3 Sep 2016

My best friend and I met each other in our late teens, we were two peas in a pod and were known as head cases as we were always out

for a good time.We drank, [Content Removed] and snogged and fucked fellas over the years.She cheated in relationships and so did I. Life

was for the taking back then and we really took it back then!

Fast forward a couple of years and she was with someone new and so was I, our relationships were dull and painstakingly boring. One

night she came over to mine, we got platic drunk and ran amok in town. We were pissed while getting ready for the night, giggling,

dancing and generally messing about. We were grabbing each others tits joking about who's was the bigget. God we were drunk. It was

the usual "do I look good in this" and vice versa, we probably looked deranged but we thought we looked presentable.

Both of us then linked arms (more out of necessity) to a local club with our hidden bottle of vodka and continued to get ever more

twisted if that was possible. As per usual myself and my friend were flirting with fellas, hyped up to 90 and horny as hell. Next

thing I knew I was walking around the club buzzing and couldnt see my friend, that wasnt unusual we usually done that, I found her at

the back door up against the wall, with a fella in between her legs fucking her slyly. Now, that was sexy, fuck it was damn kinky.

From my friends face I could tell she was loving it and all I could see was his ass pumping away at her. Fuck, talk about being

turned on! They didnt care if anyone could see them they were in the middle of a shag and loving it. I left her to it after staring

at her lol I couldnt help myself!

I went back into the club, wandering around on my own little buzz. She found me and I was teasing her calling her a slut and telling

her fair play to her the sexy bitch. I grabbed her tits and called her a mad thing and she roared laughing. We were dancing around

the dance floor giving it socks. We fell out of that nightclub and we trudged along to another club near where I lived. It was

pumping outside in the smoking area, music blaring. Both of us danced away and we got chatting to some fellas having a laugh,

flirting with them and having the craic.

At one stage I couldn't see her and went looking for her. I saw her on the bonnet of a car with a bloke on top of her slamming his

cock into her, sticking his tongue down her throat, her tits were out of her top, he was mauling them. Her jeans around her ankles. I

stumbled over and shoved the phone into her face saying who it was, she panicked and I said to her to answer it, it wouldn't be worth

the risk laughing. Before she knew it she had answered the phone. God love the poor bloke, he didn't know what the fuck was going on.

In drunklish I explained she had a fella bla bla. He was just looking at me in shock. I told him to keep shagging her go on fuck it.

He obviously thought fuck it too and pounded her pussy, I stood there watching

I got the stomach butterflies and my clit started to tingle, I was wet in an instant. I was looking at one of my sexual fantasies and

fuck, it was great! My stomach wasn't just doing cartwheels it was sky diving at this stage. The bloke looked like he was loving it

from the way he slammed her pussy not giving a fuck that I was standing there and she, lol god love her she was trying her damndest

not to moan or whimper. She was listening to her boyfriend covering the phone whispering shut up to us while her pussy was being

pounded and me standing watching giggling (I didn't like her fella so it made the whole scenario all the more kinky, it was great).

In fairness to the bloke he was ramming away goodo. She hung up and burst out laughing, she started with the bla bla giving out about

me laughing and telling him to fuck her harder. I told her to shut up she was loving it. I was swaying away mumbling something that

resembled English with my stomach fluttering and pussy soaking wet at this stage.

I pottered off back and

I had collared your mans mate to tell him all about it. He looked so shocked he was so twisted his eyes kept glazing over drunkenly

and had to ask me a few times about what just happened. By the time my drunklish was deciphered and he stumbled towards the car, my

friend and the bloke were walking towards us fixing their clothes. She had a huge grin on her face. She actually looked like someone

who has just had one of those shags that satisfied her from the bones outward. I roared laughing slapping my knees and gave her a

round of applause, she was damn good. Her and the bloke had a quick chat and then him and his mate rambled off down the road.

I turned to her grinning from ear to ear and gave her a hug. She stumbled and the two of us nearly ended up on our snot. We linked

each other and turned to head back to mine. We got ourselves to resemble some form of walking because this one foot in front of the

other didn't seem to be getting us anywhere.

I asked her what she thought about what had just happened and she told me it was one of the kinkiest shags she ever had. I was trying

to mumble sorry for standing there (not about giving her the phone it was my two fingers up at him) and interrupting her shagging the

bloke. She turned to me and told me"don't apologise chicks it was fucking brilliant"

We looked at each other laughing but I think we both knew there was something between us too, we went back to my apartment and