Written by HardRodFans8586

12 Feb 2014

The other night my girlfriend and I stumbled across swing4ireland.com when looking up the rules for dogging, which is something we have recently become interested in.

When we noticed the "stories" section of the site, we thought we would have a giggle at them, and also maybe pick up some tips.

We started with a lovely tale about a man and a tractor. Hilarious. Totally hilarious, we had to read more.

We headed up to bed, got ready and put on our jammies and got to reading!

She was wearing a tight red wonderwoman vest with no bra. It showed off her big bobs beautifully and was teamed with a champagne coloured lace thong with a few pubes poking out the sides, just the way I like it. I, for my part, had a 100% cotton novelty squirrel nuts t shirt and some old but very sexy lonsdale jogging bottoms, the sort with ankle cuffs.

Anyway, we both got our phones out and accessed the site, reading stories and sharing any amusing tit bits.

After a while I noticed Cathy had gone very quiet and hadn't been laughing at my jokes, which is unlike her. I looked over and to my deelight saw that her hairy pussy had created a visable sopping patch on the sheets, around the size of a dinner plate. I reached over to confirm this, and felt that her thong was wringing wet and clinging to her swollen engorged cunt lips.

At my touch she let out a low moan the likes of which I have never heard before or since.

"Ohhh rod" she said. "What? Who's rod?" I responded. She said, "just go with it you fucking sexpest", and go with it I did. "What do you want rod to do for you baby?" I said, as my cock, now alert, strained against my navy lonsdales. "Call me Mandy" cathy said, grabbing my hand and pulling it towards her frothing mingehole, as she used her other hand to pull her now sodden and useless thong to one side, revealing a full head of slick, jet black, curling pubs. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mandy!" I yelled, clutching for her humangas slippery clit. I began to spell out the leTters of the alphobet using two finers (a technique I picked up online during my research one night). By the time I got to H, she hollered to me "stop wasting time and give me your fuckdrill, I am gagging to ram it up my eager cumhole!!!"

Like a flash my jogging bottoms were round my ankles,I stood tall and proud allowing my full 5.25 inches to catch the light glistening in the window through the thin curtain from the lamppost outside. I saw the look in her eye, and likened her, in my mindseye, to a tiger sizing up it's prey, me, the young buck. I allowed her a moment more of this peep show, before diving face first into her slimey lovebucket.

I teased her turgid fanny lips with my tongue as I used my soft but manly hands to tug at her thong until it sliped down to the floor with a splash.

At this I paused and grabbed a samwidge bag from the side, swiped up the thong and sealed it inside so it wouldn't dry out. "Thatll do me for a lunchtime pantywank tomorrow" I thought to myself. The air was heavy with the smell of sweet body odour and expensive deodourant. I slipped off my tee shirt so I could get another day out of it and turned my attention back to Cathys swollen minge.

Now I was the tiger and her vag was my prey. I snarled up at her before ferousiously chomping at her labia. I flicked my tongue in all directions, took her clit between my fingers and thumb and gave it a good hard yank. "Mmmm" she cried out! "More rod, more!" She begged for mercy and I knew what was coming next. I sat up to watch her face contort in pure ecstasy as Cathy unleashed squirt after squirt of salty sexgoop. I felt it splat over my chest and looked down to observe it cascading romantically down my torso, matting my salt and pepper chest hair in it's wake. This was the last straw, I could hold back no longer, I got to my feet and grabbed her ankles, opening her like an envelope and rammed my masssive member into her like a bull in a china shop.

"Fuck the shit out of me, hardrod, and empty that hairy satchel on my perky titties!!" Cathy exclaimed, and with that I got to work on my filthy fuckmission.

I eased my cock out of her and noticed it was already stickey and leaking presume. I tickled her slit with my hardhat as I sucked hard and fast on her huge pink erectile nipples. "Stop teasing!" Cathy demanded and so I ploughed my fuckdrill deep inside her until I could push it no further inside and pummeled her cocksocket like a piston, in and out, hard and fast. I had hoped to make this perfect moment last but when I looked into her glassy eyes I knew it was too late. The moment overcame me, my balls tightened, my pussyplough twitched and my back arched. My gargantuan manhood sprung free of her gaping tight rosebud just in time to spray a tacky film of jizz over her big heaving milksacks. "Wow" she said in utter wonder, pushing one sticky tit up to her lips and lapping up my warm goodness like a cat supping milk from a butterdish.

I watched her sexy feline act for what seemed like an eternity, my attention only waining as the juices on my shrivelled and spent penis began to crustify uncomfortably. Not wanting to miss a second of Cathy's own "cleanup" I reached out for the first thing that came to hand, and inadvertantly smeared our combined fluids on the curtain shroading the window.

Cathy has since cleaned them of course, but the knowing eye can still spot a smudgey wankstain. Just looking at it brings back fond memories and makes my cock glisten with presume.