15 Apr 2017

She went over to sit on Marks knee, who was watching from the armchair. “I’m glad you enjoyed listening to me fuck Mark over the phone, and licking Brian’s cum from my pussy. “Brian? I thought this was Mark”. Brian was Marks friend, she explained, as he played with her tits. “since you weren’t up for sharing me with a guy, I asked Mark to organise one earlier, and he suggested Brian. He’ll be here in a while, and Mark and Brian are going to fuck me, and you’re going to watch.”

Jill and Brian played with each other until Mark arrived. I remained tied to the bed, but Jill had blindfolded me so I could only hear them kissing and laughing. Eventually Mark arrived.

Jill told Mark to strip, and she climbed on the bed. She played with my cock until it was hard, then straddled me and sat on it. I felt someone else climb on the bed, and could make out Jill sucking and tugging his cock. My cock throbbed in her pussy, as she sat motionless on it. I tried to fuck her, but she pinned my hips down, and ordered me to lay still. I felt another weight on the bed. Jill’s minor movements on my cock were so intense and frustrating.

Eventually, she removed my blindfold. Jill was now wearing a black pvc bra and a short black pvc pleated skirt, with fishnet stockings and suspenders. “you didn’t want a threesome with another guy, but it looks like you’re enjoying lying there while I play with these two big cocks”. Mark and Brian stood naked on each side of her, and she stroked their cocks. “you like watching me suck on two cocks?”, as she bucked her hips teasingly on my cock. She knew how to get me so horny, I’d say yes to anything. Yes, I moaned. She took turns sucking on each one, almost not moving on my cock.

“you like how I suck your cock honey? Well, I’m good because I had a lot of practice before I met you. Think of all those cocks in my mouth”, She leaned forward and kissed me, slowly rocking her hips on my cock again. She took Marks cock deep in her throat gagging on it. She gasped for air as she turned to Brian’s cock, and swallowed his cock. Spit was now dribbling down her face, but her hands were two busy pumping cocks to wipe it. She spat on Marks cock, then hungrily sucked on it, moaning and pumping Brian’s cock in her hand. She stuck her tongue in my mouth. She squeezed her pussy on my cock as it throbbed in her wet pussy. “Taste those cocks off my lips”, she taunted.

Jill sat up and grabbed the guys cocks, who were now close to cumming. “cum on me boys, whoever spunks on me first, gets to go first in my pussy”. Mark and Brian were both close to cumming, both pumping their cocks in front of Jill’s face. Jill stared at me, slowly rolling her hips, teasing my cock. “don’t get any ideas, you’re not allowed to cum until Mark and Brian give me a threesome.”

Mark was first to cum, shooting his load over Jill’s face. Mark squeezed the last few drops out on Jill’s shiny pvc bra. Jill turned to suck Brian’s cock, and he fucked her mouth. Jill gasped for breath when he withdrew, and she pumped his cock until he exploded on her chest. The cum ran down her body dripping on her shiny pvc skirt and onto my stomach.