Written by Amberx

19 Jun 2009

I was unsure as to what was going to happen next, as I caught his eye I received another slap in the face a lot harder than before. I was told again, it would get more painful the more I tried to look at him, just then he pinched and yanked down on both of my nipples very roughly.

But I was starting to enjoy this a lot and looked him straight in the eye as best I could, almost in defiance, it wasn't easy to do strapped up like that, I ensured he knew I was looking at him he then caught me with the back of his hand that one stung the bridge of my nose, bringing tears to my eyes. Yep it hurt like fuck.... I looked at him again, daringly, thinking he wont hit me again, but fuck was I wrong, he slapped me upside the chin knocking my head right back. Holding my head back by my hair he forced his mouth on mine kissing me pushing his tongue in my mouth with such urgency, I allowed him to, but he didn't like me to accept he wanted rejection but I there was no fun in rejecting him!

He sat back on the table spreading his legs onto either side of my chair, his crotch in direct view of me. He then asked me if I wanted him, I told him 'yes' he then pushed his foot onto my naked cunt and told me that was the wrong answer, I repeated 'yes' again he pressed down harder the pain was unbearable even for me, just then I relented and said 'no'. He then began to randomly pinch me, then I could feel his lips on my skin they were cold sliding down my chest to my tits he bit me every inch of the way, all the while scraping his nails down the side of my body, gripping my tits and squeezing them so hard I was gritting my teeth, with delight. At this stage every part of my body ached, throbbed, but it was a pleasurable sensation, I wanted more from this fucker, watching, wanting and feeling his every move. He then slapped me for no reason! I didn't look at him and he knew I was slightly confused as to why he slapped me and just said to me with a menacingly voice 'because I can'.

He then grabbed my pussy and squeezed, sweet fuck it hurt that much I thought I was going to pass out, releasing his grip he began to vigorously rub it, then with his other hand he fucked me with 4 of his fingers with force, no easing them in, no such thing as ease with this fucker.

I was so wet my pussy throbbed, I didn't show my appreciation for him doing this so he thought I wasn't enjoying it and continued. But not for long though, I was on the verge of cuming he could see my body react to the enjoyment he was giving me. As my body arched, tightened up, my breath quicken and then right at that moment, that exact moment, just a few more seconds please.....he stopped!

The fucker stopped he wouldn't allow me to cum, frustration set in and I then felt a payback was due, but how the hell could I do that strapped up like this and not been able to move!!

Standing up in front of me he took off his combats, he was on a serious hard on, he pulled my chair closer as he sat back down on the table, pulling my head toward his cock, my whole body arched bringing the chair with me fuck it hurt. I could feel the steel of the cuffs and shackles tear into my skin as they pulled and got tighter.

Holding my head in both his hands, the chair leaning forward on the 2 front legs, my body pulling toward him he rammed his cock in my mouth, he held my head there as he fucked my mouth very fast, I could hear his breath getting faster and knew he was about to cum. I gagged quite a lot to the point of not being able to breathe properly, I tried to move my head away but he had such a firm grip on it, I had no option to...... so I viced his cock with my teeth.

Oh he stopped then, with the look of shear horror on his face, I knew I would be punished for what I had done. But he forgot something, it was one thing I am sure he will never forget.

The Sub is always in Control

Payback is a bitch eh!!!