13 Jan 2017

I grunted and she removed the thong from my mouth. I probably could have just spat it out, but I was enjoying the domination too much.

"Show me you did it". "How I sat on the bed for James?" She agreed as she was relieved that I was taking it this well. She got off me and tole me leave the room so she could get dressed again, without me watching.

When I re entered she was posing beside the bed in her black stilletto heels, a pair of fishnets, and the black dress that she had on night before, with my cum stains on it.

She sat on the bed crossing her legs. I could see the lacy stocking tops. Then she stood up and peeled her dress of over her head. She still had her suspender belt on, and she had put on the cum stained thong that was in my mouth, and black lacy bra, barely covering her nipples. She sat on the bed posing, crossing her legs. "I sat like this, ...then like this" opening her legs showing her thong, barely covering her pussy.

"What happened then?" "James kneeled on the floor and licked it". I had enough pussy licking. I threw her back on the bed mounted her. Her thong had already slipped to the side, and my cock entered easily. She was really wet, and a bit stretched from fucking James and Phil.

"Did he fuck you like this?" I grunted. "yea baby, and he spread my legs wide in the air like this" She told me every detail as I pounded her pussy. "Did he cum in your pussy ?" I enquired, feeling the pressure build up in my balls. "No, he has a stocking fetish, so he came on my stockings". "He ripped one of them as well, when he was fucking me from behind"

"That's why I fucked Phil, because I didn't cum from James". "Show me how you fucked Phil". She told me lie back, and mounted my cock. "I fucked him like this... and then like this" as she squatted over me asian cowgirl style. Wow, she was really going for it, she had never fucked like this before. We both had a huge orgasm, shooting a big load into her pussy. She had fucked James and Phil, but she was my hot girlfriend. It was so relieving to fill her with my cum.

"So what happened to your stockings, the ones you wore to surprise me, not to satisfy James stocking fetish?"

"You want me to wear them for you, baby?" "I was going to throw them out and buy you new ones, but I think you want to fuck me in the ones he spunked on, don't you?". I wasn't sure what I wanted anymore. All I knew was, I had never seen her fuck like that, and I wanted more. We dozed off spooning, content that it was my cum dripping out of her pussy this time.