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Teaching the student

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Published 5 years ago
A friend of ours places foreign students and was let down at the last minute, as we have spare rooms we stepped in to accommodate a young French lad called Henri. He was very pleasant and fitted in really well. Sara is very outgoing and made it easier for everyone. On his first weekend we took him sightseeing, which involved a lot of walking and when we got home in the evening everyone, especially Sara was tired. I said I'd make some food and Sara lay on the couch with her feet resting on a foot stool, H just sat on a beanbag watching tv. I came back in and Sara said she ached all over so I began giving her a shoulder rub from behind the couch. She said that's perfect and closed her eyes and just started to relax, can I have a foot rub she asked?. I said to H, you heard the woman and motioned him to rub her feet. He started to rub her feet and she responded by moaning softly and saying that feels amazing, don't stop boys!! I decided to get bold and slipped my hands on to her tits, H watched me as I began feeling her tits and playing with her stiff nipples. I then pulled up her top to put her tits on display for our young friend. H was wide eyed as he stared at her tits, but he continued to rub her feet moving on to her calfs. I reached between her legs, pulling up her short skirt, and rubbed her wet pussy through the thin material. The look on Hs face was a picture, it drove me on and I pulled the material aside so he could see her pussy. Sara moaned as I put a finger in, but all the time kept her eyes closed. I nodded to H to touch her pussy, after a little hesitation he placed a finger on her pussy. Sara recognised this and moaned, and he started to play with her pussy, I again signalled for him to go further and again he hesitated before gently pushing her legs apart to get better access to her pussy. He started to lick it, pushing his tongue in, Sara responded by lifting her pussy to meet his mouth. He was very inexperienced but was giving her a good licking, I tapped his shoulder and motioned for him to take her. He wasted no time in pulling down his track suit bottoms and releasing his hard cock, not very big, about five inches but very fat with a large mushroom helmet. He moved forward and put the head of his fat cock at the opening of her pussy. He pushed slowly until he was all the way in, Sara moaned and gripped the couch as he started to pump his fat cock into her. He really didn't last long until he started to tense and I knew he was coming inside her pussy. Sara opened her eyes and smiled and H pulled out and went to shower. Anyone that knows Sara won't be surprised to hear that a few days later, when I arrived home from work I heard noise from the spare room. I went to see what it was and without entering I could see Sara on the bed on all fours, H had her head in his hands as he fucked her mouth with his young cock. His friend was behind her fucking her until he emptied his load in her pussy, he was then replaced by a third guy, I left them to it and an hour later Sara emerged like the cat that got the cream.

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