Written by cplforfun09

14 Mar 2010

Me and my boyfirend went to a local bar, there was no1 in the bar only a few drunks and regulars, we sat at the bar beside one of the dolls tori, we got chatting to her as no1 else seemed to be coming, the craic was getting good and all was going well, i was getting drunk by now and you no what means lol, i was feeling my mans leg getting excited, i went to use the toilet while he got the next round in, i was soon followed by tori, who asked me was i drunk i said not really and she said good cause she wanted to ask me a question so i said go ahead and she asked me where we the type of couple to be into kinky stuff like threesomes, i paused a minute thinking and thought fuck it we only live once so i said yeah, she said thank god for that, and kissed me passionately, she said iv a flat free tonight if yous want i said yeah prob il tell him, and she said il leave you to it then.. so she sayed in the toilet while i went back smiling to my boyfriend he asked me what was i happy about and i said we've fun lined up tonight and i didn't have to say anymore he knew instantly what i meant, tori came back and we all had a laugh and kept on drinking til we where drunk and we left the bar and jumped in a taxi for tori's, when we got there i sat on the sofa and he sat on the single chair tori came in with vodka and glasses and sat down beside me, he started pouring a drink while tori garabbed me back and started kissing me really getting into it now, she took of my top and started to kiss my tits.. i was getting horny no so i pushed her back and started kissing her and sat on top of her i pulled of her top and started playing with her tits.. i could see he was horny now and he came over and pushed her off me so now we were both sitting beside each other he pulled her knickers of then mine and we both where laying back so he could lick us out, he started licking her out and then fingered me, i poured the vodka all over tori's tits and laughed and sucked it back up, she was enjoying being licked out and was moaning now, i kept kissing her and biting her neck, then she suddenly stopped and said she wanted to try something, so she got up and made him sit down beside me, she took of his trousers and he was rock hard now, she started sucking his cock very hard and he kept pushing he head more in, she grabbed my fanny and kept tickiling and grabbing whiel she sucked him off, he was about to come so she stopped she sat there looking at us and smiling i got a rush of horniness and pushed her back on the floor and got on top of her and grabbed her tits rough and told her she was a dirty tramp, i went down then licking her out with my ass in the air i suddenly felt this thing come behind me, it was him rock hard teasing me from behind while i licked her out, i started to go harder and more in when he pushed his cock into my fanny which suprised me i bit her fanny and made her scream which got me more horny he was pumping me hard frm behind and i was getting forced into tori's fanny, it was so good, she came in my mouth and he came inside me, we all got up and dressed and drank the rest of the vodka, we swapped numbers for more fun another time :-)