Written by shelicious

9 Sep 2012

"Okay kiddies, it is time for you now to go to bed" I said into the Skype screen and gave the signal for the virtual Good Night Kiss ritual which we had in place since several months. 8200 km away from me and with a time difference of 5:30 hours my kids waved and made hand kisses in direction of the webcam. It broke my heart every time but global economic circumstances have challenged us. Far away from wife and kids I was contracting for a European civil engineering company in India to earn the daily bread. Sure, it was a good paid job; however the burden also my family had to carry for saving our family´s wealth was heavy indeed. Another two months and then I may return home. What a blessing that there is Skype, giving us the opportunity to talk and see each other. The zapping noise came and the video screen turned black, the pop up "Call Finished" appeared. 'No, I don´t want to give a feedback over the quality of the call right now' I thought and clicked away the pop up. Suddenly the text chat came up " R u still there?" "Yes ", I keyed. "If you stay awake for another little hour I may have a surprise for you "."Really? What is it?" I asked curiously. "You will see and I am certain you will like it ". Here in India it was already almost midnight. "Okay, love, I´ll wait " I keyed."Only need to get the kids to bed, be right back, c ya in a bit" returned on the screen.



The Skype noise which announces a new Skype message woke me up.

"Hey luv, r u still awake?" was in the text window. I rubbed my eyes and keyed back: "Yeah, sure". "I miss you". "So do I, but it is only two more months". "I wish you could touch me now ". It was obvious to me that she meant a touch of more sensual or sexual kind. There came the signal for an audio call and I accepted. "Sweetie" her voice whispered softly through the speaker " I want you to sit down totally relaxed "I am all set, sitting here on my chair with the computer on my lap". "Hmmm, not comfy enough, you'd better place the laptop more safe...you will see in a sec why". 'Okay' I thought confused, 'What is she up to?'

"Okay, I am all set" I said toward the screen after I placed my computer on a little mahogany table.

"I am turning the video on now" came through the speaker. Little later the screen revealed our bedroom, lighted by a few candles and two spotlights. To get a better picture quality I adjusted my computer to deal with the diffuse light and get a higher resolution. There she came into screen and her appearance made me speechless. She was dressed with only a fishnet type cat suit. I had to think of the German fairytale, where the King demanded from the clever farmer's daughter "Do not come on a horse, but do not walk either. Don´t wear any cloth but come not naked". The cat suit left her back, her buttocks and the fleshy lips of her vulva free in such manner that it looked like she would wear a suspender with long stockings. The view was hot. The dark coarse-mesh fabric let her breasts shine through but was tight to her body like a second skin. "How do you like it?"came from the speaker, whilst she was turning to all sides to give me best possible view. "Hot, Baby, absolutely hot..." I stammered , still dazed by the sight of her sexy body in this hot outfit. By the greater emphasis of her hips, I could see that she wore heels. "Let me be your web show tonight. I will do it to myself in front of the cam and I hope you will touch yourself. Let me be the hot web chic you will give yourself a wank on tonight". "You are my wank fantasy anyway". "Thank you, but now you got me as live porn. You are my video client and you determine what you wanna see". I hadn't been on relevant websites for long so I was eager to play the game. It turned me on to be the voyeur in my chair, so I opened up my fly to release my little buddy who got quite hard already and was gasping for space.

She sat down on the bed and looked at me across the screen lasciviously licking with her tongue over her lips. "Shall I turn on my video?" I asked. "No, that would take the atmosphere of an anonymous client, and this anonymity makes me just hot ".

"Okay baby, then don´t get terrified if my demands sound vulgar, but this is as I imagine that in the commercial shows to be." "Don´t worry, it's a game, so you play your role as a voyeur the way you think. It turns me on already to be your internet bitch"

"Spread your legs and show me how wet you are." She let fall her upper body back onto the bed and put her feet on the bed, spread her legs and lifted her abdomen so that on my screen the familiar view of her clean-shaven sex appeared. With her left hand she pulled her labia apart to dive her right fingers into her wet cave of lust."Uhh, can you see how wet I am" she asked whilst she got her juice to rub it onto her pleasure bud. I enjoyed the view onto her bare lustful flesh for a few minutes until I demanded:" Now show me how horny your other lust whole is"." Ouh, yeah, my butt is also desperate for a cock" came from the speaker and she went into doggy position, continuing to rub her clit whilst pulling her buttock apart to give me free view on both lust wholes. My dick was so hard by now I could have smashed a shop window with it.

Her hand reached for a tube of lube, which she first distributed on her hand and then on the region of her rectum. "Babe, I need a cock now". "Do it with the black vibrator but show me first how you would give me a blow job".

I had once ordered a vibrator from the internet of high quality, that does not smell of cheap bicycle rubber, but is made of very fine material with a smooth surface that feels velvety . The form was that of a very classic phallus, the special was the vibrator unit itself. You could set it so that the vibration intensity came in pulsed waves. This she had set now. The vibrator was unusually quiet, so that otherwise whirring noise did not disturb.

She licked the tip of the silicone toy, took him deep into her mouth, sending me a lascivious look on the screen and caressing her breasts. The hard nipples pierced now out of the cat suit. Then she let herself fall onto her back again, with spread legs lifted her pelvis and sank the vibrator in her moist, for penetration starved pleasure cave. I also can hear her breath getting shorter. "Turn around and let me also see your other pleasure hole." After a short while she follows my request. She took the dildo out and kneeled down on the bed, showing off her peach halves facing me.

Still kneeling in front of me or better in front of the webcam, she stroked through her trench of lust with the vibrating artificial phallus, all the way from her kitty to her booty and back. In addition I heard the wheezing of her lust.

"Please do not forget to pamper your ass too." She let go her vibrator for a moment, grabbed aside and conjured her butt plug. With pleasure she teased the entrance of her anus with the tip until she then pushed it into the opening lust whole.. "Ooh, that feels good, too bad it's not that your cock". The plug is crowned by a crystal at the end which shimmered against me now. She grabbed her vibrator again and stroked it through her lust trench. In the meantime I had my pleasure stick in my hand and began to spoil him while I enjoyed the hot sight on the screen, watching the woman winding in lust. "Please take the plug out again and stick instead another teaser and imagine if it were my cock now in your ass whilst your kitty is filled by another man´s dick." She did as requested, seized another on the bed lying dildo, pushing the black vibrator into her wet pussy and penetrated her back door with the second. While she hardly moved the pulsing vibrator, she thrust the dildo in her rear entrance with pleasure deep in and out. I knew that she would not last for much longer with the vibrating dildo before she would come.

"Tell me how you like it to be pierced from two sides". "Its sooo goood", she moaned back. I could see how her buttocks began to tremble "Aaahhhhhh, I am coming, uhh it´s so hot" moaned from the speaker; I also was ready for it. Oh Babe, I am coming too, I wish I could spread my cum over your hot body ", and there it came in loads onto my belly.

She gently pulled the artificial phalluses out of herself and let herself fall flat on the bed.



....." Are you still there?". "Yes" said I, having calmed down in the meantime. "Was it nice for you?" "Yes, amazing". I was so grateful for her efforts she made in order to keep alive our mutual desire over the long time and distance. "When I pierced myself from two sides---I got really turned on from the idea of double penetration, it was absolutely hot" she whispered

To be continued