Written by Bedtimebaby

9 Dec 2011

I walk right up and stand in front off you right now ,,,and ever so slowly take my blouse off , one button at a time ( no touching keep ur hands down ) one , two , three , four ... relieving two breast to you , tight nipple , skin hot to touch ..offering you one to suck ( no hands aloud ) feeling you trace your tongue around my areola and over my taught nipple before you suck it in deeper with greed ...offering you the other as my fingers play with the free one ...you watching my reaction and teasing more ..slowly id pull back and let my top slip off me as i move close so that you can run your tongue over and between the valley off my breast and down to my tummy ...closer and higher id move let you taste along the band off my jeans before i reach down and open them inch my inch watching your eyes smile as i do so ...slipping them down over my hips as your mouth and tongue follow stepping away long enough to remove them before id more closer lifting myself up as i do so , Hips now leave with your chin ( hands down hun )put not close enough to touch you ...id slide my hands down over my breast one at a time stopping to tweak and pull each in turn ..lifting them towards me so i can your my tongue where yours has been , nipping , lapping , sucking one then the other as you watch before my hands slide lower over my tummy to my lower lips ... teasing them apart deliberately reviling a tight hot throbbing clit to your view as i slip one finger onto the in'er most secret a woman can have ,slowing in and out as i watch ur trying not to touch me ( keep them hands away ) slipping it out to run it up and down my slit before offering it to you ...running it along your low lip ...softly ..letting you taste put not have as i bring it back to me and as i add two more fingers i push them with intent into my tight wet pussy ,,leaning back as i do so ,,,in and out over and over again , hips rocking in time other hand now rubbing over a throbbing clit as i moan softly before moving slightly higher as i offer my pussy lips up to you .. softly your tongue sides along the length off pussy lips i now hold open for you , up one side and down the other making me want more ... as i lean back again i feel your hands on my hips pulling me to you as you clamp your mouth over me i moan out loud , the need for release so strong i cant stop you now ...again and again you lick and lap and suck at me before sliding your hand down and pushing up into me with such force and such speed my body shakes for you ...suck ...lapping ...tracing ....fucking me not letting me back away ..taking me to new highs to a place i only dreamed off ..harder ..faster ..again and again as you say my name and the sound off it sends me floating away and as you suck me hard i come hard , harder then ever before and clench and hold you within me before i collapse into your arms and wait for my world to feel safe again ...put i am safe as i hold you close ..your heart pounding with mine ..breaths chasing as we come back down together .....

Put I am not done yet babe as I have more to give and share …Slowly I stand up and walk to the adjoining door …the one you didn’t seem to notice ..With a smile I turn to watch you and say “ I have a surprise for you “ then I open the door and my friend walks into the room she is tall with dark hair and wow she is hot as kisses me I hear you breath catch and we giggle , put we don’t stop as you lay there and watch I undress her and start to taste her shin starting with her tight nipples licking one then the other as she holds my head where she wants it and I feel her pushing me lower ..with intent I more her to stand on a near by chair …legs spread wide apart as I more in and taste some sweet pussy lips that are on display for us both now , lapping my tongue along and around her sweet pussy as I slip two fingers into a slick and slippery craves where I find that lust button and push it with the intent off making her feel the need she cant stop …As you watch from the bed I slide my hands up her body to cup her breast and tweak her nipple as I still eat away at lips and juices that flow with ease now and as I get her nearer to fulfilment her knees bend giving me grate access to her hidden treasures and she cums for me with a gush off lust juices as her body trembles with release I move away and guide her over to the bed and we join you there ..

You find yourself laid on a bed with a us either side … and as two sets off lips worked a steady slow pace on your shoulders and collar bones ..tongues lapping and silken over your skin , tasting and sucking and nipping as the move lower each taking a nipple to torment and tease and suck as you as there’s for the taking and as your hands run slowly up and down two silken , oil softened backs , the we slip lower still to trace lips and teeth down a tight your torso to hips that raise with need when touched …our hands sliding over you as one of us slides back up to spread your lips open with a finger for you to suck and the other moves lower to hover over a tight hard cock that begs to be touch … blowing softly on it …making it jerk with a throbbing as the blood rushed to meet each breath … over and over you are made suck as the we blow in turn one on lips working a magic of there own the other on a pride that awaits more … as you watches the we whisper for a second before each in turn move to straddle you with hips locked either side off your body …one inches from your chin the other levitated over you with the intention off letting you enter a lush tighten cave off pleasure as pussy juices flow and drip to meet you,

As my friend spreads her hips wider she opens pussy lips to invite you to taste as each off us moves as one lowering to there indented pleasure zone ,,you lick an open pussy in time with me as I am now sliding up and down your rock hard cock .deeper with each thrust off hip and tongue to make three moan as one as pleasure builds to meet the demands been made … tongue lapping as juices …cock held in a pussy vice as your hips rock to meet it again and again …As i moan and lean back to find my friends lips in a kiss that promise more as hands find breast and nipples and each are teased in turn …you still moves beneath us a steady rhythm driving us on to more ….We move away and you are left to watch as they each find pussy to suck and spread and tease finger slipping into juice fill caves off endless lust and lips locking over pleasure buds that scream out to be touched and pushed and slapped and we do …over and over each bring the other to the brink and back again as you watch for a few minutes before joining my friend to lick and tease a tight wanton pussy …. Two tongues work as one meeting now and then for a lushes kiss then back to lap up free flowing pussy juices and burry fingers deep with in the lust garden then in … four fingers spreading me wide …filling me deep …blowing …kissing ….suck at clit to release an explosion off passion for you both to suckle together lips meet lips meet lips as the earth shakes beneath me and one has had more than her fill , the other slips down for a nibble off a tight hard cock and is not here long before joined and as two tongues are slipping sensually up and down one hard cock ,,,meeting at the tip for a kiss just to return to the sweetness off more cock over and over again wrapping around its length two sets off lips now locked with cock between them pushing up and down your shaft fucking you as one …..up and down sharing a power to hold you there as one licks an eye that opens a slit for passions to flow ….again and again we take turns tasting you as hands find your balls one moves down to engulf them and as we move together as one …sucking balls that are full and near busting and cock that jerks with the need to spurt sweet nectar …faster and harder the we get more demanding more and more as your hands are now in our hair holding us both there needing the torment to end …Moaning loud and deep we feel your realise and join each other for the reward that we have worked for …lapping up every drop …sucking every drip from a still pulsating cock ..before our lips find each other and share the rewards there as your fingers find two tight pussies and start to fuck us hard and fast …going deeper and deeper ..finding that spot within us both that’s is the key to releasing or heated lust …faster …harder …deeper fingers fuck pussies ..pounding hard on sanative clits in unison until you feel each off us tighten with and urgency as we moan and beg for release you push deeper lifting us both off the bed with thrusts that fill us to the core and the floods over your hands tells you we are there ….as there world shakes and spins away from under us , you smile and pull us to …. Put you is not done with your revenge not yet there is more to cum………………………………....................