Written by bb

6 Jan 2016

My husband and I dabbled with threesomes in the past so when we go to Dublin for our sexy weekends we r on the lookout. At the hotel bar one night my husband pointed out the guy on the other side of me was checking me out, I looked good short low cut dress so tits were out there and so nearly was my fanny. Hubby winked at me to do my thing... he goes off so I turn around to talk, flirt and touch my stranger... drinks were bought and having fun.. CB (Husband) comes back and starts to touch my upper leg higher and higher and shows our stranger a glance at my fanny...lets not waste time, up we go to our room. CB likes to undress me slowly, kissing every part of my body, I let our stranger join in and I feel hands and tongues caressing and licking my tits and now wet pussy. CB ties me to the bed and blindfolds me, I feel a tongue lick my juices and then dart in and out of my pussy at the same time finger fucking my vagina and asshole, a cock is in my mouth, I love sucking cock but cannot tell if the 8inches in my mouth is CB's or strangers. This is getting to much for me I wanna by fucked, I feel a cock teasing my fanny, tipping me whilst the wettness runs between my cheeks, he enters me but only just in and then out again, in and out I scream with pleasure I am gyrating, begging for that deep, hard penatration and then it comes, he has me by the hips and trusting as hard as he can, I hear those words I love in my ear "I'm coming".. as he does inside me and my stranger over my face and tits...