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My mates recent ex

"The pic says it all"
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"The most amazing woman ever"

Where do I start Christ

So my mate best mate the like a brother mate recently split with his gf long term gf

He was devastated she came across devastated aswell anyway myself and my mate went out on a mad one this Saturday got absolutely smashed drunk I was listening to him crying and chatting bout her how much he loved her he’s devastated etc shit he even let a few stories slip out how amazing she was in bed how she was so perfect he let slip bout her Brazilian look yeah I no she is absolutely stunning

It got to the point I needed to get this lad my best mate home anyway as he went to the loo I went outside to flag a cab who did I meet

Yes the ex looking absolutely stunning in her black short leather skirt literally stuck to her perfect ass showing the amazing curve it is long tanned legs

Her blouse a buttoned up front just half way buttons open from the top down bar 2 her tits clearly on show under her sexy lingerie I can just imagine the matching tong if she was wearing one

She new I was checking her out she said aww you going I said erm I need to get u no who home he’s worst for wear pity she said biting her bottom lip leaned over whispered to me you look like your no where near ready to go home I can’t leave him he’s in a bad way he’s my best mate brother like (I’m thinking what’s she at)

She proceeded into the longe via a different door to avoid himself me staring at her as she walked away she glanced back caught me fuck sake all I can think about is Brazilian is she wearing my god her body I am like a rock in my jeans a bulge no woman has ever got a reaction like this she has fuuuuck

Long story short I get him back to my apartment he pans out on sofa

45mins later the buzzer sounds it’s her yeah come up I said I went over opened door there she is she walks in towards me closing the door cums over to my ear where is he erm behind us on sofa fast asleep goood she say she proceeds to lick and kiss my kneck then whisper in my ear can I feel your cock I seen the bulge outside the bar (she was checking me out) you need to release that it wud be a shame to waste that she took my hand tan it up her tigh between her legs there it is under her tiny tong Brazilian I am hard as fuck and she feels it we can’t do this I said not while he’s on sofa not at all as much as I want to what am I saying she crouches to her knees opening my belt undoing my fly buttons and takes out my rock hard cock runs her tongue with her eyes looking up at me she proceeds taking my full length deep throat the most amazing fucking blow job I’ve ever had

We fucked in the hall to the bedroom against the wall I didn’t hold back I gave her what she wanted and what we both wanted absolutely amazing sex best sex ever to this day and wer still fuckin he’s still oblivious that’s her on pic my cock in her mouth

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