Written by Enthusiastic guy

20 Dec 2015

For years I've fantasised about watching my wife with another man. We chatted about this fantasy from time to time and we had many a wild night of passion teasing each other with this fantasy, but ultimately my wife, Siobhan, ruled out the possibility of ever going through with it. You see, she's a little shy and felt she would never be comfortable getting naked with another guy, much less getting down and dirty with him! I had long given up on the fantasy when, one day, as I returned home from work I saw Siobhan's sister Christine driving away from our house. Nothing unusual there, they often visit each other, as sisters do. When I met Siobhan inside however, I knew something was up with her. "Everything alright?" I asked her when I saw the nervous look on her face. "You remember your fantasy of seeing me having sex with someone else?" She asked, "I'll do it for you if you like". I was excited and stunned at the same time. "What made you change your mind?" I asked. "Christine was just here. It's Jason's (Christine's husband) 40th next week. She wants to do something really special for him. She said he has this odd fantasy." She explained. "What fantasy" I asked, my head spinning. "He wants to fuck another mans wife while Christine and the other woman's husband record and take photos" she said sheepishly. "And Christine has asked you to do it" I asked incredulously. "Yeah, she says Jason has always fancied me and she would prefer if her sister was involved because she knows she can trust me to make it a very memorable night for him." I didn't know what to say! "That's not all" she said looking sheepish again. "She said that to make it extra special she wanted me to consider letting him fuck me bareback. She knows we don't fuck around and that it would be the only way he would ever get to live out his wildest fantasy". I'd always known Jason fancied siobhan. I'd seen him at family do's, eyeing her up when she was wearing little summer dresses. Truth is I enjoyed seeing him looking at her that way. It made me feel less guilty about looking at his wife the same way!! Siobhan is a gorgeous woman, very good looking, size 12, 36D tits and a beautiful ass. Not your typical skinny Lizzy but by no means fat. Curves in all the right places, a real woman. Christine is two years older, probably size 14-16, bigger tits than siobhans. They don't look alike, siobhan is a brunette and Christine is a redhead. I tried hard to digest the bombshell my wife had just dropped. "Do you want to do it"? I asked. "Yes" she replied matter of factly. "Jason isn't a bad looking guy, your fantasy would be fulfilled and I'd be helping my sister out. "Ok then, let's do it I said!" "Christine will be back tomorrow to give us all the details of his fantasy to make sure there's nothing left out" siobhan smiled. We had one hell of a night in the bedroom that night let me tell you!

Next day Christine arrived. Looking a little shy at first, and not really her usual bubbly flirty self. It was clear she was trying to gauge our reaction to the request she had made. We quickly put her mind at ease. She told us that the following Saturday, she would pretend to Jason the the four of us were heading into town for drinks. The "plan" would be for us all to meet in their house around 8 for drinks, then get a taxi into town (we all live in the country). After we all had a few drinks for Dutch courage, we would spring the surprise. She then outlined the fantasy in great detail. Siobhan and Jason would get naked together and explore each other's bodies. When they were ready they would fuck in various positions, to be chosen by him. After he had cum I would leave and the two women would spend the night with him. It was a dream come true for me!! There was a lot of giddy laughing and giggling between the girls during the conversation and I couldn't believe how easy going they both were about the scenario! They arranged to go shopping for outfits the following day before Christine departed for home. Another sexy night was had by siobhan and me that night!!

Eventually Saturday arrived. I got a text from Jason in the morning to say he was looking forward to "a good session" that night. I thought to myself "you've no idea!" Both girls wanted to look their best, and had booked hair and beauty appointments in town. They got the works, hair makeup manicure and pedicure. Jason would be one very happy guy! When Siobhan got home I got horny just looking at her and thinking about what lay ahead. I tried to get her to have sex with me but she said "no, I want to be fresh and gorgeous for Jason tonight. You understand don't you?" I did! As she got ready that evening I could tell she was working on my fantasy already. She had never been such a cock tease! First, she stripped naked. Then tried on several sexy panties. Her pussy was totally smooth "so he can get a better view " she said. After about an hour of teasing me with various forms of nudity, she was dressed. She had on a black boob tube and pencil skirt, with strappy black sandals and a black lacy knickers that left very little to the imagination. She did not wear a bra as it was part of the top or something she said. Her jewellery consisted of her wedding and engagement rings, a gold bracelet and a gold chain with a small diamond that I had bought for her. She looked stunning. Her outfit was in no way slutty. The kind of thing a girl might wear to a wedding in the summer. We drove over to Christine's house. The conversation on the journey was scarce. We were both very nervous.

When we pulled up outside she looked at me and asked "are you ready?" "Yes" I said. We got out and Christine opened the front door to us. She was looking equally delicious. Her long red wavey hair fell subtly on her shoulders. She was wearing a navy dress that stopped just above her knees with a floral design. She was barefoot. We walked through to the kitchen. "He's not ready yet" explained Christine, handing siobhan a large glass of wine and pouring another for herself. "This might settle the nerves" she whispered and the two giggled nervously. Just then Jason walked in. "Alright guys?" And we exchanged pleasantries. We all went into the sitting room with our drinks. Time passed slowly. I was almost shaking with excitement and nerves. I could only imagine what siobhan was like. Jason sat in an armchair with his back to the window. I sat on another armchair that was at right angles to his, facing the sitting room door and the girls sat together on a couch across from me. I was trying to gauge siobhans state of mind from time to time. By the time she got to the bottom of the second large glass of wine she seemed to be pretty comfortable. It was about then that Jason asked Christine what time she had booked a taxi for. She told him to stop fussing and that she had everything organised. "Too right!" I thought. Then, she put her plan into action.

Seeing that Jason was starting to get uneasy Christine stood up and said "I have to go upstairs and get your present for you before we head out. Siobhan, can you give me a hand with it?" A look that said "o God" came over siobhans face but she jumped up and followed her sister out of the room and up the stairs. From my position I could see some of the steps about half way up the stair running from right to left. I could see the girls legs from their feet to just above their knees as they climbed the steps. I was almost shaking now but I tried to keep calm and stay talking coherently to Jason about football. Five minutes later I saw Christine's bare feet on the stairs again. She stopped half way down and called to Jason "close your eyes, I don't want you to ruin the surprise!" " must be some surprise if it takes two of ye to carry it laughed Jason, unaware of exactly how big a surprise it would be. Christine continued down the stairs and peeped in the door. She saw Jason's closed eyes and turned back to beckon at the top of the stairs. She winked at me and walked over and put a video camera in my hand, holding an ordinary camera in her other hand. I saw siobhans feet on the stairs as she walked down. Still wearing her sandals but no other clothing was visible. "Her skirt came down below her knee. Why can't I see it. She must've changed" I thought. I was right in a way. A moment later she appeared at the door. She was wearing nothing else but the sandals and her jewellery! I pointed the video camera at her and pressed record. Initially she went to move out of sight, an understandable reflex when you're naked and someone points a camera at you I suppose! But then it was liked she remembered what was happening and she just stood there, a little awkwardly at first but then did a sexy little curtesy. By now Christine had moved behind Jason's seat and put the camera down. She placed her hands over his eyes and playfully said "no peeking". "Ok bring it in" she called to Siobhan. I saw her take a deep breath before she stepped into the room. I tried to stop my hand from shaking as I recorded my naked wife walking across the room and standing in front of her sisters husband. She took a second to strike a sexy pose and nodded to Christine. Christine placed her ruby red lips close to Jason's eat and whispered "happy birthday darling, she's yours for the night" as she moved her hands from his eyes. The look on his face went from puzzled, to shocked to delight as he began to process the sight before him. His eyes went to siobhans tits, to her pussy to Christine to me and back to her tits in about two seconds. "You mean.." Then he dragged his eyes away from my naked wife to look at me "you're ok...." Then he turned to Christine "can I..." He stuttered before his eyes again returned to siobhans naked body. "You can do whatever you want baby" Christine whispered to him. "Happy birthday". "And a happy birthday from me too" said Siobhan as she leaned in to kiss him. Initially out of habit he went to turn his cheek to her but she caught him by the chin and turned his face to her and began to to kiss him passionately. I recorded the sight as it unfolded. His rigid body soon relaxed as he began to enjoy the sensation of my wife's tongue in his mouth and the feeling of her bare thighs against his hands that were still clutching the arms of the chair as she climbed on top of him. She leaned back, giving him once again a beautiful view of her gorgeous tits. She took both of his hands from the arm rests and placed them on her tits, before going back to kissing him and unbuttoning his shirt. By now Christine was walking around them, her camera clicking, the flash illuminating siobhans body as she helped Jason out of his shirt. "The wine and the horniness are kicking in now" I thought as I could see Siobhan seemed very comfortable now. When she got Jason's shirt off she clambered off him and taking his hands she pulled him up off the chair. The sight of my beautiful naked wife undressing another man so eagerly had me rock hard. She had never looked so hot to me as she did right then. She began kissing him again. Even with high heels on she had to stand on tiptoe to kiss him. Both she and Christine are only about 5ft 2, whereas Jason and I are both over 6 foot. She worked her way from his lips to his neck, down his torso and began opening his belt, button and fly. As she slipped down his trousers and boxers together she gasped as his hard throbbing cock popped out. She told me afterwards that that was the moment it all began to feel very real to her. Seeing the dick that was going to be inside of her. He was pretty well hung, maybe 8 inches and very thick. "Lucky me" she exclaimed naughtily and Jason got rid of his trousers and socks. Siobhan quickly took up where she left off. Her lips softly kissing Jason's stomach just above his belly button. Her right hand slid up his left thigh and across to slowly grab and caress his dick. She kept moving down, her right knee hit the timber floor first followed swiftly by her left. She stopped kissing his body to look up at his face momentarily. Their eyes met as he gazed down at her, still scarcely believing his luck, before she opened her mouth wide and took his cock inside. He leaned his head back in pleasure as my wife's warm moist mouth enveloped his throbbing cock. Christine's camera clicked and flashed as she got close ups of her husbands aroused dick disappering and reappearing from between her sisters soft lips. Siobhans gaze went from Jason to the camera. She was putting on a show. She didn't suck his dick like she sucks mine. She wasn't trying to make him cum. She wanted him to enjoy the feeling of her mouth caressing his penis. She was moving slowly and seductively, occasionally moaning gently, all the while giving the impression that she herself was savouring the moment, the taste of another mans cock, the feeling that he was putty in her hands. All too soon she stopped, and with a final run of her tongue around the sticky head of his cock she rose to her feet. He grasped her bare tits as she did and turned her around so the chair he had been originally sitting on was behind her. "Sit" he whispered to her. She obeyed. He leaned down and kissed her. First on the lips, then over to her ears and neck. That drives her wild. Next he moved to her lower neck and chest. Slowly working his way to her left tit. He used his tongue to make her nipple hard before moving to the other one and giving it the same treatment. Then he moved to her belly button and kept going slowly. I was amazed at how ready my normally sensible wife was to open her legs wide as he got closer to her smooth pussy. She closed her eyes and gasped as his tongue tasted her pussy for the first time. "You like it?" Christine asked. "I'm not sure I'll be able to get enough of it" was the muffled response. He began lapping earnestly at her clit. He was in exactly the right spot. I was reading the all too familiar signs. Her eyes were closed, her lower jaw rigid and her cheeks began to flush. "Oh wow that feels good" she gasped more than once. Her hips began to rise and fall. Slowly at first, then picking up speed as she started to get closer. Her tits were rocking freely with the motion of her hips and Jason's eyes were glued on them, as he slurped licked and played with her clit. Soon her nipples were getting hard. Siobhans nipples are very sensitive and they always get hard when she cums. The sight of her nipples hardening, her cheeks getting redder and her now furiously bucking hips could only mean one thing. "Oh fuuucckkk yes! I'm coming, I'm coming" she screamed. She sat up a little and grabbed Jason's head with both hands, pulling his face against her wet pussy initially as the orgasm began. As the orgasm grew in intensity she became overwhelmed by the sensation and tried to push his head back but he buried it closer. His nose lips and chin were saturated in my wife's juices and he was loving it. Eventually she managed to pull her pussy away from his face. Panting, and with a nervous, almost embarrassed laugh she told him "that was fucking amazing!" Wow exclaimed Christine, "I was not expecting to get so turned on watching my husband and sister going at it!" " maybe we better go down to the room?" She suggested. "Yeah" panted Siobhan, "after that I just want him to fuck me!" She stood up in front of Jason and snogged him again. Neither cared about the fact they had just sucked and licked each other. Sex was sex and they were having it. Christine went down the hall first and took frontal photos of her naked sister leading her naked husband down the hall to the bedroom by the hand. I followed videoing them from behind. The view of my wife's bare arse jiggling as she walked leading another man to bed made me bite my lower lip. The only sound was that made by siobhans heels clacking on the tiled hallway floor. Once inside the master bedroom she turned to kiss Jason again. This time trying to slip off her shoes behind her arse as she did. The straps were too tight though and, rather than have her husbands fun spoiled by troublesome shoes, Christine undid the straps so the lovers could continue enjoying each other. The shoes clunked on the floor one by one as Siobhan pressed her bare tits hard against Jason's chest. "Where and how do you want me" Siobhan asked him when their passionate kiss reached a natural conclusion. "I want to lie on the bed while you ride me" he told her bluntly. "Lie on the bed so" she responded playfully. He did and she climbed on top of him. "Wait, what about a condom" he asked, looking at his wife. "You don't need one" Siobhan said before Christine could answer. "All part of your present" Christine laughed. By now Siobhan was sitting upright on top of him. I was to her right, slightly in front of her with the video camera. I could see his dick wasn't in her yet. The head of it was visible just in front of her pussy lips, and she was stroking her clit along his shaft. "I want you in me" she said staring into Jason's eyes. With that, she rose up on her knees and reaching between her legs she grabbed his cock in her right hand. She guided the head of it to the mouth of her wet pussy and slid down on to it, letting out a gasp of pure pleasure as she did. "It's so hard" she exclaimed. "Why wouldn't it be" he replied grabbing her tits. She began to bob up and down on him. Her hands were on her thighs as he played with her tits first. Then he let them go, opting instead to drink in the sight of his sister in laws bare tits bouncing while she rode him. Her hands moved to his chest for support, to help her to move more vigorously. In doing so her arms partly covered her nipples. When she opened her eyes to look down at him she caught him staring at her tits and quickly realised her mistake. She sat back completely upright and reached back to grab the heels of her feet for support. She was bouncing on him now. Her tits were bouncing too and his eyes were glued to them. I kept videoing this beautifully, sexy erotic scene while Christine moved in with the camera behind siobhans arse to get some close up action shots. Soon Siobhan could take no more. She leaned forward again, grabbing Jason's shoulders and pressing her tits in his face. "Suck my tits" she growled as she moved her feet up on top of his thighs and dug her toes in. Once again I was reading signs. I knew she was going for it. His big dick, the whole situation, it was making her want to cum and sure enough about twenty seconds later....."oh Jesus yeah, oh fuck I'm gonna come, oh fuck, I'm coming, I'm coming, don't stop, fuck me yeah yeah yeah oh JESUS CHRIST!!!" Another very intense one, I could tell. As she sat upright again I could see her nipples were so hard the tips had turned almost white. This only happens when she is very very aroused by a very very intense orgasm. I could feel the Precum in my trousers as my cock was trying to burst through my zip. This was way better than I had ever hoped it would be. "You ok" Jason asked Siobhan as she began riding him slowly again. "Ah, yeah" she giggled sarcastically. "I think it's fair to say she's very much ok Jason" Christine laughed loudly, "what do you think" she sarcastically grinned to me. "She's having the time of her life" I smiled back. Siobhan smiled "it's pretty fucking good" she moaned breathlessly as she rolled her hips, sliding her wet pussy up and down Jason's bare shaft. He sat up and kissed her. "I want to go on top" he said. "Ok" Siobhan grinned cheekily. She dismounted and I could see his bare cock was wet with my wife's juices. She flounced down on her back, her tits bouncing sexily as she adjusted herself to open her legs wide. I got a good shot of her wet open pussy before Jason leaned in over her and plunged his cock unceremoniously into my wife again. She groaned in pleasure and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, clasping her hands and feet together as he began to pound her hard and greedily. Her lips were pressed to his shoulder. She was screaming in pleasure as he fucked her roughly, his shoulder muffling her screams somewhat. This time I went behind him for the action shot. His long thick dick emerged almost totally from her pussy each time before he plunged it back in as far as it would go. She's never been fucked so hard before I thought to myself. In mere minutes she was at It again. "I'm coming, I'm coming, oh fuck me, fuck me, oh Jesus yeah". This time they didn't stop at all. He readjusted his position and kneeled upright on the bed, grabbing her feet by the toes and spreading her legs wide he kept on pounding her. She looked as though she was in ecstasy. Unable to move or even think she just grabbed the bars of the headboard and screamed, loudly. Christine and I kept filming and photographing. Jason's eyes went from my wife's ecstatic face, to her furiously bouncing tits to her pussy where, in that position, he had a perfect view. Soon Siobhan was coming again, struggling to get the words and profanities out, but she did. As her orgasm peaked and subsided Jason slowed and then stopped. He pulled his dick out of her again. Her pussy was open wider than I had ever seen it. "Turn around" he said to her. She turned and got on all fours. She was barely in position when he was in her again. He pounded roughly against her arse, so hard it made a slapping sound. She struggled to hold herself in that position and her arms almost gave way once or twice, but within minutes she was coming again. This time though, she wasn't alone. "Oh Jason I'm coming again, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming!" She screamed. Just as she stopped screaming he began thrusting erratically. "Me too" he grunted and pushed his dick as far into her as he could. Pressed hard against her arse he grabbed her hips to keep her there, then with two big sudden thrusts he was done. Siobhan didn't move. Even after it was obvious he had come she stayed still. She wanted him to enjoy every last bit of his orgasm, and he did. They stated like that for over a minute after he came. When he pulled out, his cock had softened a little. She turned around and lay on her back and he lay beside her. Kissing and cuddling with the familiarity that goes with fucking someone's brains out. "That was fucking great" Christine gushed. "You really made sure he had a good time. Thank you" she said to Siobhan. As I surveyed the scene, my naked wife, cum dribbling from her smooth pussy, the guy who just fucked her lying beside her with a hand on her tit, and my wife's sister kissing her husband to congratulate him on doing such a stellar job of fucking my wife, I thought to myself it doesn't get any better than this. Turns out I was wrong, but that's a story for another night.