Written by mrs cpl

22 Jul 2015

ok my huby asked me to write something that may or maynot be true ,,,u make up ur own mind,13 yrs ago living and working in dublin on nights i made friends with this one girl mad sort full of naughty chat and flirting,one might i confessed i would love to be totaly sub and get a little spanking.many weeks passed and we were to meet in a pub for a drink on our night off i was waiting and her hubby came in and sat beside me,she is not out tonight he told me and we had a drink and the chat got around very quick to sex,so you want to be sub do u? he asked....feeling my face redding i said yes why?...ok do as your told and prove it....go to the loo take of your undies and hand them to me under the table,i was wearing a white blouse jeans and ankle boots.i was daring myself in my head so i did it walking back i was aware of my blouse so light maybe my nipples were seen i dont know,i gave them to him.get your coat lets go he told me.in the taxi his hand was on my leg sliding up and down,we got to the house and walked in fairly dark just a small lamp on in the small sitting room the back of the sofa was right there as i walked in...stop right there she said he was standing behind me..take of your belt and hand it to me.i did he shoved me over the back of the sofa ....slap...slap...on my bum.his wife holding my hands on the other side so i cant move ,she came closer and kissed me slap slap i cant even scream, stay like that he says pulling my jeans off not even opening them i feel my panites come down with them and feel them around my ankles she still holding my hands.i feel him getting close i feel his cock so hard she is still kissing me and he gets inside me i lift my head omg ..........breatthing so hard now she lets go one hand one feels my brests i cant stop it now and i dont want to he pumps into me so hard she stand up on the sofa i didnt notice she was naked from waist down shoves her self in my face i have no option to kiss her and lick her hes getting close now and lets out a shot yessssssssss and cums insiede me im so close myself i put my free hand between my legs and get my self off as does she.......we are all sweating and exhausted i go to the loo and look in the mirror and see all the red makrs from my belf thinking i hope hubby is in bed when i get home so he wont see.........working nights was never the same...............