21 Jan 2017

Things had been going well since Jill had cuckolded me with James and Phil in one night. I think she felt a bit guilty and was making it up to me with regular hot fucking sessions.

On Friday morning, after an early morning blowjob, she was getting dressed for work. I noticed she was putting on one of her suspender belts and stockings.

"I think you'll be late for work Jill", we don't have much time for sex.

"oh I'm not fucking you now, I'm already late, but I have booked us into a hotel in Kilkenny for a dirty weekend, so you might get to enjoy this later".

My cock was stiffening again, despite her sucking my balls dry 10 minutes ago. She was nearly ready to leave, when she hitched up her pencil skirt, and dropped her silk panties around her ankles. "won't be needing these", and she strutted out the door, with her suitcase already packed for Kilkenny. "pack your bag and pick me up at the office at 5".

wow, she knew how to make an exit. I was looking forward to fucking her in the hotel later. I began to think about her at work all day in stockings with no panties on. I picked up her red silky panties to inspect them. There was a slight aroma off pussy on them. Then it hit me, she works with James. Is she fucking him at work? My cock was already hard, but now it started throbbing. Images of her seducing James in the office flashed in my mind. Her flashing her bare pussy to him, sitting on his desk. Her hitching her skirt up, sucking his cock. Him taking her from behind on the desk.

I started to tug my cock. My heart was beating with adrenaline, the dirty bitch. I wrapped her silk panties around my cock, and tugged it furiously. Was I going to be picking her up with a used pussy, cum dripping down her thighs? Would she make me lick it up? It didn't take long until my cock exploded in her panties. Throwing her soiled panties in the laundry, I realised my imagination was running wild.

I was busy for the rest of the day, and my mind distracted from her bare pussy. Until I got a text in the afternoon. "booked us nice restaurant for later, can't wait, oh can you bring my red silk panties with you, forgot them this morning "


After work, I went home and packed, including her silk panties from the laundry. I'd think of something later to explain. Anything was better than saying I jerked off in them fantasising about her fucking the guy at work.

I picked her up at her office, and she gave me big kiss. Her clothes all looked in place and not ruffled. I was worrying about nothing.

On the way to the hotel, she told me she had packed a special surprise for me. I was hoping thigh high boots. She had promised those months ago.

At the hotel, Jill fixed us both a drink from the minibar. Her ass looked stunning in the skirt.

I thought of James checking her out at work all day. And her strutting out that morning panti-less. My cock stirred. I stood behind her and kissed her neck. She let out a little moan, as I ran my hands up her body. My cock pressed against her ass. Her breathing got heavier, as I massaged her tits through her blouse.

I pulled up her skirt, and fingered her pussy. She let out a groan, throwing her head back. I bent her over the hotel desk. "yes", she shrieked, as I got my cock out, and rammed it into her. "you're a naughty girl, not wearing any panties in the office". "I am, spank me". I grabbed her suspender belt in one hand, and slapped her arse with the other, pulling her onto my shaft. I had a flashback to earlier, of imagining James fucking her".

"you're a dirty girl, wearing short skirts and no knickers to work, teasing all the guys". "flashing your stockings to them". "yes, fuck me", she moaned. I was about to cum, grunting with every thrust.

"what if I was real naughty and fucked them too?", "yea, fuck James" I blurted out. I gave a few more hard thrusts, pulling her into me by the suspender belt, as her pussy spasmed on my cock. "I needed that she, moaned after we both collapsed on the desk.

She got up and fixed her skirt and blouse. "lets go, we have dinner at 7". It was hot how she wore the same clothes to dinner that I fucked her in. "I need panties though, where are they" as she searched my suitcase.

Shit, she found them. "did you wank on these, you little perv". "em yea, you made me so horny when you took them off this morning". "was it my bare pussy or imagining me fucking James?" shit, she had picked up on my slip up.

"we'll discuss this later, naughty boy", she said sternly, putting on the silk panties, I jerked on earlier.

We went to the restaurant in the hotel. I wondered if the waiter could smell the sex off us. Jill had a fresh load of cum in her pussy, and a stale load dried into her panties.

Jill avoided any dirty talk during dinner. After dessert, she tackled me on my fantasy of her fucking James again. "so you thought I fucked James today? well I didnt". "but it sounds like you really me to, do you want me to fuck him again". She grabbed my crotch under the table, and started massaging my cock hard. "no Jill, it was just dirty talk", I stuttered. My cock couldn't lie though, it was fully erect. She unzipped it and grabbed it. "your cock says otherwise", as she tugged it. "Jill, not here, people will see", I pleaded as I squirmed in my chair.

"I'm not fucking James, darling, but the good news for you..., is that Phil is in this very hotel tonight, and we're meeting him later". She pumped my cock ferociously. "And you, my darling boyfriend..., are going to watch me fuck him".