Written by admin

25 Jul 2010

On a beautiful evening were going for a drive; that of course was a rouge my intentions were not so tepid your wearing a summer dress, so short it takes all myself control to keep my eyes on the road. You smile as you catch me glancing at you sleek folded legs, I suggest going to the five finger strand to watch the sun going down but instead of going to the beach i drive up the hill; explaining that the car park at the top of the hill will provide a better view. When we get out the sea breeze has an instant impact on you, your nipples pushing out on the light fabric of your dress, i come behind you and wrap my arms around you, running a trail of small kisses down you neck as i circle your pert nipple with the tip of my finger . You turn your head to me and we kiss I slide the straps of your dress of your shoulders. As i attempt to lower the top of your dress you stop me: protesting that anyone could come along. I point out that the sun is going down and we can see the road approaching. `Your bad' you say as i open the clasp on your bra and you pull your arms out of the bra and through it in the window of the car, as we embrace i draw my head back `Why stop there' i say as i slide my hands up your legs i wonder if your goose bumps are from the cool breeze or excitement wrapping my hands around the cheeks of your ass i pull you against me as you rub against the growing bulge in my jeans. My thumbs hook either sides of the pants and began to draw them down to my surprise to no complaint. I let go the panties and they drop to your feet, you smile as you simply step out of them and walk over to the side of the car. I walk over to you as you lean back onto the bonnet as we kiss you wrap you legs around me, then you lay back on the bonnet i spread your legs and kneel between your legs. I run the tip of my tongue up the inside of you leg a trail of kisses as i go, i stop and blow gently on your pussy then i flick the tip of my tongue below your pussy before running the tip of my tongue up to your clit lightly flicking it sending a pulse of tremors through your body. My longing grasp pressing my fingers into your flesh as i hold your legs apart. With every touch from my tongue you begin to jolt until you grab my hair as i thrust my tongue into you as i gently roll your clit between my thumb and finger, your legs squeezing around me as i hear your breath quicken: i stop...

I stand and rub my cock forward and back on your tantalising puss. I slide my cock forward and back the ridge of my cock rubbing along the length of your cunt, a breeze bringing the reality of or alfresco antics. Panic runs across your face you bring your legs down and jump to your feet, `is someone coming?' my pause led you to believe we were about to get company i smile `no I'm just enjoying our naughty antics'. Smiling as you lean in and kiss me as you wrap my hand around my cock raging with desire I can take this tantalising vision before me any more seizing your hips and turning you around as my hand grasps your breast as the other presses between your legs, my middle finger moving your clit in small circles; pushing you forward over the bonnet, you lift your dress and I give your ass a smack before i thrust my cock into you pushing you forward groaning, i pause as we take in the sensations of having my entire cock rammed into your pussy. Slowly drawing back slowly as I pull down the top of your dress spilling your breasts into the night air. I began slowly and forcefully; pumping my cock in and out of you as i squeeze and pinch your nipples: i speed up driven by desire. As i speed up you begin to arch backward, both my hands squeezing your tits as or bodies rock in harmony. Your dress bunches around your waist i grab either end of the dress and pulling you back up onto my cock copping you forward onto the bonnet your feet now off the ground; suspended by your dress as i begin to feel your pussy clenching around my cock my body becomes ridged you release a guttural groan as we come in unison. We slump forward onto the bonnet exhausted, spent and then we begin to laugh as we begin to realise how silly the situation is half naked on the bonnet of a car in a car park on top of a cliff. `We'll have to do this again'