5 Jan 2017

My girlfriend was out for night on the town with friends, and said she'd call over to my place after. She said she wanted to show me her new suspender and stocking set. At 2am, I got a text, saying she'd be later than expected as she was going to a house party. I snoozed off shortly after.

Around 7am, I was woken up to the sound of her coming in, high heels clicking on the tiles. She kicked off the shoes and jumped into bed beside me in her little black dress, barely covering her ass. I had woken up with a morning horn, but wasn't sure if she was going to stay awake for some fun, or pass out. Her scent of stale perfume was arousing me more, so I started rubbing her legs. Strangely enough, she had a suspender belt on under the dress, but no stockings. She started to tell me about the night, and what she had been up to, when I asked what happened to the stockings...

Feeling my stiff cock pressed into her ass, Jill saw this as her chance to break the news gently, and turned around and started to rub my cock inside my shorts. She told me how she fell asleep at the party, and woke up in the bed. As she woke up, the guy (Phil) who lived there also woke up beside her. He started kissing her and could feel his hard cock pressed against her. As shes telling me this, she feels my cock stiffen in her hand, at the thought of her playing with an 8 inch cock an hour ago.

Phil pulls off his y-fronts to release his 8 inch monster and starts fingering Jill's wet pussy. Jill tells me she was so wet, that she had to suck it, and took it all in her mouth. Now shes tugging my cock and kissing me, my whole body stiffens, thinking about her sucking his cock. I'm not sure if I can still taste him on her. Did he cum in her mouth?

"What happened next I ask her"? She senses the tone lightening in my voice, and the enthuasiasm setting in. "I fucked him", she chirps, knowing that I am putty in her hands now. My mind is racing, and cock now throbbing as she expertly strokes it. My sweet girlfriend is a dirty slut, and I've never been so turned on.

Jill is getting wet now, reliving the events of an hour ago, and feeling my cock throb in her hand. She puts her hand inside her black thong, fingers pussy, and uses it to lube my cock.

"How did he fuck you" I enquire. "Oh you like your slutty gf fucking someone else"? Yes, I moan, as she slides her hand up and down on my rock hard cock.

"I fucked him cowgirl". I moan as I'm getting close. "...without a condom..." I can't believe it, but I've never wanted to cum so badly. "where did he cum?" "where do you think?" It makes sense now, why her pussy is so wet. She's using his cum as lube on my cock. She slows down the stroking to tease me. "Do you want me to stop and go clean myself, or are you going to cum for your slut girlfriend?"

I want to cum I moaned, now trying to fuck her cum/pussy juice covered hand as she taunted me."oh, you like your new slut girlfriend", she asked, as she quickened the pace again.

I was about to explode. I was never so horny before, despite my cock covered in another mans cum. She put her other hand in her thong, scraping leaked cum off the gusset, and any she could extract from her wet pussy.

She licked it off her fingers, then shoved her tongue in my mouth. I could taste him, so disgusting, but so hot and dirty at the same time. I blew a huge load all over the front of her dress, as I cleaned the strangers cum from her mouth.

I was breathless and speechless, and we both soon passed out asleep. When we woke up again, Jill peeled her cum stained dress off. My cock began to stir again, looking at her in her cum stained thong, black suspender belt and lacy bra. "hey, what happened to your stockings?" thinking it strange she had a belt but no stockings. "you're not ready to hear that yet" she replied.

My cock was growing, and my heart was pumping. "tell me" I said, not sure if I wanted to know. "I can handle it".

"Prove it, and I'll tell you everything... ... lick my pussy clean".

I froze, but my cock was now rock hard again.