Written by admin

14 Oct 2008

Outdoor Pursuits...

She had been checking the weather forecast daily, hmmm yes today was supposed to be mild , no rain, perfect for a ramble...

He picked her up, she had warned him to dress appropriatley , no high heels and stockings..lol... boots, jumpers and walking boots..

On arriving at the park, they chatted as friends do, happy to be in each others company again, catching up on the last few days..

Off they set, firstly linking arms,then holding hands , enjoying being together admiring the trees ..lol.. and they even managed to get lost within 500 yards of the main entrance..!!!

She laughed and said "Hold my hand, mind you don't slip, not sure How I could explain it to the ambulance personel, if you hit your head on a branch!..

Leading him off the beaten track was easy, she had been to this particular forest on many occasions, they stopped and kissed , mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm slowly at first, then with a greater intensity..

On they walked , leaving the main path behind, deeper into the forest, It did cross her mind that they were seriously lost , but who cared , she certainly didn't and neither did he..

He stopped turned to her and kissed her again, such passion , such a wonderful moment, she felt like she was melting, she felt his hand on her breast , lightly at first, and a shiver ran up her back..

Eagerly she kissed him back, her hand rested on his crotch, he was hard and she whispered"Do you mind if I open your belt? " Yes feel free "..he replied.

Slipping her fingers inside his shorts, she released his cock, took a quick check around, knelt down and slipped into her mouth, she heard him moan and increased the pressure of her lips , at the same time running her fingers around his full balls..

His cock tasted wonderful she swallowed it to the back of her throat, feeling his balls twitch as she did..

He pulled her up towards him, kissing her gently he slowly opened the zip of her jeans, god she could feel his fingers lightly touch her inner thigh, she moaned with pleasure, and pushed against him..

Feeling this he increased the pressure, and very slowly ran his fingers along her cit, she smiled at him and whispered "can you feel how wet I am"?, he pushed his fingers inside her pussy, teasing her, gently massaging , her legs began to shake slightly, she so much wanted to lie down , but standing made the moment seem much more intense..

He was totaly in charge, and she didn't care all she wanted was his fingers inside, and his lips against her neck, she could feel his hardness press into her stomach, waves of pure pleasure flooded her body, and she simply let go!! her juices flowed over his fingers and hands, she could feel them trickle down her leg, for what seemed like a feckin eternity she came and came again.. he was delighted!!!!! and told her so, but wickedly not finished..He eased up her sweater, releasing the clasp on her bra, he leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth, she gasped and pulled his head closer,running her fingers through his hair was heaven..as he kissed and nipped with his teeth.

She felt his fingers on her clit again, such sweet exctasy, god she thought could she cum again so soon? he was gently working them inside, she felt the familar warmth spread from her stomach to the top of her legs, she started to shake and once again her juices flowed, he smiled at her , knelt down , his tounge and mouth encasing her pussy he slowly and gently licked her clean, then came up and kissed her deep and hard, she could taste her juices on his lips, she felt rain on her face, but didn't give a damn!!!!

They walked slowly back to his car, were she produced a flask of coffee, lol..He was impressed..lol...though how he drank it she will never know, coffee not being her forte.. they both agreed the next meet would be hard to match this one, where to next they wondered