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The A B C Conundrum

"Which one will he pick"
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Published 8 months ago
The A B C Conundrum This is the story of 3 wiling subs... Sub A a young attached brunette...Sub B a slim Redhead with pale skin and glowing lips .. Sub C and Asian nurse who has caring in her heart .. HD must decide with which one his future lies .. In a lowly lit apartment HD is kissed and licked from head to toe , followed by a six handed massage and a 3 mouthed genital suckfest leading to an explosion of hot sticky ecstasy and snowballing from 3 grateful mouths .... Felling relaxed HD puts everyone in the shower ( it’s a big shower ) to wash and rub each other down. HD can’t help but notice how the water runs, drips and cascades off their naked bodies . Off their lips, breasts and nipples. Down between their legs and streaming down like a golden shower . He bends down to catch a taste of Sub B and gets elements of her hair , her bodywash her sweat and her taste as it flows together over her clit and down into his mouth. The stream becomes stronger as she begins to urinate which is dully excepted , filling up his mouth and spilling out as he starts to penetrate her asshole with his finger. But that’s not enough as he turns her round , pushing her up against the tiles. He starts to kiss , lick and bite each cheek, flicking his tongue wildly between the crack of her ass until it is fitting snuggly inside her. He puts his hands around her thighs an pushes her ass into his face .The other two have retired back to the bedroom leaving them alone in the shower To be continued....

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