Written by Bedtimebaby

12 Oct 2011

A short time later as we share a glass of wine and some conversation with some soft music. My body starts to tingle again with need , “ Can I ? looking at my toy beside us “ I ask in a low hushed voice .. “ You can do whatever pleases you hun “ you reply in a husky tone ….So I reach I take it and you watch as I rub some oil from the bottle you had used earlier and rub it all over it …Then taken it I rub in down between the valley off my breasts and as I turn in on low I slide it up to my collar bone and across and back down to the side off my breast ..the vibrations sending pleasure singles to every inch off my body …across my to nipple where I let it rest a minute as I watch you face … You are tense yet you eyes tell me you are pleased so I continue …Slowly I get to my knees in front off you and let the rabbit slider down over my tummy as my free hand moulds my breast I slip the rabbit lower ..You reach for me and I stop you and place your hands over your head “ no touching yet hun “ I say with a smile and you relax back again …Slipping my rabbit back down between my legs I glide it up one thigh and across my sedative clit and down the other thigh again and again until my juices start to flow and as I slip it in I hear your sharp intake off breath and my eyes shoot across to watch you , its then I see your pride standing strong and hard and twitching with need … I slip the rabbit in and out again a few times watching you as I do so , My free hands now travelling across your chest oil covering you as I do ,,lower to your calf … rubbing gently at first then harder as I keep slipping the rabbit in and out off my tight pussy … I feel you shiver and I know you are holding back …I slip the rabbit out and then it travel where my hand has been … slowing spilling more oil over you as I do so …rabbit sliding up and down your thigh ,,,your calf … one then the other …over your hip … slow across your navel and down to your groin … as you cock jerks to the pleasure I slip it along the length and rest it on the tip …your moan ..deep …husky …pleadingly …and I slide it down the length again to your balls were my other hand is now massaging more oil you shiver under my touch and I know you are getting close now ….

I move away … you go to pull me back … “no hun let me “ I whisper low and with need and you do … I move and straddle you with my back to you …taking your cock in my free hand I slowly lower my wet …hot …tight pussy toward your magnificent length ,I put the head at my opening and slowly ease it past my pussy lips into my tight wanten pussy ……

Slowly .... little by little ….

I am so tight my pussy suck at you cock. … wanting it all ….a little more and a little more.....

till finally I have all of you in me and as I start to rock back and forward I reach down and place the rabbit on your balls and my clit at the same time .....you can feel me tightening on your length..... My pussy clenching and my clit throbs to near painful …. I more back leaning up and back as I do so to take you deeper …..

Now you are slowly pumping me from the beneath , hips rocking slow and steady ......I take the rabbit and and move it so its at the base off your cock and as i turn on a little more....

you give out a low strained moan...."please hun " ..you almost beg ....

in response I turn the speed up more .......I fell you jerk hard with in me and i lean forward and slip you out to the tip and clench my pussy hard on your throbbing cock as i plunge it back in ball deep to a hot wet pussy .... again and again … as pussy juices flow down your cock my hand pulls and tugs and squeezes you balls ……..

I am riding your length... Out to the tip and hard back in all the way ...faster and faster my hip plunge you to my core ..... As you feel me tighten around you and I am on the edge ..

You grab my hips and pull me down as far as you can. I feel your length in me so deep.......... My breath catches and my body shakes with need “ Now hun Now “ I peg you in a strained moan as my body takes over …your hips meet my every move …. Hard …fast …. Taking ….giving …..

My body shakes hard and pussy clenches so tight you can hardly more and as if you know you grab my hips again and hold me steady as you push up into me again and again …deep …hot ….strong …. My body is on fire … faster …. Stronger … as I push back to meet you and I feel you begin to shiver and I know we are one as our bodies shake and contract and wave after orgasmic pleasure over takes us and we call out each others name as if you find our way back as I feel you spurt deep with in me I am lost and I puck with such force my pussy slams down and meets you hips and hard cock on the way up and I cry out in release as my juices gush down you cock and balls and my muscles pulsate off there own accord and you empty your cock in me again I am lost in a world that is spinning away from me …..

I feel you move and pull me back to your arms and engulf me there as my breath comes so fast it is gasped and I hold on tight to you waiting for my body and world you settle again …put just as my heart slows down and my breathing settle to a more normal pace you say “ its my turn now “ and I feel you slip down the bed and than as I watch from half closed eyes I see you …

kneeling between my legs and look up at me ...Eyes glazed with want a small smile that tells alot ..I watch as you lower your head and stick the tip off your tongue out and run it along the length of my pussy slit

A moan escapes my lips that is both begging and pleading and i then i bite down on it for fear id ask you to stop ...You suck gently for a few seconds then move to where sweet juices await ..spreading my pussy wide with your hands , you slowly push your tongue into the treasures there awaiingt and as you suck and lap and lick the sweet nectar ...I moan from deep within as you then slide two fingers in and out and concentrate on rubbing and pushing and sucking and lapping at my clit as my body reacts with a tempo off its own .... "Oh oooooo " i moan helpless to the needs that are building again

As you scoot up the bed and set your cock on my clit ..fire burns with in us again as you look into my eyes as if asking permission to enter

..I raise my hips to meet you and your cock rubs down the length off my pussy lips

its like an electrical shock surging through me as i jerk my hips jerk towards you again this time taken you deep in one movement

only to have you stop there and lead back to rub your thumb over my clit which sends me spinning out off control

, my hip thrusting hard and fast ...your cock sliding in and out to my rhyme , again and a again ... i am helpless to stop ...i cant ... i don't want to ...

deeper , more demanding ...clenching my pussy around your cock as my pussy lips suck you ...You gaps my name and my pussy squeezes more , milking your cock ,sucking in and out to the tip and

pounding back in to feel your balls slap me as i hold and release again and again ...

wrapping my legs around you i pull you deeper as you thrust hard to meet mine and as i feel a spasms take you over i to let go and as we become one

i rotate my hips to pull and suck you harder from within and as you are just about to be set free my body pulsates and shakes and shivers as i moan you name over and over again as i to cum

the world shattering around us as pleasure takes us to a high and keeps us there for what seems forever …Put as I think you are about to stop you don’t …pulling out you slide my rabbit in and turn it on …my body jump starts again … as you lower your head to find first one nipple then the other …sucking and nipping at them pain shoots down my body …put its so good …so wanted and need ..as my body moves to the thrust you have set and again I am cumming hard …so hard …so tight …so wet ..juices running down to my ass where I find your free hand teasing …rubbing … from there to my clit …stopping to slap it lightly driven me mad with need tongue lapping nipple that scream to be pleased and as I contract again I hear you say “ look at me hun “ …”Let me see you eyes “ ….I moan from my core and open my eyes for you as I give into you and cry your name out as look into you face and see the pleasure I have missed before and my world is rocked from under me … I cant stop the pulsating ..throbbing … clenching …clamping sensation that over takes my need to hide and as tears off happiness fall from my eyes I am yours with no barriers ..no shame ..no more secrets … My soul is bare for you as juices flow and you kiss tears away and pull me close ..I am safe … free …. Contented like never before …. And as my heart slows to keep time with yours , we forget about the life we have and just for now we are one …just for now …for some dreams do come true ..Can i sleep now ......hmmmmm ?????