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Bedtimebaby 9 years ago

Oils and toys . . The end

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Morning is coming when we awake stirring the needs again …. The dim light floods the room as I feel you hands start to roam my body again “ morning sleepy “ you whisper huskily in my ear ..”hmmmmm “ I reply as you hand slips between my legs with tender care you part them and slip your fingers into a pussy that is willing and wanting and waiting to be filled again as my hips start to grind against you pushing your fingers deeper each time until with in minutes my body reacts violently and shakes hard and long and uncontrollably as a power full orgasm takes hold off me and I give into your demands yet again … As I start to come down from the height you roll me on to my back and say “ time to relax hun “ and as I watch you ….You take the bottle off oil and drizzle in over my shoulder ….breasts …. Tummy …. Groin …. Hips …. Legs ….. Ankles ….. The sensation off the warm oil is surreal and as your hands touch me the heat from them warms me further .. Slowly your finger start at my shoulder and in small circular motions you spread the oil over my skin as you massage the mussels beneath … just enough pressure to leave me wanting more ….lower you hands slide down my arm ….up and down …over and over again …stopping at my elbows to trace circles …there too the sensation is amazing as my senses take over and my body relaxes for you …back up my arms and slowly and deliberately down to the sides off my breasts both are uniform in motion pushing my breast towards each other and using your thumb to rub over my sanative nipples stopping long enough to pinch and pull at them as I moan softly when the leave and travel down to my tummy Alternating your hands from side to size with a firm put relaxing pressure and my body starts to scream out for more as my hips start to rock and my raise towards you…your hands slip lower and as I watch you drizzle more oil down over my pussy lips my breath catches and a wriggle to try and get closer to your hands … Hands that are now on my pussy with firm pressure …massaging …rubbing …tormenting me slowly ….around and around the palm off your hand flat on my pussy lips and my body mores against you and your other hand mores to my lower tummy and places gentle put persistent pressure there to and I am trap beneath your hands …. More pressure on my pussy …. As I try to raise my hips I am amazed what effect the hand on my tummy has …my body screams for more ….. And your fingers part my Pusey lips and start to massage the inner side …my heart jumps and a low moan escapes me as I feel my pussy tighten and clench with a need to be filled that is so unreal that my head is spinning with emotions then your hand turns and fingers are just over my clit as you insert your thumb deep within my heat …my body jumps to meet you as you move your thumb inside me and I clench to hold you there …in and out now …pushing my core as you do so … juices flowing down your palm where it is rub on to hot wanton pussy lips again and again pushing me higher …faster …. Making me need more ..want more … and my body demands release and jerks hard against you …as your finger rock from side to side over my clit and thumb within me pushing …pressing …rubbing the spot you know will send me over the edge …my will has gone ….I start to shake and shiver and my pussy clenches and releases and clamps and suck and as my hips start to move as if on there own …. You stop and swap your thumb for three fingers yet you don’t move them at all and I fuck you fingers hard and fast … slamming my pussy against your balm over and over again out off control higher …harder …. More intense …demanding release …then I call your name out in a low begging pleading cry for release …you start to fuck me hard and fast fingers pounding me …slamming in and out with force ,,,with need ,,,,with promise ………………… My breath catches and my heart stop as I convulses and shakes so hard my world is gone and all I feel is the intense pleasure , the unbelievable release off as my system floods with emotions and I cum again and again with force and shuttering demand and as your finger ease there demanding search I plummet from such a instance climax that I am unaware off my surrounding and I hold on tight to you as if my life depended on it and my body still shakes and breath is gasped a harsh you hold me tight and I know I am where I want to be ….Catching my breath I push you back on the bed and with a need for more I slide your cock into my throbbing pussy until its hard length is buried deep inside me …rocking against you with a force you look almost shocked as you bring my legs up to you shoulders I use my arms to leaver my actions and suck you deep ,,,hard …demanding a response that I get with force and desire as you grab my hands and lean me slightly forward ramming you cock in deeper as I bolt to meet each thrust with the same force ….deeper … as my pussy closes around you and I feel you jerk and throb inside me ,I tighten and release over and over again sending shivers through us both as beads off sweat run down the valley off my breaths and pussy juices drown your cock and balls and as if as one we cum each feeling the fulfilment as spurt after spurt fills me and i milk all you have , tighter with each load before I am over come with the need to let go and I call you name out again as I spasm to release and we are put lost . . When you ease my legs back down and draw me to lay with my head on your chest , safe in your arms as we wait for the world to catch us up …No words are need between us now ……. I know this is what you promised and you keep you promises ….oh yes you do ……

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