Written by daisy-star

12 Nov 2011

It all began when he tried to bring me out of my shell..little did he know what he was in for when he finally succeeded Lol..

We had been together for some time by now and seemed like we never got tired or bored of fucking each other, we just wanted more and more all the time,he was a dirty minded brat and I was a good girl (REALLY!!)

We started talking about our fantasys.. u know the kinda thing..what we had done.. what we wanted to do etc etc and at the time I had the biggest fantasy of wanting to be watched as we fucked.. But being quite shy I never ever thought id have the balls to go through with it but little did i know what was gonna happen and how much I was gonna love it mmmmmmmm

We were getting ready for a night out the first time it happened,music on, having a few drinks as we dolled ourselves up,sneaky gropes and kisses along the way.. tormenting each other by saying what we were gonna do to each other later... anyway taxi arrived and we hopped in.. giddy and giggly we started to have a snog in the taxi on the way to town and of course got a little carried away.. he always knew just the right spots to touch to make me horny very quickly and he had just done it again and all i wanted was to feel his thick hard cock slide deep inside my now throbbing wet pussy... He was whispering in my ear "do it babes" and i didn't have to be told twice... I had already taken his hard yummy cock out of his jeans and had been stroking it so it was hard and ready for what i wanted to do to it...I lowered my jeans a little ( damn why didn't i wear a skirt!!!! ) and facing away from him I straddled him and lowered myself slowly down to let my soaking pussy meet his hard throbbing cock... Slowly I slid down until he was deep inside me... then something made me look up and think... OMG the driver! we were in a taxi!!! But just then i didn't care.. all i wanted to do was ride his hard cock until i came which wasn't gonna take me very long... as I looked up i could see that the driver was watching us in his rear view mirror....

Quite embarrassed I smiled sweetly at the driver and was just about to slide off the hard cock that had me filled up so much when he grabbed my hips and started fucking me like he'd never been fucked before... soon I had lost all my inhibitions and starting grinding my hot pussy down on him...we were both moaning with such pleasure and clearly the taxi driver was loving every minute of it as he couldn't take his eyes of the mirror.. he slowed right down to enjoy what was going on and what should have been about a 10 minute taxi journey turned into at least a half hour one mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Needless to say that was the first of many adventures of being watched by complete strangers...........