8 Jan 2017

I was so horny to know what she had done, I would have agreed to anything. I told her "please tell me, I'll do it".

Without hesitation, she jumped up and lowered her used spunky pussy on my face, facing my cock. The aroma was intense, the pussy juice, the cum, the sweat, the smell of cock. I could see the dried up cum on the outside, I licked it clean.

She started playing with my cock, "enjoying that baby?". "clean it all up". Her pussy started to drip wet. I wasn't sure how much was cum, but I lapped it up. She took my cock in her mouth, and grinded her pussy on my face.

I moaned as she lifted her mouth off. "whats that baby?, you want to know where my pussy has been? you want to fuck your girlfriends used pussy?. My reply was stifled by her pussy and ass smothering my face.

She turned to face me, straddling my chest, pinning my arms with her legs and knees on my shoulders.

I lied there looking at her pussy, nicely framed by her suspender belt. My cock was throbbing, but I couldn't reach it to relieve it.

"I wore these for you", she said, playing with the straps. But at the bar last night, James (her friend from work) got a glimpse of my stocking tops, and he kept flirting with me all night. He kept daring me to give him a proper look. We went back to Phils house (the guy who came in her), and he kissed me sitting on the couch, and started fingering my wet pussy under my dress. I was so wet, I told him come to the bedroom if he wanted to see the full outfit.

At this stage, I kept interrupting her with questions. So many questions, that I wasn't sure I wanted to know, but my cock was throbbing to know. She got her cum soaked (phils cum) thong and shoved it in my mouth, and told me to be quiet.

She stripped off her dress for James, standing in black stiletto heels, stockings and black suspenders, black thong and bra. "what do you think?, will my bf like this?". "fuck yea" replied James. "well don't just stand there" she told him. She sat down on the bed, with her legs crossed, flicking the straps of her suspenders. "are you sure", he said guiltly. She uncrossed her legs, and spread them showing her soaked thong.

Holy shit, she fucked James and Phil. And I was lying there with the hardest cock and her cum soaked thong in my mouth, looking at her used pussy.