Written by Curiouslily

24 Aug 2013

This dream i keep having is getting me so worked up its actually becoming more a fantasy of mine at this stage..........

I walk into this room ..its big but dimly lit im looking around and I can see a woman with her back to me...shes only wearing a small black lacey knickers and shes just standing there..shes a really nice body and serious ass...my nipples are hard looking at her and now i notice im only wearing a black lacey knickers also....a deep voice voice from the corner tells me: "shes all yours..play with her"

I cant see anybody but then in the corner I see its dark but theres the outline of a man sitting in a car...."forget im here and go play like a good girl" he tells me.

Im so shy and new to all of this i havnt a clue what to do for a min....i walk up to her and brush her hair off her back and gently kiss her neck...put my two arms around her and gently stroke her nipples, she gives a little gasp in shock but then moans as her own nipples begin to harden from my touch .I slowly kiss her all the way down her spine till im at the base of her back....im on my knees now and turn her around to face me and continue kissing her navel line ....down to her fanny.....rubbing my hands slowly up and down her tighs and then brushing over her fanny lightly ....i can feel shes getting wet so i turn her back round facing the wall....she bends over holding onto the side of the bed....im my position my head at her bum i can see how wet her pussy is so I slide a finger into her...its sooo warm and wet and she moans....i slide in another finger and begin thrustin it in and out of her.....she really likes this and is pushing back against me......so i begin lickin her....i never done this before and im suprised how gud she tastes....slipping in a third finger i move up to her ass and lick it .....she groans loudly....wow she likes that.....i continue to lick her ass and stick my tounge in while finger fuckin her......shes soaking wet....and beckons me onto the bed.

lying me down face in pillows she begins kissing me along my back all the way down to my ass....i feel her kisses turn into licks and she goes for my ass straight away....shoving her tounge in ....licking ..sucking....she was right this does feel good and im starting to moan myself now...she turns me over and she gets into 69 position and dives into my fanny....both licking and sliding in fingers...i return the favour to her .....

Omg I can feel her sliding a finger up my ass....mmmmmmmmm i like it .....she slides up another.....so many sensations going through my system this min its hard to register whats going on...everything feels so good and wet....her tounge is buried in my pussy ...two fingers up my ass and she pumping them hard...me doing the same back to her....then she sits down on my face ....her pussy juice is everywhere and shes maoning loudly....then i feel something else....looks like my friend in the corner has decided to join us and has slide all 8 inches of himself inside me....no probs sure im soaked an he feels so hard as he begins fucking me hard....i love the feel of his balls slapping of my ass every time he thrusts in deep.....the other woman gets off me and begins kissing me tasting herself of my me...and playing my my clit ....im feeling tension building up...."harder" i instruct him and he obeys nearly driving me off the bed...god his cock feels amazing inside me ....I can feel myself ready to explode and I gush all over his cock as he still pumps me hard.....he pulls out and explodes all over me.......

He slowly slides out and returns to his chair in the corner saying nothing just smiling at me....the woman kisses me on the lips and slips off the bed smiling at me also and stands in the corner....im left on the bed....panting...covered in cum...thinking wdf!!!!