Written by meandher1176

16 Oct 2011

first time ever writing anything but my name so be kind lol

This is a story from about 15yrs ago when I was in my early twenties and had been with my g/f for a few years and we decided it was time to move in together …

So we got a house about a half mile from my father’s house and packed up all our stuff and gave it a go , all was great for the first few weeks until one of our neighbours Susan decided that she would make friends and spend every waking hour at our house chatting to my g/f about her dreary life and her hubby who she had caught cheating ,or at least found a few tell-tale signs she believed meant she had caught him with his cock in some dirty teenage whore who left him to drained to keep her happy and stop the constant complaining. This went on and on until I was sick of the sight of this harpy constantly bleating about her woes and making my g/f think all blokes were the same sex crazed pigs who only cared about getting their balls drained and their bellies filled and she had the opinion that I hated the sight of her with a passion, she wasn’t as thick as I first thought

Susan was dowdy dressed woman and hard to describe because she was always wrapped up in heavy jumpers and cardigans that made her look at least twenty years older and with her short hair she would have passed for a butch lesbian in most bars if it were not for her hubby in tow always eyeing up the young girls in the place … so she said ,Anyway it didn’t take long before she had been in our house for a few drinks and suggested that because of the rows when she was in bars with her hubby they should call at ours on a Friday night to make a cheap night of it as it was close to the end of the month and we were all skint , that’s when I realised her hubby had as much time for her as I did and no wonder he didn’t want to fuck her the poor bastard was no more fucking behind her back than taking brain surgery on as a night course at the local high school

The Following week I phoned my g/f from work and was told that the bitch was going to call again but thankfully without the hubby in tow who so boring and he didn’t seem to know that the night was over and insisted on talking till past four even though he was told several times I was working a twelve hour shift the next day a 6 a.m., so with this news that she was calling I went into a really bad mood and told my g/f that if they drank past midnight I would go to my father’s house to try and get some sleep without drunken women keeping me awake all night

It was about half eleven that night and I put on the free porn channels that were on cable to see if the girls would get angry and start arguing or storm off … no such luck So I left it until 1 a.m. before I said to my g/f enough is enough and realised she was far to pissed to care what was happening or where I was going to spend my night and stormed off fuming that I was second to a bitch I hated and all it took was a cheap bottle of vodka and some music on the T.V. , when I got to my father’s house he looked at me and laughed because as a divorced man he knew not to ask any questions and just said he was off to bed and make sure all the plugs were out when I fell asleep on the sofa

Then came the knock on the door I had been expecting …my g/f pissed telling me what a pig I was and her mate had went home again thinking that I hated her when all she had done was been a friend to my g/f when she didn’t know anyone ,but to my surprise it was Susan saying how my g/f had fell asleep but was really upset I had stormed off and she wanted to clear the air because she knew how much pressure her problems were causing us as a couple so I asked her to come in instead of the whole street wondering why she was at the door at 1.30 a.m.

So in she came and I sat on the sofa with her at the other end and she started to tell me all the boring shit she had been telling my g/f and I thought fuck this I am not listening to this shit I’m going to go asleep and told her I had to lay down on the sofa as my eyes were burning she said fine and stood up and I thought that had done the trick but she says yes lie down and I will sit on the edge here so we can talk while you close your eyes .As I lay there I tried to think of anything I could to distract me from the boring bitch going on and on so I think about the sexy girl on the porn channel earlier with huge tits rubbing her lesbian mate which got me wondering if this girl was a lesbian who only had a hubby to seem like a normal girl to her family and as I lay there thinking about this sexy bitch on the porn channel and Susan fucking lots of women I get a huge hard on

That’s when I took her hand and put it on my hard on and said I was supposed to be fucking my g/f tonight but she had spoiled that so she had to do something about this hard cock … to my surprise for I was hoping she would tell me I was a dirty bastard and storm off but she said ok but it was her time of the month would I settle for her sucking my cock while I played with her tits … ok I replied and before I could open my eyes to look I felt her open my fly and slip her lips round my hard cock and starting to take of her cardigan and bra so I could play with her tits and fuck me but they were a really great pair of big firm tits with huge hard nipples and I played with those while she wanked and sucked as hard as anyone has sucked me and whispered how much she needed fucked and I could fuck her anyway I wanted the next time she got to have my cock, “I WANT TO FUCK YOUR ASS” I said as I shot a huge load of my hot cum down her throat

She lifted her head and smiled as she licked her lips and said that was the only time she would ever swallow as she hated the taste of cum but did it as she felt so guilty about causing the huge row between me and my g/f and next time I could indeed fuck her ass but had to cum in her pussy or it was no deal, so I said yes ok and off she went with a huge smile still on her face, the next day I phoned my g/f half expecting to get all sorts of hassle but there was none so I gave her loads of grief about another day I was shattered because of her and her mate partying and anytime they were drinking I would stay at my fathers … fuck … SHE SAID OK

So a few days later my g/f says oh my mates is coming round for a drink tonight as she is upset about something her hubby has done so can I ask my father if its ok for me to stay on the sofa again and I told her I didn’t need to ask he would be fine with It and sure enough at about 8p.m. her guest arrives with a bottle in hand and I make a big deal of saying I’m off to my fathers and not listening to these women talk crap about the latest gossip from the area and what bastards all men are .Sure enough about 1.30 I’m on the sofa and my fathers in his bed and again there is someone at the door it’s Susan looking pretty sheepish as she is not as drunk as the last time she called and she knows what it is she wants … her brains fucked out was the way she put it

I ask her in and sit her on the sofa and before she can start telling me any boring bloody stories or say how we shouldn’t be doing this I stand in front of her and put my cock in her face and tell her to suck it like a good slut ... she does and it only takes a few minutes until she is out of her clothes and naked on the sofa and for the first time I see that as well as great tits she has a sexy ass and those heavy jumpers and cardigans did a great job of hiding she was a very fuckable woman here naked asking for me to fuck her brains out and use her as my cumslut .So I slid between her legs and rammed my cock into her pussy no licking or rubbing to get her going I still couldn’t stand her and was going to use her for my pleasure and whatever she got out of it was her choice if it was worth it or not, I’m pumping my cock into her and sucking on her tits for what seems like ages when Susan reminds me I’m supposed to be fucking her ass tonight…

I stand up and get her to kneel on the floor with her head on the sofa and tell her to bury her face in the pillows because I’m going to fuck her ass as hard as I can and she can’t wake my father, she does what she is told and kneels on the floor with her legs spread offering her ass for me to pound as hard as I can .I spat on my fingers and rubbed them against her asshole before forcing my cock into it as she squealed muffled by the pillows and I started to fuck her tight ass as hard as I could the whole time her head buried in the pillow to try and keep quiet ,after a few minutes she turned and begged me to stop because she couldn’t go home with carpet burns on her knees or her hubby would know something was wrong and as I turned to let her up I bent over to pull of my jeans that had been from the start round my ankles and she surprised me by grabbing my cock from behind and using her tongue on my ass as she wanked me

I told her to lie down on her back on the rug and lifted her legs over my shoulders and pushed my cock straight into her asshole again and with her legs wrapped around my neck I started to out every bit of me I could into fucking her ass until she begged me again to stop it was too sore … I put my hand over her mouth and carried on making her pay for all the nights I had to listen to her whinge or had to suffer my g/f in a foul mood because she had to listen to her and after about ten minutes like this I pulled out of her ass and made her sit on me with her pussy working my cock until I filled it with cum

As she left she tried to kiss me but I told her to fuck off she had been sucking my cock and licking my arse no way was I going to kiss her, so she asked could I manage to fuck her once or twice every week any way I wanted as long as I always came in her cunt. We fucked for just over a year until when I was drunk one night I asked why I could only ever cum in her pussy and she answered with this……………… After every time but the first she had went home and sat on her hubbies face and sucked his cock until they both came, the bit that worried me was she reckoned her hubby had swallowed at least twice if not triple the amount of my cum that my g/f had over the year and he never complained just said he loved getting to lick her so often