10 Jul 2017

Jill climbed off my cock. She had strappy platform stilettos on that I hadn’t noticed. She tip-toed around to the base of the bed in her new slutty shoes, where my head was. Mark and Brian joined her. She kissed both, as they groped her body. Mark removed her pvc bra, and she moaned with him sucking on her nipples. Their hard cocks pressed up against her, as they fingered her pussy.

Jill climbed on the bed, arching her body over my head, on all fours. She rubbed her pussy, and smeared the wetness on my face. Mark positioned himself behind her, and slid his cock in her pussy. Brian stood at the other side of the bed, and she sucked on his cock. She was dressed like a kinky slut in platform heels, fishnets, suspenders and a pvc short skirt. The guys were rough with her, and she loved it. They grabbed her tits, spanked her ass, pulled her hair. She shrieked with excitement, encouraging them, the rougher they got. Jill rubbed her clit, as she orgasmed from Mark pounding her from behind. She shoved her fingers in my mouth. “Taste my slutty pussy”.

Jill released one of my wrist restraints, and told me to release the rest myself, and sit on the armchair. I did as she said. Mark lied on the bed. Jill straddled his cock, facing away from him, looking directly at me wanking my cock. “don’t touch your cock and I might let you join in”. Brian climbed on the bed and stood beside Jill. She sucked his cock, while riding Marks cock. I resisted the urge to wank my cock. Jill leaned back and Mark grabbed her tits. Jill rubbed her clit while staring at me, with Mark pumping his cock into her from underneath.

Jill laid back on Mark, with his cock still in her. She moaned as he played with her tits and pinched her nipples. Brian positioned himself between their legs, and pushed his cock into her pussy beside Marks cock. “fuck my pussy”, Jill moaned. Jill’s legs were now spread wide in the air, with two cocks in her pussy. Jill had another orgasm with the two cocks stretching her pussy, and Marks pinching her nipples. After she came, Mark slipped out, and Brian continued to fuck her. About two minutes later, he took his cock out and shot a load of cum over her stomach and tits. Mark immediately rolled her off him, spread her legs wide. Mark pounded her pussy for another 5 minutes before pulling out and covering her in more cum.

Mark and Brian got dressed and said goodbye to Jill, leaving her on the bed covered in cum. When they were gone, Jill rubbed some cum off her tits with her finger and licked it. “I want your cock baby, come fuck my used pussy”. My cock was throbbing. Jill lay on the bed, spreading her legs wide in the air. I kneeled between her legs, and slid my cock in. Jill moaned. “fuck my dirty pussy”. Jill rubbed more cum off her body, and licked her finger. “kiss me” she moaned. I reluctantly leaned over to kiss her trying to avoid touching all the cum on her tits and stomach. Jill grabbed me and pressed me into her body. I could smell the stench off cock and cum on her. She kissed me with her salty cum filled mouth. I could feel my balls tighten. I wasn’t going to last long before I shot my load.

Jill told me we could have a threesome with another girl if I made her cum before I came in her pussy. She also said if I came within the next two minutes, she had a cock cage for me to wear, and she was going to roll a dice, and I had to wear it for that many days, before she’d let me out.

I slowed down thinking about being locked up, trying to last at least two minutes. Jill spread her legs wide in the air. Her pussy felt so good, but I resisted the temptation to pound her. Jill whispered in my ear, “and by the way if you’re locked up, I’m going to invite one of the guys over to fuck me, and you can watch”. I rammed my cock into her pussy. Jill moaned, “yea baby, and you can lie beside me and watch, and lick my pussy clean after he cums in me.” I couldn’t take it anymore, I pressed her legs back behind her head, and rammed my cock into her. “yes baby, fuck me”. I shot my load in her, as her body shook with an orgasm. I made her cum, but I didn’t last the two minutes.

Jill went to her bag and produced a cock cage and a dice. Shit, she wasn’t joking. Jill rolled the dice. It was a 6. Jill laughed and told me shower before she put it on. I jumped in the shower and cleaned all the cum off my body. When I returned, Jill locked my cock up in the cage.

to be continued...