Written by Enthusiastic guy

3 Jan 2016

I sat on a chair at the end of the bed. I was light headed with the excitement of what I'd just witnessed. Siobhan lay on her back, her thighs slightly parted and I could see her pussy with a little dribble of Jason's cum running down to her arse hole. She was still breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath. The skin all over her body was flushed looking and slightly damp with sweat. Jason lay beside her, his arm was outstretched behind her head and over her shoulder where his hand rested brazenly on her tit. Her nipples were still a little hard, as was Jason's cock, though it was definitely softening. His whole dick was wet with my wife's pussy juices. Christine was standing beside the bed. She had just leaned over Jason to kiss him. I felt like one of the guys at the start of Saving Private Ryan, you know, when the bombs go off beside their heads and all they can hear is a ringing sound in their ears and it all feels so surreal? My heart was beating very fast and I felt weak at the knees. I don't know how long I felt like that but when I started to come to my senses I noticed that Jason and Christine were still kissing, and that Jason had begun to unzip his wife's dress! I panicked. Should I leave? The agreement was that I would leave and the girls would both spend the night with Jason. But nobody had told me to go, and here Jason was undressing Christine! Would I get to see her naked? My heart began to race again when Siobhan, who probably read the confusion on my face said "guys we never told Brian the second part of the fantasy!" What did she mean? I thought. Jason pulled his lips away from Christine's and said "well Brian I would love if you and Christine went upstairs and had some fun before she come back down to Siobhan and me for the night." "No way!" I thought to myself. "I'd never be that lucky would I! Siobhan would never allow it would she?" "That is, of course, only if you want to" said Christine who was now standing upright beside her husband, slipping her dress off her left shoulder first, then her right before letting it fall to the floor and stepping out of it! "I'm sure he wants to!" Laughed Siobhan. "It's ok Brian" she said to me, "I'd love you to get some fun out of this too. Go on and enjoy it!" I had never dreamt my wife would agree to this, but then again, I never thought she'd fuck Jason the way she just did either. I always got on great with Christine. She was good looking and a little flirty. Always great fun. I had occasionally had a sneaky little fantasy about her when I was alone in the shower. I imagined what she would look like naked, what her tits looked and felt like, how her pussy might taste etc. Of course nothing ever came of it, she was my sister in law after all. Now here she was in front of me wearing only a black lacy bra and knickers to match. The shape of her body was similar to Siobhan's. She was small, about 5ft 3. She had large tits, bigger than my wife's, and a thick plump arse. She was a little chubbier than Siobhan, with a bit of a tummy, and as I said in the previous story, probably a size 14-16. As my eyes wandered over her body, there was nothing I saw that I didn't like. With my eyes glued to Christine, I said "of course I want to!" "I was hoping you'd say that" laughed Christine as she reached both hands behind her back to unhook her black lacy bra. Her bust dropped a little as the catch opened. She let the straps fall down her arms and as the cups fell from her tits my eyes widened as she cast the bra to the floor. I've said already that they didn't look alike, but now, strange as it sounds, as Christine stood topless in front of me I could see a family resemblance! My wife has great tits, full D cups with beautifully shaped and positioned nipples. Her sisters tits looked like a bigger version of Siobhan's, not quite as firm but by no means a saggy pair. The nipples were exactly the same shape and positioned in exactly the same way as Siobhan's, but were lighter in colour. Christine, being a redhead has very pale skin and her nipples are a very light pink colour, whereas Siobhan's nipples are a dark red colour. My heart was about to jump out of my chest and dick was hard enough to hang a wet duffle coat on. Finally I was looking straight at Christine's bare tits. She didn't stop there though. Immediately she hitched her thumbs into the sides of her knickers and abruptly pulled them down to almost her knees before letting gravity take them the rest of the way! As she stood up I had another question immediately answered for me. Adorning her pussy was a patch of tightly trimmed ginger pubic hair. I had often wondered if the curtains matched the drapes and now I was looking at the evidence. The tightness of the trim combined with the light colour of the hair meant her muff did a terrible job of hiding her pale pussy lips from my greedy eyes! She was nervous to the point of embarrassment, I could tell by her flushed cheeks, but she wore the same pleasant friendly smile I had always known. She put her hands on her hips and moved them slowly from side to side in a kind of "well what do you think?" Gesture. "Wow" was all I could blurt out! The other two on the bed were laughing at my reaction when Christine walked over, her beautiful tits rocking and jiggling as she walked. "Don't mind them" she said, taking my hand and leading me to the bedroom door. "We're going to have a better time than they did anyway" she teased. As she closed the door I saw Siobhan wink at me as she rolled over to rest her head on Jason's chest, pressing her tits to his chest as she did. Christine lead my by the hand up the hall. My mind was spinning as she lead me up the stairs, me staring at her pale chubby arse as we climbed. At the top of the stairs we turned to the right and walked to a spare bedroom at the end of the hall. Inside the room a bed had been specially made up. There was an open wardrobe in the corner of the room and I could see Siobhan's dress hanging in it. Her knickers were on the floor beside it. As soon as she closed the door Christine turned to me, pressing her big bare tits against me. As I leaned down to kiss her she said "I've often wondered what this would be like!" Our lips pressed together and our tongues greeted each other. She was a great kisser. My hands went from her bare back to her bare arse cheeks where I gave her a playful little squeeze. Her arse was chubbier than Siobhan's but I've always liked a woman with a real figure so this was a good thing. She began stripping me. Pulling at the buttons of my shirt as our kissing got more and more passionate. With my shirt opened she pulled it down over my shoulders and left me to do the rest myself. I could feel her nipples as she pressed them against me and dragged them across my bare chest. I was in heaven! She whipped open my belt and roughly unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers. Pulling her lips away from me she leaned back to get a better view of what she was doing. She slipped my pants down first, the gently life's the elastic of my boxers over the head of my throbbing cock before pulling them down. "Oh wow" she exclaimed when she saw how big and hard my dick was. I'm hung pretty similarly to Jason. About 8inches and pretty thick. She didn't hang round. She glanced over her shoulder and turned me slightly so I was facing the full length mirror on the wall and de had her back to it. As soon as we were in that position she dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around my dick! What a sight! I was looking at the top of my wife's sisters ginger head one minute and the next at a rear view of her naked body while she sucked my dick vigorously. She went about it more roughly and less sensually than Siobhan had done with Jason and I was loving it! Her warm moist mouth and tongue, her soft sweet lips, the sight of her long red hair resting on her pale back and shoulders, her pale dimpled arse reding in the heels of her bare feet! It was incredible. She sucked e for about two minutes and it was the best blowjob of my life! When she stopped she stood up. I grabbed her bare tits or the first time. What a feeling!! I took one of her big nipples in my mouth and sucked on it. Her nipples were a sensitive as her sisters. I felt it harden straight away. I moved her back against the bed and she sat down then lay off on it, her legs hanging off the end. Immediately I went from her tits to her pussy. I felt the short soft hair against my lips as I kissed it for the first time. She moaned as I ran my tongue along the length of her slit. I was going to take my time with this. After all, "I might never get to do this again" I thought. I kissed her pussy all over, then parted her lips with my tongue. I gently ran my tongue into my sister in laws vagina and pushed it in as far as I could. I will never forget that first taste of her sweet vagina. I twirled my tongue around inside her and writhed and moaned in approval as I explored the most intimate part of her body, then I moved to her clit. It was swollen and she started to grind herself against my tongue as I lapped away at her clit. I looked up along her body to see her big tits rocking with the motion of what we were doing. In no time I saw the tell tale signs I've often seen in Siobhan, the nipples getting hard the flushed serious look on her face and then "oh fuck yeah, oh my god I'm coming, oh Jesus yeah, oh FUCK ME!!!" She threw her head back and grabbed the pillow with both hand raising her pussy up to me as I buried my face in her clit and pussy. She thrust her pussy into my face by rolling her hips as the orgasm peaked and then subsided. My tongue reluctantly moved away from her pussy and up along her body to her belly button, her tits, her neck and her mouth. It was my cocks turn now. I didn't even ask about a condom. I put my dick at the opening of her pussy. She dug her heels into my arse cheeks and pulled me into her. Her eyes and mouth opened wide as I slid into her. Her pussy was wet, a little tighter than Siobhan's. The sensation of Christine's pussy enveloping my bare cock was like winning the lottery. I pushed it all the way in til her pubic bone pressed against mine. "Oh my god" she moaned. I began to thrust slowly and forcefully, plunging my cock hard into her each time. I held myself up on my arms so I could get a good view of her tits as u fucked her. They were magnificent! Soon I knelt upright, she grabbed the pillow as I grabbed her feet. I held her legs wide and pounded her. She was screaming her approval. Her voice is naturally louder and squawkier than Siobhan's but now I thought the whole neighbourhood would hear her! Pretty soon "oh my fucking god I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming!!" Her pussy was saturated, I could feel it with every inch of my cock. Her nipples, like her sisters had taken on an oval shape around the areola and her nipples stood proud and hard. When her orgasm was over I pull out and lay beside her. I got her to turn her back to me and face the mirror on the dressing table. It was just the right height. In a spooning position I lifted her left leg, ran my dick down the crack of her arse and into her pussy again. She rested her foot on my knee as I began fucking her vigorously again. In the mirror I had ye perfect view of her rocking tits, and her beautiful pussy as my dick ploughed it. Less than a minute was all it took before she was clutching at the sheets and creaming profanities because she was coming again. I leaned over her, and pushed her forward, rolling her into the doggy position without pulling out of her. Kneeling upright and aided by a great view of her big swinging tits in the mirror I pounded hard against her chubby bare arse. The sound of her screams, the sight of my naked sister in law having an orgasm, the feeling of her warm inviting pussy wrapped around my bare dick was more than I was able for. "Oh Jesus yeah!" I exclaimed as I pumped my load into my naked sister in laws pussy. We stayed together like that, just as Jason and Siobhan had done earlier. A Sensation came over me. I wasn't love, I like Christine but I love my wife. It was more a kind of orgasmic closeness. Our bodies felt right together, my hands on her back, my bare penis in her vagina, her ass against my pelvis, our thighs together, her bare feet against my calves, it all just felt amazing. Soon though we had to pull apart. I slid out of her and lay on my back. She threw her right leg over me. I felt her pubic hair gently brush my hip and her tit press against my chest as she kissed me. "I don't have to wonder anymore" she laughed with her familiar voice. "That was fucking amazing". I heartily agreed with her, on both counts. I felt pretty pleased with myself, and absolutely delighted that I got t fuck Christine. It was an incredible night so far, but it wasn't over yet!