5 Apr 2016

We left Paul and Ann and ventured down to the spa area where they only allow 5 people at a time in and 2 couples were in there. I love a spa, off you go CB said.. have fun, so I jumped in and he watched, instantly the couples got excited with a new player in the Spa. Meanwhile CB was chatting to 2 girls he was happy they disappeared into the steamroom. The sex talk and laughter started over the sound of bubbles both couples wanted a piece of me the guys wanted to Fuck all the girls and vice versa, we started with a lot of fingering and footies under the water, both girls were sucking my nipples and kissing me, one guy was fingering me and the other guy he liked to watch and every now and then he would stand up for us three girls to suck his cock. CB returned with a smile he had fun, so I got out of the spa into the 4 open showers, there was even a couple fucking against the wall under the shower , we were invited to join in, so we had another play, she loved to lick pussy and ass. The boys had a shower watching as Jackie, tongue and finger fucked me, two big cocks either side of me, could not help myself so both had a hand job, till they were about to come, CB bent me over and fucked me from behind, still been pussy licked by Jackie and Ben was now in my mouth about to come. This place is unbelievable, every one is on for having a good time and still plently more to see and do... We went to the public room which is a round leather bed it was a fuckfest of bodies entangled girls licking girls, head jobs, one girl was being double banged I wanted to jump in but there was no room and there were people standing up surrounding the bed waiting to join in and even they were fucking one another... We would come back as I wanted to try everything since we would never be here again. So we went off to find what else we could find. We found P & A and another couple who wanted to play a game... guess whos dick it is.. There were three small booths, with a circular hole, pitch black, the boys had to put there cocks in the holes and we took turns sucking them... guessing who's dick was whos... After trying them all, I knew which one I was going to go back to.. it was big and thick and I was used to sucking my man's dick, i know what he likes, started off with my tongue circling the tip of his dick, slowly more of his dick going into my mouth, deep throat, gagging, he loves to hear me gag.... I sucked long and hard, i knew he was coming, the other two girls came over, they wanted a taste of CB...I could hear CB slight groans, another couple of sucks and I had him... he came, we all shared in his cum... he loved it, it felt great to him, three tongues and mouths licking and sucking every little bit out of him....

More to come... the Mirror and swing rooms and back to the orgy room.

All too much for one little Irish Girl