Written by Anonymous

30 Sep 2008

She strode into the room. Wearing a black power suit that included a short skirt that went to half way up her toned smooth athletic yet feminine thighs, she exuded confidence. She was only 20 but her confidence almost bordered on the arrogant. Her hair was short and black and she had sea green eyes. Her stillettos were sharp and threatening and very high. Her heels rhythmically clacking against the polished tiles of the office. She prowled like a cat around the office, sleek and seductive....and undoubtedly ruthless.

Her father was the founder of the company I worked for and he had been telling us for years how his daughter was going to take the company to a whole new level. He had been saying this for years, even though she must have been no more than 15 or 16 at the time. The guys in the office laughed this off as being the rose tinted opinion of a doting dad.

However, upon seeing his daughter for the first time, I could see a cold calculating ruthless glint in her gorgeous green eyes. I was scared, threatened yet aroused by this young 20 year old alpha female.

"Mr. Collins, pleased to meet you, I have heard alot about you." Immediately, I was wondering what did she hear about me. Without her fathers knowledge, myself and a few of the executives in the company had been organising a hostile bid in the form of a management buyout of the company. We were on the verge of having enough shares gathered to force her father to sell his minority stake. Up until now, I was very confident that her Dad had not been aware of our secret intentions and maybe I was reading too much into her comment to me.

"Daniel, will you make some tea for me, it's quite cold outside."

I could not believe what she requested me to do. I was one of the top executives in the firm and not used to being spoken to.

"I beg your pardon." I replied.

"Just make the fucking tea Danny, don't prick around." she retorted.

I was stunned. This girl had loads of attitude. She didn't take prisoners. She was rude, disrespectful and bossy and she was totally irresistable. I was hooked.

"Ok Miss" I found myself saying. I couldn't believe that I was agreeing to her demands.

"Oh, and when you have it made, will you bring it up to me in your office. I shall be waiting." she ordered as she sauntered towards my office door, my eyes locked on her perfect sleek toned smooth legs. She suddenly turned around, catching me ogling her gorgeous legs.

"I've no time to waste, make my fucking tea Danny." She knew what was arousing me.

I arrived back a few moments later with the tea. The cup was shaking in my hand with a mixture of trepidation and excitement.

"Close the door Danny, and I mean close it, LOCK it." she ordered.

"There really is no need, no one will bother...."

"Lock the fucking door. Are you as stupid as you look?" she growled.

I locked it immediately. There she was, her long irresistable legs stretched across my desk as she sat in my executives chair, her legs crossed, she playfully flexing her gorgeous legs, her seductive mouth toying with the end of her specs.

"I hear you are planning a buy out." she said...

"What?? Of course not. Why would I be planning a buyout?? I have worked for your father for the last 12 years." I replied.

"Look, you think you can get away with shit like this but I have been looking at the books of this company since I was 15. My Dad is not as sharp as he was but I know what you are doing and you are not going to get away with it because I am smarter and tougher than you."

"Is that what you think?" I replied.

"It's what I know Danny" she smirked, crossing her legs, my eyes unable to resist looking at her gorgeous pins as her skirt slid ever upwards.

"Ok, what do you want?" I asked.

"I want to be CEO and be the majority stakeholder in this company." she replied.

"Ambitious." I said. "You cannot achieve that without my help."

"I know." she replied. "That's why I'm here. My Daddy has outlived his usefulness. He is losing his control. I think us two are very much the same. Very ambitious, we are predators in the jungle ready to prey on the weak and the infirm. What do you think Danny?"

She got up off my seat and walked stealthily around the desk, me sitting there in the other chair, not quite sure how to react to this offer.

"I think if I buy out my Daddy's shares, he will think that I am showing a healthy interest in the company. It will also deceive your fellow executives and without them even knowing, the two of us could own the company. Wouldn't that be much better than sharing the profits with a whole bunch of other executives?? What do you think Danny boy??"

With every syllable, I was falling more and more for her. She was smart, devious and devastatingly good looking. I was a happily married man but this girl aroused urges in me so deep and so primal, it was hard to resist.

"Mmm...that sounds good to me...but why should I trust you?"

"I'm not stupid, I need your help. I am not going to get on the wrong side of someone I need to help me achieve my goals." she said as her hands slid onto my shoulders.

"Is that a picture of your wife on the desk, Danny?"

"Yes I love her very much. She is my life. She is the reason why I push myself hard, she deserves the best, thats why I'm so determined to get up the corporate ladder." I replied. But in reality this woman was driving me crazy with desire.

"Just sign here, and we will have out manoeuvred all our rivals. We will then have enough shares together to force the other executives to sell their shares, including Daddy's as she handed me the contract papers."

She walked around me as I tried to read the contract, she circling closer and closer around the chair, her scent getting stronger and stronger. Her presence filling my senses. Her presence filling my pants, my erection, thick and throbbing concealed in my pants, my heart racing as I struggled to contain my urges.

"That looks fine to me." I gasped as she stood over me, hands on hips, legs parted, such a powerful domineering pose, her shadow covering me as I sat in the chair, signing the contract.

"Good boy Danny, you know it makes sense." she whispered into my ear, her tongue toying with my ear lobe.

"How do you feel about sealing the deal?" she whispered.

"What do you mean?"

"I think you know very well what I mean Danny" as she sat in front of me on the desk, her lean tanned sexy 20 year old legs parted, as she lifted her legs on the desk, her stillettos resting on the edge of the desk, exposing her gorgeous white panties.

"I know you want to." she smirked.

"Ok if you don't want to go the whole way, wouldn't you like to taste me??"

As she slid her panties to one side, exposing a perfect smooth juicy pussy....

I couldn't hold back any longer. I slid my head under her skirt and fed greedily, my long thick dripping tongue slithering against her aroused clitoris, me hooked on her 20 year old juices. My hands caressing her amazing thighs as she slowly and seductively clasped her thighs around my head and neck, entrapping her business partner between her awesome thighs. She thrusted powerfully against my face as she clung onto the edge of the desk. Her moans aroused me more and more, my large thick member swelling in my pants with her every groan.

"Seal the deal you fucker." she moaned, "fuck me".

My pants slid down, exposing my big thick dripping alpha male cock, all 8 inches of corporate weaponry.

"You are so worthy of my pussy, you are a proper man." she gasped.

The heat of her pussy totally enveloped my cock as she clasped her powerful yet feminine thighs around my waist and back, locking me against her...

"You better cum." she moaned as she ripped her own panties off.

I could feel her pussy expertly milking me, manipulating me. Her youthful energy arousing me and tiring me at the same time. Her nails, her claws digging into my back almost drawing blood as she heaved herself against my cock.

"Are you close to cumming??" she moaned

"Very" I replied.

My thrust got ever quicker and ever more violent as i felt myself coming closer to climax. But just before I was ready to cum, she reached down and withdrew my cock, wrapping her panties around my cock, stroking me...

"What, what are you doing?" I gasped.

"Don't disobey me, cum you bastard."

Her dominant, domineering tone turned me on so much as I bent over the desk, she milking me, stroking me.

"Mmm...how does it feel to be milked?" she moaned.

"mmm.." I groaned, her panties draped around my manhood.

She gently rubbed her knee against my balls as she pulled on my cock.

"I can feel it cumming, let it go honey, let it go" she urged me.

In one rapid violent thrust, a large gush of thick creamy cum shot into her gorgeous white panties as she vigorously stroked my cock, making sure that every single drop of my cum soaked her panties.

When I was finally spent, she rubbed her panties against my face. Her scent mixed with the scent of my cum.

"Look in the corner Danny, and smile." she ordered.

"Why?" I replied

"You are on candid camera." she smiled an evil grin.


"Yes Danny, I have a camera hooked up to my hard drive at home and I have all this on camera. Wouldn't it be a shame if your wife found this out and wanted a divorce and wanted half of your €15 million. Tut, tut, that would not be good."

"You fucking bitch, you bitch, you fucking bitch." I retorted, not knowing what to say.

"And just in case that didn't do the job Danny, I have your thick creamy cum all over my lil white panties. Mmmm...all that DNA...that could be given to your wife too...now that would be double trouble."

"You see Danny boy, men have a brain and a cock, but not enough blood to work both at the same time, and that's such a pity for you, but what an opportunity for me." as she sat on the desk again, her legs totally spread, her pussy moist.

"Do you think I would let a loser like you cum inside a winner like me!!"

"I have a second contract for you to sign. The terms you might find not to be your liking but I think it is better than the alternative. Here, I will hold your hand to sign it."

I signed over the ownership of the company to her. As she said, she was a winner.

"Ok I will be a sport, I know you love my gorgeous 20 year old legs. How would you like to feel the new CEO's legs.

As much as I hated her, I couldn't resist. Being outsmarted by a clever, devious sexy young manipulatrix like her was humiliating, but so totally exhillerating..

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