29 Jan 2017

She threw her cum stained panties at my chest, and they fell on my lap. “And you can have these to wank on, while Phil takes my pussy”. I grabbed them and hid them from the other diners. When did she take those off, I thought. Must have been in the toilets.

Two weeks ago, I had a cheating girlfriend, but now I had a hotwife girlfriend. We returned to the hotel room. She told me she was meeting Phil alone now, and that she had to get ready, but first I had to clean up my mess. She told me to lie on the bed and she stripped naked. “Here’s your surprise darling”, holding up a pair of handcuffs. She handcuffed my wrists to the bed. She sat on my face and I licked my cum off her pussy. My heart was pounding, thinking about watching Phil fuck it later.

Jill went for a long soak in the bath, while I came to terms with what was unfolding. She emerged wearing crotchless panties, with a string of beads over the hole pressing into her pussy. Those were new. She put on a backless dress, with her hard nipples visible at the front through the material. “I’ll be back later”, slipping on her black stiletto heels and running out the door. I lied there, chained to the bed, and my cock straining in my pants.

Jill returned alone around 11pm. My cock had softened, and no longer felt imprisoned in my pants. Jill was alone, maybe she was winding me up earlier, I thought. She unlocked my handcuffs, and gave me a big kiss. “You know I love you babe. Now strip and sit over there”, pointing to a chair near the bed. “I have another surprise for you”. I stripped naked and sat like she said, and she handcuffed my hands behind the chair. She stood before me and stripped off her dress. My cock stiffened. She turned away, and dropped he crotchless knickers with the beads around her ankles. She stepped out of them and faced me again, naked except for her heels and a smile. She fingered her pussy and rubbed the wetness on my cheek. My cock throbbed from the aroma, waiting for her to sit on it. “I like your surprises”, I moaned. “oh let me get it”. She strutted over to her suitcase, my eyes following her ass sway left and right. She came back with a ball gag, a big red ball with a black strap on it. She rubbed the ball on her pussy. “no more talking”, as she fixed it on my head. Her pussy tasted so sweet. When it was secured, she pinched my nipple. My protest was muffled. “good, it works”, she smirked. She sat on the bed and removed her heels. “I bought new stockings for you”, as she rolled the first one up her leg. They were fishnets with a pvc top, and laces at the back to keep them up. My cock gave a twitch of approval.

Her phone rang, she ran to pick it up. “hey sexy, yes everything’s ready, come on up”. She rolled up the second stocking. “That was Phil, he’s on his way up”. Fuck, she’s going to fuck Phil, not me, I realised, and I was sitting there helpless, naked, gagged and tied to the chair, with my cock throbbing for Jill’s pussy. She slid her fishnet covered toes into her heels, and stood in front of me. “Enjoy the show, baby”, she whispered in my ear, and kissed me on the cheek as she gave my cock a squeeze and a tug. There was a knock at the door. I thought my cock was going to explode as she answered the door, in fishnets and heels.

Emotions were pulsing through my body. Humiliation being tied up naked with my girlfriend naked out in the hotel hallway. Pride that she was so confident and sexy. Upset that she was going to fuck Phil again. Horny that she was going to fuck a guy right in front of me. Frustrated that I couldn’t speak, or tug my throbbing cock. I couldn’t see her at the door, but I could hear her. She was kissing Phil, in fishnets and heels for anyone to see in the hallway.

She strutted in with Phil behind her. “Phil is here”, she said excitedly. “This is my boyfriend, but he’s a bit tied up at the moment.” Phil nodded in my direction, but didn’t pay me much attention after that. He was taking in Jill’s body. They stood between me and the bed kissing, Phil’s hands all over my girlfriend’s body. She unzipped his pants, and his already hard cock popped out. Jill dropped to her knees, and took it in her mouth. She gagged on it as she tugged his trousers down. I never wanted my cock sucked so badly. Jill helped Phil out of his clothes, while he groped her ass and fingered her pussy. He lifted her up, and she wrapped her stockinged legs around his waist. He laid her on the bed, and positioned himself between her legs. She held her legs in the air, heels pointing to the ceiling, giving him easy access to her dripping pussy. She moaned as he slid his cock in. “yes, fuck me, fuck my pussy”. I could see his balls slapping off her ass, his cock filling her pussy. Jill pulled her knees right back to her shoulders, with her feet above her head, legs spread as wide as she could. Phil began to grunt. He was about to cum. “spunk on me”, Jill ordered. Phil took his cock out and shot strings of cum up her body, aiming for her tits, but hitting her face also. Jill licked her lips.

Phil collapsed on the bed. Jill sucked his cock clean, then strutted over and stood in front of me. “looks like you’re enjoying the show”, as she straddled my lap.

She kneeled on the chair, straddling my lap. Phil’s cum was dripping off her. I was disgusted, by the sight of it and by the smell of him on her. But I wanted to fuck her. I wanted her to fuck me. Her wet pussy was inches from my cock. Her thighs were wet from her soaking pussy. She pushed her body up against mine. I wanted to be disgusted and not have a hard cock because she was covered in cum, but my cock was throbbing, it didn’t lie. I wanted to fuck her more than ever. She lowered herself on my cock. I moaned into my ball gag. “You’re lucky Phil’s friend couldn’t make it tonight, so I get to play with your cock after Phil cums, instead of a threesome with Phil and his buddy.” I had often joked about a girl joining us, but maybe she had other ideas now. My body tensed to fuck her, but I was too restrained. “don’t you dare cum in me”, she whispered dominantly, sitting still with my cock in her. “If I take this off will you behave?”, as she tugged at my ball gag, and started rolling her hips on my cock. I nodded. It felt so good to be inside her, I would have agreed to anything. She removed my gag, and gave me a deep kiss. I thought of his cock in her mouth, or at least I imagined I could taste him. She bucked her hips on my cock. “you’re so fucking hard baby”, she rubbed Phil’s cum off her tits, and put her fingers in my mouth. It was disgusting, but I swallowed his salty cum. “that was just the warmup, now I’m going to show you what you’ve been dreaming about. How your girlfriend fucks like a dirty whore on a one night stand”. She kissed me again ,stood up and sat on my lap facing away. My cock was in agony inches away from her bum cheeks. She beckoned to Phil, he came over to her, and she sucked on his cock until it became hard in her mouth. I was in agony, but I dare not speak a word. She was right, I wanted to watch her ride his cock.

She sat on my lap sucking his cock. Any hint of hesitation she had of cuckolding me was now gone. I was hooked. She worked his cock like a pro, while mine strained pressed against her bum cheeks. “lie down sexy”, she told Phil. She stood up and faced me. She rubbed her clit, looking at my cock leaking pre cum. She bent over and kissed me with her cock sucking mouth, her tongue in my mouth, so I got a good taste of his cock. She strutted over to the bed, kneeled on the edge and crawled up over Phil’s body. Her pussy facing me, and pussy lips already spreading for his cock. She kissed Phil, and his cock found her dripping pussy with any help. She lowered herself on his big hard cock, “oh fuck”, she moaned. His cock was coated in her pussy juice, as she slid off his shaft. Her back arched as she rolled her hips on his cock. Her bum hole bulged every time his cock slid in”. Phil groped her tits and pulled at her nipples, as she threw her head back, from sheer pleasure from fucking his cock. It was better than I had imagined. I’d do anything to be released from the handcuffs, so I could wank watching her ride him, probably even suck his cock. She was lost in the moment, completely uninhibited. She squatted over his cock, resting her hands on his chest, as she balanced on her stiletto heels. Phil grabbed her ass, lifting her up and down on his cock. He spread her knees wider, getting a good view of her pussy pounding down on his cock. She knew Phil was close, so she jumped off his cock and sat on his face 69 style. She was now facing me. She stared me in the eye, as she licked and sucked on his cock. Her orgasm was building as Phil lapped up her pussy. She moved down and mounted him reverse cowgirl, facing me. She leaned back to give me a good view of his cock sliding in and out, never breaking eye contact with me. She fingered herself to an orgasm, her body trembling, with Phil pumping her pussy from underneath. She collapsed on the bed in post orgasm bliss. Phil got dressed and quietly left. Jill staggered over to me, her strut less assured from the fucking she just gave. “now what will we do with you” she teased. I stared at her pussy and my straining cock, hoping she would give me a similar dirty fuck with her spunky pussy.

“maybe you will untie me and we can fuck?” Jill closed my mouth with her finger. She stood up on my chair, and shoved her dirty pussy in my face. It smelled disgusting, the odour of Phil’s cock and cum. I could see the cum oozing out. “clean it” she ordered, thrusting it in my face, and pulling my head into it by my hair. I licked it up, I wanted to fuck her so badly, I’d do anything she asked. “if you want me to release you, clean every drop, get your tongue in there”. She spread her pussy, and I slid my tongue in. She moaned as she fucked it, grinding on my face. A big gush of cum poured out. I felt sick, but I liked it up and swallowed it as if it was honey. it felt good to be licking her pussy though, after watching her fuck Phil. I was proud of her, that she was such a little whore when she wanted to be.

Jill climbed down off the chair, “you’re a good little cum eater, I might let you suck it direct from his cock next time”. She laughed as she tugged my cock. It was oozing precum, which she licked up. Phil’s cum was on my face, she wiped it with her finger and sucked on it. “Would you suck cock for me baby?”, she asked, stroking my cock. I moaned, it felt so good as she lubed her hand from her pussy, and massaged my cock. “I might fuck you like I fucked Phil, if you sucked cock for me”. I was beginning to consider it. Pressure was building in my balls. Jill lowered her mouth over my cock, wrapping her lips around the base, and slowly sucking up along it. She pumped it in her fist again, and I moaned loud enough for the whole floor to hear. Jill let go just before I ejaculated into open air, cum oozing out of my cock. My cock twitched, trying to force the last drops out, as Jill looked on in amazement without helping. It was a relief to unload my balls, but frustrating that Jill stopped stroking my cock when I came.

Jill kissed me passionately. “don’t wank in my knickers, save that cum for my slutty pussy. If I catch you again, you’ll pay the price with more orgasms like that”. She removed her heels and stockings and untied me. We went to bed and fell asleep, still covered in my own cum. I fell asleep wondering how far I’d go, for Jill to fuck me like that in her “Phil outfit”.