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Published 9 years ago
You arrive home from work late one night, your hubby has already told you he won't be home til later. When you get through the door there is a note on the floor, telling you to follow the arrows and any instructions... You follow them upstairs, where there is a note telling you to take a shower. When you get back out there is some of your sluttiest underwear laid out on the bed, crotchless panties, a tiny babydoll, stockings and suspenders and your highest pair of heels... Along with these items is a note telling, you to kneel at the top of the stairs and to put on what you find... To your surprise you find a blindfold and handcuffs, which you obediently put on... You hear steps behind you and are pulled roughly to your feet, forced down the stairs and outside. You are bundled into the boot of your car... After a while of being driven around, you hear the crumch of gravel under the tyres and feel the car slowing down...   You are pulled roughly from the car as it stops and moved around to the bonnet...   blindfolded you don't know what to expect and are a little shocked when your mouth is forced down into a hairy cock. Pro that you are, you start sucking hungrily, as you feel a hand pull the material of ur thong aside a tongue slides between your lips and starts lapping up ur juices...   you can hear voices around and lots of clicks, you quickly guess that someone is taking lots of photos...   The guy in ur mouth is pretty eager and its not long before your expert tongue has him shooting his load into your mouth. You have barely finished licking ur lips when his cock is replaced. Your arms are pulled out to the side and each given a cock to tug on, while u suck...   The tongue behind you is soon replaced by a cock, which at first only presses gently against ur juicy cunt and u push urself back towards it, demanding it to enter...   If it weren't for the mouthful of cock, you would have let out a scream as the cock behind entered you deep and hard in one stroke, ripping you apart as it did so.   The two guys who have you skewered quickly work up a rhythm, where the guy driving into you from behind forces your mouth down onto the other cock.. your leg behind you are starting to grow weary but you are being kept in the air by these two boys....   when they have finally finished using you, you are pulled from the bonnet of the car and stood up. You find yourself being mauled quite quickly, hands cupping your tits and pinching your ass.   you are led over to what you can only assume is a timber bench, which your tits confirm when they are pressed down onto it...   A voice shouts out, 'Let the auction begin, one tight virgin ass for sale. Bidders with monster cocks sought. Highest bidder wins'   your pussy clenches tight at the thought of your ass being opeded for the first time. The auction takes a few minutes and there as cheers as your ass is won...   A guy moves around in front of you and pulls your blindfold down. You can see that you are in the carpark of a local wood, where you sometimes come for walks. There are lots of cars parked around with their lights on.   You glance up at the big black cock, dangling in front of you, that is soon to own you ass..... your tongue darts out at the big black cock dangling menacingly in front of your face and flicks the head of the cock. Mr BBC answers by grabbing the hair at the base of your neck and pushes his cock down your throat making you gag slightly. You pull back and start to suck hungrily, working it into a big thick hard shaft.... he pulls out of your mouth and moves around behind you. Grabbing your hips, he prods his cock between your legs. Lubricating his monster with your pussy juices which have started to flow hungrily at the thought of being owned completely. He forces himself inside your pussy and you scream from the pain of his member ripping your pussy apart. 'Shut the bitch up, stuff her mouth with a cock or someting big...' Whats look like a replica of Mr BBC stalks in front of you, lifts your chin and presents you with an equally impressive cock to keep your mouth occupied... Mr BBC pulls his shaft from inside you and starts stroking his lubed cock between your legs and back to ur ass, prodding gently, he forces it inside slightly. you push your ass back onto his cock, demanding it to enter you deeper... He pulls ur hips back onto your cock, ramming himself roughly inside you. You try to scream and pull away from his cock but your drive forward onto the cock, causing you to gag, your scream muted by your full mouth. Your two black friends get into a rhythm, the cock in your ass driving you forward on to the cock in your mouth and as he pulls back, you get a chance to catch your breath. The fuck you roughly for an age before you feel them both tense up almost simultaneously, shooting their loads into your mouth and ass together. You swallow the mouthful of cum hungrily... They pull out, you dont see it but two girls are forced onto their knees to lick their shafts clean. You feel a tongue behind you, lick and sucking your ass clean. You think its a girl due to all the hair and when she cums around to kiss you, giving you the cum that has been shot deep in your ass. I move forward, thank everyone for cumming... and tell them I will be organising something similar soon. I wrap a shawl around and lead you to the car, taking you home...

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