Written by admin

20 Apr 2009

I've been lying in my big double bed all day wearing a short, tight nightie which is nice and tight around my tits and ass, it's all black with bits of pink and stops halfway between my pussy and my knees. I've been getting horny all day talking/texting/emailing with other cpls, guys and girls, all about what we'd all do to each other and I've been watching some porn too so my pussy has been soaking for hours. House to my self too so no need to keep my noise down!!!

Something I've been thinking of for awhile is me arriving at home unexpectedly one day to surprise my bf, I'm wearing a long coat and high heels with just underwear beneath it. I let myself in and walk up to his room where I find him behind a sexy older woman, fucking her doggystyle and pulling her hair. This turns me on straight away and I can't take my eyes off her tits, her eyes are closed so she doesn'tt see me and I put my finger over my lips so he knows not to say anything. I get my coat off and I slide my thong down my legs and I sit in front of them, watching and playing with my pussy, getting it nice and wet. She opens her eyes to see my juicy pussy about a metre away, my fingers sliding in and out making plenty of noise, I take my finger out and she asks to suck on it. The pleasure of her sucking my finger softly and my juice running down my pussy is too much and I need more...

He lies on his back and she climbs onto him, taking his cock deep into her pussy and I kneel over his face, facing her. We kiss and play with each other's big tits as she starts moving up and down faster and faster and he pushes his tongue deep into my pussy, my juice is all over his face...

She starts bouncing faster and faster and I know she's close so I suck her tits, lick her fingers fingers and stroke her clit - anything I can do to make her orgasm better - she goes faster and faster, harder and harde then finally she cums so hard, her tight pussy squeezing around his cock before she collapses on the bed, fully satisfied. I get on my hands and knees and spread her legs so I can lick her pussy dry, her cum mixed with my bf's cock tastes so good, then he gets behind me and starts fucking me hard doggystyle.

I know after god knows what the 2 of them were up to before I got there he's not going to be able to go for much longer so I push back on him as hard as I can to get him as deep inside me as possible and soon enough I feel myself about to cum...just as I'm about to finish she grabs my head and holds it down so I've got all of her pussy in my mouth and it makes me cum even harder...mmmmm....then it's his turn and in true porn star style we both kneel in front of him like a pair of horny sluts while he wanks himself off and his cum goes all over our mouths and drips down on to our tits....we kiss and lick it off each other....and wait til we're ready for part 2.