24 Mar 2018

It was just another ordinary day, another beautiful hot sunny afternoon laying round the small intimate pool wiling away the day. Mike the old retired guy from Leeds had done his usual trip to the supermarket and the cold beers were going down nice n slow. Neil the guy from Manchester was talking about his ex and saying they were splitting up when he got home. Big Andy the former football hooligan also from Leeds was telling stories of his past. The four girls from Devon were laughing and talking about the things they did the night before and what they were going to have for dinner tonight. Mike said “get your phone out of the sun it will overheat” so he plugged it into the sound system I told him just to play random songs on shuffle it was a perfect day everyone was so chilled out. Mike was the father figure of the House always giving good advice and easy to talk to. That’s when I saw her walking over to her sun-bed on the far side of the pool, she was beautiful like an angel, a Latin American goddess, out of my league for sure. I’d spotted her earlier sitting around the corner with her friend reading a book, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, she was perfect in her purple bikini and dark oversized sunglasses perfectly tanned beautiful body and shoulder length black hair. I’d heard her friend call her Amina earlier on even her name was sexy. After a while she got up and moved towards the pool glancing over our direction, I said jokingly to big Andy, “this isn’t a hostel at-all, this is like the playboy mansion!” To me it was a mansion, I’d never been anywhere like this before it was just like having your own home and having friends over for a party! As the evening turned into night everyone just did their own thing just chilling for a while having dinner and stuff. People were coming and going all the time. That night was perfect too everyone was mingling in the kitchen and outside around the tables. I spoke to the two lads from Lyon who were sampling jack daniels for the first time. I told them just to add water it was nicer like that and asked if I could have a glass and they obliged, I told them there was plenty of beers in the fridge if they wanted some. I sat down at the table there was mike, big Andy, two French girls that had hitched a lift down with the two lads from Lyon. Over the other table was the Moroccan lads and the English girls and the manager Fatima and her partner Bruno, they were fantastic, they couldn’t do enough for you and great craic too! This was a home from home! Over the far side at the big round table there were more French lads a Chinese couple and an Irish woman. The Moroccan music was playin it was a lovely night. That’s when Amina and her friend (I was hoping they were just friends!) came over and sat down across from me. Wow omg she looked amazing in a little white dress her hair tied up she was beautiful. She started talking asking were we all together, mike said no he and big Andy were from England the girls from France. She asked me were I was from so i told her Ireland and when she smiled my heart skipped a beat. I asked were she was from she said Argentina. She asked what we were drinking and I offered her a sample of jack d she was taken back by it! They had a bottle of red wine and she offered Me a taste it was lovely. I was dying to ask her if she wanted to go out for a drink but couldn’t because I didn’t want to intrude on her as she was with her friend. After a while she said they were goin to go to bed so I said goodnight and was nice to talk to you Amina. Shortly after I went to bed I was knackered but couldn’t sleep a wink thinking about her apart from the fact that the snoring in the dorm room was getting annoying I got up and went to lye on the sofa in the lounge it was more comfortable and quiet there. After a while I dozed off and woke in the small hours I saw Amina going into the toilet through the glass door she saw me and waved and smiled so I did the same back my heart was racing. The next few minutes felt like hours and then she came out she glanced in through the glass door again I waved and she came towards the door my heart was nearly jumping out of my chest now. She opened the door so I said “can’t sleep?” She said “no it’s too warm,” and a said “I know the feeling!” I said to her the wine was lovely earlier and she said stay there and she came back with the bottle and two glasses and put them on the table. I could hardly hold the bottle I was shaking inside hoping she wouldn’t notice as I poured it into the glass. We talked for what seemed like hours about everything and anything and now I was relaxed after some wine. I was so relieved when she said to me to move in a bit closer to her I was really nervous before not wanting to make a move too quickly I’m shy like that and respectful of a woman too. This gave me confidence so I moved in closer still and asked could I kiss her she said yes. I reached over and placed two fingers on the side of her chin and softly turned her face towards mine. Our lips met softly at first and then we kissed passionately our tongues entwined stimulating each other with a ferocious appetite for more not wanting to stop and it didn’t. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity and she moved her hand down to my pants undoing my buttons it felt so amazing I couldn’t believe it was happening. I was watching out towards the glass door hoping nobody would see us it made it more of a thrill now too. I moved my hand to her body and down To her inner thighs caressing her up and down with vigor. She slipped her panties to her ankles and I dropped my pants to the floor all the while touching and kissing each other all over our bodies. Then she took off her dress and I took off my top casting it aside to the floor. There she was with just her bra and as she removed it to reveal herself fully I couldn’t believe this was the girl I couldn’t keep my eyes off all day at the pool here with me about to give herself up to me, I was in dreamland I was trying to keep control. She lay back inviting me forward without saying a word, I slid my finger inside her and started caressing her up and down she started to moan she was loving it, she grabbed my hand and put my wet fingers in her mouth licking them with passion, then we kissed again better than ever now. I was fully aroused now and she said do you want to make love I slid inside her thrusting slowly I was nearly climaxing I couldn’t stop myself. She was moaning and said I want you in my mouth several times while leaning forward she took me in her mouth it felt so good I couldn’t control myself now I was in ecstasy my body had succumbed to the pleasure. We kissed again and lay together for a while with just our own thoughts. We made love again twice after that each time more intense and longer than before I couldn’t believe this was the girl of my dreams and she was with me making love with me all night. A beautiful stranger, a beautiful night.