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Published 5 years ago
Sara and I were on a short break abroad and having a really nice time, just sightseeing and shopping. On the Saturday night we had dinner and returned to the hotel to chill out. We were in the bar which was busy with lots of other tourists, and as Sara is very outgoing it wasn't long before we found ourselves in the company of two German couples who were there as part of a business conference. One couple, Petr and Maite were about mid 50's, while Jurgen and Helen were probably closer to 65, but both were very friendly and generous and were keeping the drinks flowing. As Sara is tee total it didn't matter, but I was very happy and having a great time. At about midnight the two wives got tired and wanted to retire for the night, the men seemed disappointed, Sara said they were welcome to stay drinking with us and let their wives retire, all seemed happy with this so we continued to drink. The mood changed after the wives were gone, it got more flirty and I could see Sara getting bolder and with the effect it was having on our guests I could see what Sara was doing, I knew what was on her mind. She suggested we go to our room and straight away Petr agreed, Jurgen was unsure but eventually agreed so we got a bottle and went to the room. Once there I put on some music, we had more drinks and chatted, I knew what Sara wanted so I sat beside her on the bed, I started to kiss her and undid her blouse, I removed it and her bra to expose her big tits to our guests, her nipples were rock hard and aching to be sucked. Jurgen seemed embarrassed but Petr needed no prompting, he can over and started to feel her tits and suck on them. Sara was really horny and that drove us on, Petr started to finger her pussy, which was really wet and ready to be fucked. Petr wasn't wasting time, he quickly started to undress, he was a big man, with a big beer belly hanging over a really good sized cock. I pushed Sara onto her back, removed her skirt and panties, spread her legs before Petr for him to fuck. He rubbed his cock on her slit and started to ease it into her, his heavy belly was resting on Sara as he started to pound her pussy. Sara was moaning as he frantically fucked her, he was really going for it, he got her to get on all fours and entered her again. He held her hips and started to fuck her really hard, he was sweating and grunting, saying things like "oh yeah baby, nice pussy", then as Sara gripped the sheets he roared "I'm coming in her pussy", and with a few big slow strokes emptied his load in her. The sight of Sara getting a good fucking, with her tits swinging under her had me so hot. I was stripped and just stuck my cock in her mouth, and she greedily started sucking. Jurgen was unsure what to do but had to have been horny too, I went to fuck her but she gestured Jurgen to her, he slowly went to her and she reached out, dropping his trousers and underwear to reveal his cock, long and uncut. Sara started to wank it before sucking it, Jurgen closed his eyes as she blew him. Sara then lay on her back and led him by his cock to her pussy, Sara has a thing for older men and was going to make sure he fucked her. She guided his cock into her and he pushed it home and started to gently fuck her, but Sara quickly rolled him over, straddling him and really fucking him until he emptied his load in her. While still on him she grabbed my cock and started to suck me, and the sight of her moving on his cock made me hold her head as I came in her mouth. Next morning we met in the dining room, the two wives thanked us for looking after their husbands the night before, if they only knew!!.

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