupping your perfect perky tit.

I rain in my urges and slowly and oh so carefully I extricate myself from where I am lying in bed holding you in my arms, afraid to wake you. You look so beautiful and peaceful in your sleep; your soft small lips are curved in a content smile as your cute little nose is trying to dig into the pillow. As I get out of bed, I get a nice view of your firm round butt covered in the hotpants you always like to wear in bed. My heartrate increases but I rain in my urges and exercise a rare patience I don’t often show when looking upon the divine form that is you.

Patience, you’re on a mission” I tell myself. “There will be plenty of time to indulge in your urges and explore every inch of her exquisite body”.

Even after all this time, the sight of your curves sends a chill down into the very core of my soul. Even just the outline of your body makes me want to worship you, caress you and make everlasting love to you, while at the same time making me want to devour you whole and fuck you so hard, they can hear your screams of pleasure throughout the neighbourhood and the bed is soaked in your pussy juices.

As I tear myself away for your body to make breakfast, I start contemplating all the different delightful ways to wake you up and what I will do to you once you are awake. I put on the sexy apron you gave me for my birthday over my tight boxers and start cooking. I whip up some eggs, just the way you like them, to go with some fresh toast and melted Kerrygold butter. I whip up some fresh coffee and prepare a bowl of grapes, strawberries and all your favourite fruits.

I silently open the sliding door leading into the bedroom and put the breakfast on the nightstand. As I open the door, I see you lying in bed. You are lying on your stomach, hugging the pillow. The duvet has fallen down to just cover your plump ass and I get a great view of the small of your back and the start of your butt crack is just barely visible. As I lay eyes on this scene, I feel a flutter in my stomach and there is a stirring in my loins. “Patience!” I tell myself again. “Not long now, just bear with it”. I force myself to take a deep breath but the growth in my boxers tells the story all too well.

As I finish putting our breakfast on the nightstand beside the bed, I quietly and carefully slip back into bed. I gently start stroking my fingers up and down your back and down into the small of your back to slide in between the crack that is barely visible above your hotpants. I make sure my fingers barely touch and slowly I add the sensation of my lips touching your back before letting my tongue gently slide over your flesh. My soft touch along with the smell of fresh toast and coffee soon makes you stir slightly in your sleep and a moan of pleasure escapes your lips but you do not yet wake. This is my que. I gently lie down next to you under the cover and press my manhood, already hard as a rock and peeking out of the top of my boxers, against your succulent buttocks. I slide my sausage gently in between your buns.

The feel of my warm body against your back, my dick rubbing the ring of your sphincter as it slides in between your cheeks combined with the smell of fresh toast and coffee brings another moan from your lips. I slip my hand under your neck to gently stroke your arms, softly kissing your neck just below the ear I whisper: “Close your eyes, go back to sleep and enjoy”.

As you settle back in, I slide my hand under your neck and interlock my fingers in yours as I continue to gyrate my hips to massage your butt hole. I stroke you softly from your shoulder down to your hips and back up before slowly moving to your front and tracing lines across your whole body and around your succulent boobs. I start to kiss and nibble your shoulder and arm before I gently grab hold of your free hand to guide it down in between your legs. Here, our fingers entwined, we start to rub your pussy through your panties, your lips poking out, showing off your delicious camel toe. After a while I guide your hands to the inside of your panties where you need little encouragement to continue stroking your vagina by yourself. As you masturbate, I use my now free hand to pull down your panties, where you eventually kick them free. I work free my own boxers and take hold of my throbbing dick and push it down so that instead of rubbing between your cheeks it now presses against your lips. I slide it in between them, parting your lips and on every thrust my tip is gently poking your clit. As you continue to rub your pussy with your hand, your fingers gently stroke my head every now and then, sending shivers of delight up and down my spine.

My hand goes back to stroking your body, playing with your nipples until they are hard and perky. You stop masturbating and bring your hand to your mouth. You lick the palm of your hand and bring it back down in between your legs where you grab hold of my fat dick as it slides up and down in between your lips. You cup it and press it into your pussy, guiding it to hit your button on every upthrust while you massage the length of my shaft. After a few minutes I can no longer contain myself as your juices are flowing over my dick, lubricating it and enhancing the sensation of it sliding in between your lips. I pull back and on my next thrust I aim up, plunging my rigid cock into your pussy up to my balls. As I enter, I can hear your breath catch while you simultaneously squeeze my hand. I continue to massage the inside of your flower with my stalk while using my hands, lips and teeth to cover as much of your body as I can.

After several minutes I decide it is time to wake you up. I pull out and as I straddle you, I grab your shoulder and turn you around onto your back. As you turn your head you give me a grunt of mock dissatisfaction at waking you. I grab my dick in my hand and I slap your clit a few times before using my knob to massage you pussy some more. This quickly turns your frown into a mischievous grin and I can see the lust in your eyes. I lie down and put my full wait on your body while I continue to move my hips. I grab your head in my hands and kiss you, our tongues meet and become one before I finally pull away after a minute, grabbing your lip gently with my teeth.

From here I start going down your body ever so slowly, making sure I explore every inch of your body with my hands, lips, teeth and tongue. I start at your neck, kissing and licking as I cover every inch up and down. Next, I go to your shoulders where I gently nibble on them, from here I move to your upper chest. Using my tongue, I trace a pattern around your lovely petite breasts, making sure to wet your nipples before coming back up through the middle of your breasts, using my tongue to lick your chin before coming in for another passionate kiss, stroking your hair and temples as I do so.

I go back down slowly and this time I spend considerable time at your breasts. I use my wet stiff tongue to play with one of your breasts, flicking your nipple every which way just the way you like, while every now and then I suck it in between my teeth ever so gently. Your other breast is cupped in my hand, where I am massaging it and using my fingers to play with your nipple. I can feel your body asking for me to hurry down and satisfy your carnal desires but I refuse to give in despite my painfully throbbing dick. Release will be so much sweeter once I grant it to you.

After a while I start slowly moving down again and as my mouth goes down my hands go up to embrace your boobs and continue playing with your nipples. I kiss every inch of your belly and use my tongue to explore your belly button. As I close in on your pussy, I can feel you tense your glutens and raise your lips to meet mine in anticipation. However, just before I reach your clit I veer off and work my way to your thighs, kissing the inside of your legs and scratching them gently with my teeth. I work my way back towards your pussy but make sure to only trace the outline of your lips and your cooch with my tongue before going to the other tight. Once I finish there I come back and after circling your pussy you give a frustrated growl and push my head down towards your slit. I go down and rake my tongue from your butthole to your clit. But I don’t stop there, I keep going all the way up your belly, in between your breasts and up your neck and chin. Just as I reach your mouth and grab the top of your head, I thrust my dick inside your hole slapping my balls against your cunt. You let out a gasp of surprise and ecstasy! Before you can close your mouth, I put mine over yours and enter your mouth with my tongue to grasp yours. However, this was just a final tease and as I leave your mouth to go back down, I take your lip with me as far as I can. I go back down and start licking your pussy in earnest, smiling as I think of all the pussy juice I will be drinking.

As I come down, I use my hands to spread your legs out wide, getting a good look at your gaping hole. I gently grab your lips in my fingers and spread them out wide. I flatten out my tongue and start lapping up your juices like a puppy licking its owners face. My soft, warm and moist tongue is going up and down the length of your pussy, every now and then poking inside your vaginal canal to say hello.

After a minute I start focusing in on your clit and my tongue starts to stiffen so it can play with your pink pearl all the better. I flick my tongue up under your hood to graze your clit, I continue to go up and down like this and before long your body clenches in sweet delight, your thick, sweet juices start to flow in earnest now, they start rolling down my chin. I am forced to abandon your clit for now as I don’t want to waste this sweet nectar. I move my tongue down to start stroking your entire pussy again from the bottom to the top, drinking in the fluids being excreted from your body. Your pussy juices really are like the nectar of the gods, tasting nice and sweet and thick on my tongue. Once I have sated my thirst somewhat, I move back up to focus on your clit. I use a combination of flicking your clit with the tip of my tongue and using broad strokes of my tongue over it, changing speed and pressure to fuel your ecstasy. After several minutes my jaw starts to hurt and I can barely breathe but I refuse to let up or let you come this quickly. I easy off slightly but keep touching your clit, I add a finger on each side of my tongue which strokes up and down your pussy, in between your lips. As they pass your hood, I squeeze slightly so that your clit is clenched in between my fingers as I rub up and down while my tongue continues to flick it from underneath. I alternate between this and rubbing your clit from side to side with my fingers for a while. As I catch my breath and relax my jaw, I insert first one and then a second finger into your glistening hole. My fingers delve easily into your drenched and narrow tunnel, exploring deeply until they find the sweet rough patch that is your G-spot. As I continue to caress your clit with my tongue, I gently press my fingers against your G-spot and rub it, increase pressure as your body demands.

As I feel your body building up to a climax, your back arching, your pelvis clenching and your pussy writhing up and down while moans are escaping your mouth, I grab your legs and push them up into the air, spreading them out. I take hold of your hands and tell you to pull your legs towards you so that your ass is elevated, giving me the perfect view of both your ass and pussy and an ideal position for finishing you off. My chin is soaked at this stage and the sheets are covered in your juices that are now dripping down in between your crack to lubricate your asshole. I move my tongue to lap up the trail in between your butt cheeks and spend some time licking and exploring your sphincter. As my tongue moves back up one of my fingers stays behind to massage your opening, testing out your reaction to the sensation of my finger rubbing your anus, you seem to enjoy it but I keep it at that for now. It is time to give you the relief you desire. My tongue goes back to playing with your clitoris while my fingers massage your G-spot. As you build up to the crescendo, I take your clit in my mouth and suck it in and out of my mouth, ever so gently scraping it in between my teeth which drives you completely insane. You grab my head and push it down into your pussy as you arch back and let out screams of pleasure until you shiver uncontrollably and start squirting. I move my mouth down to drink in as much of your nectar as I can manage while my fingers keep rubbing your clit until you fall back in exhaustion and I come back up to cradle you in my arms, holding you tight while I kiss and caress you.

After several minutes you catch your breath and turn around. Eyes squinting, you push down on the edge of my shoulder, pinning me down on my back before you straddle me. “Your turn to suffer” you say with a sultry smile on your face.

You rake your nails across my chest while writhing your hips over my dick, soaking them in your lubricating nectar. You come down and start kissing my all over while you continue to rub your wet lips up and down the shaft of my cock. You start kissing my neck and biting into my flesh as you grab me by the hair for purchase. After a few minutes you work your way down my body, rubbing the nipples of your succulent breasts across my body, trailing your lips and tongue after them. When your boobs reach my throbbing member you grab you small but soft boobs and wrap them around my dick. Your pussy juices provide the lubricant needed for your tits to slide easily up and down the shaft, coating them in the juices and making them glisten in the early morning light. The feel of your soft breasts on my dick sends a shiver down my spine and I let out a gasp of pleasure. You start alternating using your breasts and mouth. Starting by touching my head with your tongue, slowly progressing to taking the length of my shaft in your mouth and running your tongue along the entire length like it’s a popsicle. The suction of your mouth combined with the velvet touch of your boobs makes my cock go even harder than it already was. The blood pumping into it making it throb almost painfully. You let go of your boobs and focus on giving me a blowjob, while your nails start working along my torso again. You slide you mouth over my cock with such fervour and suction power that I am sure you are trying to suck the sperm straight out of my balls.

I can’t take it anymore!!! I need to be inside you! Plunging my cock into your vagina until we both scream out in extasy.

I grab hold of your shoulders and with one smooth motion I reverse our positions, putting you on your back on the edge of the bed and me on top. I grab hold of your legs, putting them up and spreading them out, parting your lips to open up your pussy and so revealing the black tunnel that is about to be explored by my dick. Before I give in, I tell you to hold your legs and I grab my dick in one hand and alternatingly slap it against your clit and use my dick’s glans to part your lips and poke your clit from the underside, making you squeal and grunt in pleasure. Once I have warmed you up again and your slit is nice and moist, I finally enter heaven. I gently slide my dick inside your pussy all the way up to my balls. As I do so, you arch your back and squeeze your pelvis, tightening your pussy around my dick while gasping with your eyes closed.

I grab your legs again and hold them out into the air while I start thrusting in and out. I start out gently, slide in and out with the entire length of my cock, slowly working up speed until I am pounding you so hard your little tits are bouncing about like Jell-O during an earthquake.

This is one of the things I love most about your boobs, they are nice and small on your petite frame. Firm and nicely formed but fluid enough that they jiggle when you lie down.

You rub your pussy fervently while I thrust in and out. As I hit a crescendo, I thrust with such force that I penetrate all the way to your deep spot as you are letting out little screams every time my pelvis hits your pussy. I come down to kiss you, our tongues entwining in an eternal dance of the moon and stars. I move down your neck back to your breasts, using my tongue to massage your nipples and trace the outlines of your breasts. Having recovered a little, I lay hands just below your breasts, my thumb and index finger embracing your tits. I push up and, keeping my hands in place, I start thrusting again, writhing my hips in circular motions like I was trying to play the hoola hoop. After a while I take your legs and place your feet against my chest, next I grab hold of your wrists. As I thrust deep into your pussy, I pull on your arms, penetrating even deeper than before, hitting your deep spot on every thrust. This causes you to squeal and let out a short scream every time I hit it. I keep going until once again your pussy is drenching in juices and my cock is slick as ice. I keep going and building up until you cry out in extasy and start convulsing. You squeeze your pelvis, choking my gofer and almost making me cum but I pull out just in time as you sag onto the bed and all tension leaves your body. I come over and start kissing and caressing you again while my member takes a break and regains its stamina.

Having regained my breath, I turn you around onto your stomach. As I grab a sturdy pillow you stick your ass into the air so you can rub your pussy as you eagerly await the next round. I place the pillow by your lower stomach so it will prop up your ass. As I do so, my face presses into your ass. I inhale and breath in your scent. The mix of your sweat and the delightful scent of your juices makes me heady and draws me in. I grab hold of your sweet tight ass and pull apart your cheeks, exposing the wrinkly ring of your sphincter. As you continue to masturbate, I stick my tongue out and gently tickle your anus. You let out a little squeak of delight. As I knead your buttocks, my tongue greedily explores your vagina and anus. I start probing your sphincter with my finger, slowly tracing the rim and testing out the stretch before slowly dipping my finger in. I proceed to finger your anus while you masturbate. Once you are nice and warmed up again, I take my cock and delve into your pussy and start fucking you as you lie on your stomach with your ass up into the air.

As we catch our rhythm, we start moving smoothly though the different positions, alternating our tempo so we last as long as possible to ensure maximum pleasure. I first pin you down with the weight of my body as I continue to fuck you from behind before I turn onto my side bringing you with me so that we are back in a spooning position while I continue to thrust and gyrate, brining your leg up into the air. While in this position you turn your upper body so we can lock our tongues in another passionate display of acrobatics ending with me pulling your lip with me as we part. Next, I roll onto my back bringing you with me so you are now on top of me riding reverse cowgirl. You bring your knees in under you and take over the motion of sliding your silk, velvet pussy over my throbbing cock.

After several minutes you twist on my pole to come down and place a passionate kiss on my lips, whispering in my ears “you ready for the finale?”.

I whisper back that I am and you push off my chest and lean back, bending my cock down my body you place your hands on my upper legs before you begin bouncing on my dick. You know I absolutely love this position as it gives me the best view of your entire body. From your pussy parting around my dick like the red sea before mozes, to the area just above your cunt all the way up your stomach to your bouncing petite titties, finally getting an amazing view of your mouth and face that are going through all the different emotions from breathlessness to ecstasy.

Every now and then you come down for another passionate kiss, while I sit up to embrace you and suckle on your teats. As we alternate between this, we drive up the tempo, working in sync with me thrusting my pelvis up and you bouncing up and down on my dick, ultimate bringing us to a mutual orgasm before we collapse onto the bed.

We lie on our bed, sweat dripping down our bodies, soaking the sheets, our breath ragged but completely content. Our foreheads touching, we gaze into each other’s eyes as my cock is still cradled lovingly inside your warm and tender pussy. After several minutes we kiss before getting up to finally enjoy our breakfast and start our day, the coffee long since gone cold…

To see how the rest of this day unfolds please like my story and provide some feedback on what I could improve. If there is enough demand, I will continue this story with more steamy adventures to come.

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