Written by Amberx

18 Jun 2009

Just another night lying in front of the tv, your suggestive text's getting me all hot, wet and bothered, sexual innuendo was flying back and forth as to what we would do to each other when we met up next. You were working night shift leaving me with just your filthy imagination combined with my overactive imagination, you teased me for nearly an hour even though you knew that I am not a great tease at all.

So I decided to have a shower and early night in that big cold bed all on my lonesome.....

Or so I thought!!

I obviously fell asleep very quickly because before I knew it, I was awoken to my naked coldness, I am no longer covered up with sheets, a dark shadow standing aside me, bends over putting a hand tightly, forcefully over my mouth and whispers in a stern harsh voice through gritted teeth "don't scream".

Just as he said that he pulled me by the hair out of the bed, my heart was pounding in my chest as he yanked my head so hard I fell to my knees. He continued to drag me out of the bedroom by my hair on my knees to the kitchen. He told me to sit on the chair, not to look at his face and I would be ok, to which I did, but I did look at his face to which he slapped me across the face, not hard but not gentle either.

He told me then that if I looked at his face again he would slap me even harder upon every glance that I made toward him. He then told me to put my hands behind my back as he cuffed them there. It was very cold as I sat there naked, cuffed to the chair, he then pushed my face down onto the cold stone kitchen table, as I could hear him rummage, I could hear what sounded like chains. His breath on the side of my body as he just bit my hip then licked from my hip to the top of my clit then he just stopped!!

He pulled on my hands to pull me upright on the chair, he then proceeded to spread my legs and put shackles on my both ankles linking them up the back of the chair to join the handcuffs, they were very tight and very cold and I kinda liked it, holy shit this fkr was turning me on!!

I was in a position where I could not move, my head was pulled back tight, my feet pulled back in unison, my naked body exposed to the cold dark morning air and of course to my intruder.....

Anyone for Part2 ????