Written by Bedtimebaby

2 Jul 2012

As I woke I felt the heat off his skin against mine , the feeling evokes a reaction and the desire for more , leaning over I let my tongue graze along his ear , my breath brushing his skin as I do so , he stirs but doesn’t awaken , tongue mosit and wet travels along his outer ear to find his lobe which I now hold gently between my teeth ..letting my tongue flick over and back as he gives a low , slow moan and stirs again …Mmmm .. Releasing my hold is suck and let my breath brush over his jaw , before kissing and nipping down along it , brushing past his lips with a feather like touch , enough to get a response and leave to continue my torment , lower still to is neck , lips tasting and teasing in there touch , tongue grazing over and back in a rhythmic pattern , longer his collar bone , teeth nipping , lips sliding and sucking , tongue flicking to taste as I still move lower , my breath brushing against him as I do so , moving to enclose one nipple with the warmth off my mouth , sucking hard and fast relishing the reaction I can feel , over to the other as my thumb and forefinger take over on the one I most leave , he moves as if to get away from the torment but yet stays for more , my hands travelling over his heated shin in a trance , up and down him arm , over his shoulder , across his chest , feeling the power he has , lips tugging and teeth nippping as I do so , I want more , as I travel down his body I taste every inch , teasing in my trail , sitting up slightly I reach for the glass and remove an ice cube … its my turn to torment … with a smile I let the ice melt in my hand and watch as the droplets meet his lips as his tongue darts out to taste mine meets his and removes the chilling drops …again I repeat and he watches and waits and smiles … drop after drop I follow along his body , chilling , cool , heating were they land with my tongue , across his hips … brushing the cube along the tender flesh I meet , more ice ..lower still tracing it around were the shaft joins the man , the power it holds as it stands proud ,, droplets sliding either side , I let my mouth follow , lapping at the liquid , feeling his manhood jerk along my cheek as I do , lower I move , ice brushed along his thigh , tongue tracking its every move as it melts against him , up his length … letting the droplets land on top as he moans his hands reach for me , pushing them down to his sides I let more ice sit the tip off his shaft .. Hot and cold reacting as fire burns ,,, sensations demanding a response and getting one .. Slowly I move the ice down one side and up the other .. Over and over as I watch it all melt at the touch , lower my head I graze my tongue were it has been , cooled skin meeting heated lips and hot breath , he shivers from within … lips kissing up along one side ….tongue darting over his tip , teasing , tormenting , promising ..as I move to travel down again I open up and slide him between my lips , slowly and deliberately I linger and move mmmm inch by inch I take him , sucking lightly as I do , feeling him respond with need ,, lower I take all off him , locking my lips around his throbbing cock as now I slide up and down it length .. Tongue wrapping around from within as I do … then flickering up and down its length .. Again I move down taking him all the way … slowly back up … down harder and deep ,, up fast to stop and let my tongue brush across his eye , tasting as I do , down again so slowly …feeling every ridge as I do , hands moulding and squeezing and pulling at tightened balls as I begin to move faster , up and down , tongue tapping his length as my lips slide with ease along him … over and over I repeat the task the pleasure building as I do … deeper and deeper … down his shaft …. Out to the tip … lips locked and wet demanding more … down hard … holding him there as I trace my tongue along his base ,,,, releasing slowly …sliding him out finger locked around him as the over with lips ..the union so powerful he jerks with every thrust hips meeting me over and over again … hands , lips , tongue , keeping the rhythm set .. Not stopping the task I have set myself , I slid a silken cover down his length and as I move above him his hands travel up my tights to my hips .. Watching him , I lower my dripping pussy over his cock … letting him touch but not have …. Brushing across his tip … over and over as he jerks and shivers to the touch … hands on his shoulders I lean forward and let my breaths brush his chest as I open up and let him slide into my hot wet pussy …a little at a time … moving so slowly … taking and feeling every inch as I do … the hands on my hips urging me to take more … pulling back I watch his eyes close as the urgency builds within him …. Raising my hips I smile and then push down hard and fast …taking all off him …. Letting him fill me … his eyes open wide as a long sharp breath is released … moving on him again and a again I take all off him … hips pounding off hips , his hands holding me tight and fast against him … sliding him deeper as my pussy clenches and holds him there I roll my hips from side to side …feeling hot cock brushing against that inner spot that makes me feel so much more … thrusting again I meet him … as one we move …taking ,, demanding ,, wanting more … in and out I let his cock glide , pussy juices flowing down his length socking his balls ,, my tights , my valley , as my pussy lips tighten and release over and over on him … again and again I take him … tip ..ridge by ridge ,, meeting his balls as I take all off him over and over … as I feel him shutter … cock jerking hard inside me I move faster , deeper , up and down , over and over cock rubbing and caressing me within , faster and faster as my body reacts and demands more … pushing deeper and hard , again , again , again I suck cock in and out , my pussy juices drowing us as he spurts deep with in me … again .. Hard and fast , spurt after spurt , thrust meeting thrust ,, before my pussy locks over him and we spasm as one , each reaching that place off release .. Breaths caught , hearts pounding … shimmering beads off lust scented sweat rolling over our hot sanative skins as we both slow before collapsing from the pleasures felt …….Is there more ?