Written by mrs cp

19 Jun 2016

on a holiday in spain some years ago we got friendly with a Cpl from uk we met them by the pool with their young family ,there was a pool side quiz and she (36) won the prize (school teacher so no surprise there)it was a spa treatment for 2 in a local saloon in the town,

she came over to our apt next morning asking if I would go with her as her hubby had the kids at the beach,i was up for it and off we went,we went in not a bad place clean a little dark but ok,a very nice girl brought us to a room where we both undressed and put on robes,skip forward 3 hours after some amazing treatments we were brought in to a darker room asked to lay side by side on a tall bed like a massage table but a dubble one,blind folds were place on us by an amazing looking girl .....our robes removed and did I feel so exposed laying naked next to a stranger on a bed......we felt someone get on the bed and start massaging us there were 2 of them one each rubbing all over and I mean all over slight touching in the right (or wrong ) placesit went on for I guess 40 miins by the end I was so horny having a guy to that to me he said please lay here for a while to relax and they left us alone,after a min she me new friend asked me how I was feeling .......honeslty I feel like I could explode after that with a giggle,then I felt her hold me hand fingers inter locking ...me too she said then I felt the bed move I thought someone had come back but it was her she got up and kissed me so wet and long,she whispered to me "let me get u more relaxed and moved down my body and started giving me the most amazing oral ever im not bi but omg I could not stop her even if I wanted to and I was cumming in mins as I came I felt the bed rocking harder and hard and I could feel her heaving breathing against my pussy lips I sat up to see a guy taking her from behind pumping and she burst out an amazing orgasam....he looked at me in an amazing broken English said your turn so I without even blinking I lay on my tummy and felt this massive cock snuggle its was in me and he was pumping me so hard I came again and felt him pull out and spray me with his cum......he left us to tide ourselves and take a shower we just giggled like to school girls in the shower and left in a taxi they went home next morning and we never spoke about it ..........until now