Written by Bedtimebaby

10 May 2012

Oh god not here … I think to my self as I feel a hand sliding up my leg under my skirt . My breath catches as I look over my shoulder and he grins back and say …”shussh …don’t move “ as he deliberately slides three finger into me … “Mmmmm “ I bite my lip with the urge to moan …. “Dame you “I whisper in a low aroused tone , “ we will get caught here “ , The shop is quiet and the lingerie section off a major department store is where I figured id be safe around him … “ ohhhhh “ escapes me as he slowly pushes in deeper and out so slowly as I clench with need “ We wont if you don’t move “ he whispers back in a husky , teasing yet demanding tone ..as my pussy clenches again his fingers dance in side my pussy making me want more as I push back to meet him , eyes darting around to see if anyone has noticed . “ dame you hun “ I rasp in a hush voice as my body pulses and moves slowly as too not be seen , the urge to go faster and take more so powerful I grab the shelf in front off me to keep my balance “ Is that good hun “ you ask , I can hear the smile in your voice ..” yes “ I reply as there is nothing more I can say …“ look what’s on the lower shelf “ you say.. as my body jumps slightly as I feel your free hand rub up my back and gently push me forward as if I am checking a lower shelf and I feel you slide in deeper still and as you begins to move faster , in and out … pussy juices flow with ease and my body gives into the need I start to shake “ ohh god “ I moan lowly as you spread your fingers within me and I am so tight I dare not breath , again and again …you don’t stop , you don’t say a word , I cant say a word as I cum with such force I can feel my juices sliding down your fingers and hand and slowly down my inner tights , shaking with the sudden release I dare not move , as you withdraw and I feel you arm slip around my waist and lead me out off the store “ We finished shopping now hun ?” you ask with a husky laugh ….