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tazcon 10 years ago

Could it really happen?

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I love going to the pictures! The smell of the popcorn, the booming sound all around as I sit in front of the massive screen. I was supposed to meet a friend today for an early afternoon film, but just got a text saying they couldn't make it! Fucking useless sending a text when I am already at the cinema! Well as I am here..... I decide on watching a low budget comedy horror. It will be crap, but I have seen most of what's on already. The theatre is quiet, with only a handful of people in, munching on their nachos and slurping away on their Pepsi. I sit in my usual area, three quarters of the way back, dead centre. Sitting watching the adverts, I hear the door opening as another cinemagoer appears. I don't look over, but I notice someone approaching me along the row of seats. Expecting it to be someone I know I look up at the approaching figure. The light from the screen shining on her face, I can see it is a woman, about mid 40's I would guess. She looked very attractive in the dark light from what I could see. 'Hi. I see you are alone and I am too. May I sit beside you? I feel such a loser sitting on my own to watch a film!' 'Of course' I reply. 'I'm Paul' 'Helen' she tells me as she puts her hand out in greeting. I shake her hand and I am struck by how soft her hands are her skin like velvet. She sits down beside me and settles into her seat. Glancing across I can just make out the pale skin of her knees in the darkness, her skirt ending a little higher up her legs. As the film starts I find myself glancing over at her again and again. My arm on the rest that divides us is gently pressed against hers. I don't know what possessed me, but I let my hand fall from the armrest and my fingertips glide down along her thigh to the bottom of her skirt. She looks at me startled. 'What are you doing?' She asks as she looks me straight in the eye. 'Em, sorry. Really, I don't know what came over me.' 'I don't think I told you to take your hand away did I?' 'You did not!' I let my hand rest on her thigh again. Helen rests her hand on mine, our fingers interlocking, and guides my hand up and down her thigh. I can just make out her chest rising and falling in the darkness. Her rhythmic breathing looks heavy as my hand glides along her leg. With my other hand I gently stroke her neck. I feel that silky soft skin. Helen tilts her head to the side as my fingertips glide over her smooth neck. I lean over and my lips softly purse and kiss her neck. She shivers a little at that deft touch. As my tongue darts out, tasting her soft skin, I let my hand slide down onto her chest. My fingers roll over her breast, and then glide around the hardening nipple. My breath washing over her neck as she wriggles in her chair. She turns her head to face me and our lips meet. Her tongue darting out and flicking over my lips. As we kiss, I start to unbutton her top, button by button, until her ample cleavage is exposed to the ambient light of the cinema screen. My fingers roll over her exposed chest, making her skin pimple with excitement. Letting my fingers slide under her bra, I ease out her breast from beneath that soft satin. Then my fingers slip her other breast out from under her bra. Her breasts firm and proud over her bra now, I glide my fingers over naked breast. Fingertips delicately gliding around her nipples. I feel them hardening in the cool air. Helen is breathing heavier now, almost audible. With my thumb and forefinger I pinch her nipple, twisting it slightly. Helen takes a sharp intake of breath. Her beating heart rhythmically pounding in her chest now as I tease her sensitive nipple. I pinch and twist her other nipple, both of them now hard and erect. Cupping her breast, I lower my head and let the tip of my tongue flick over her pert nipple. Helen feels the wetness from my tongue on her nipple, cold in the cool air. Then I gently pinch her nipple between my teeth and suck on it. She arches her back as her body starts to pulse with excitement. Helen’s legs have parted slightly as those sexual feeling courses through her. Her hand, still placed on mine, guides me to the edge of her skirt and our fingers glide around the edge of the fabric. Our hands slowly slide the skirt up her thighs. Helen slides down in her seat at the same time, till her cute little ass is resting on the edge of her seat. Looking down I can see her naked thighs, milky white, almost luminous in the cinema light. I stroke the top of her thighs, her soft skin tingling as she feels that orgasm start to grow deep inside her. She then guides my hand between her legs, and up the inside of her thighs. Higher and higher, until my fingers brush over her satin panties. She shudders at that exquisite touch. My fingers glide over her satin panties. I can feel her pussy lips are swollen as my fingers trace along that thin slit between them. I can hear her softly moaning now as my tongue continues to dart over her nipple. Her whole body quivering as her body starts to pound rhythmically with each heartbeat. Wave after wave of pulsating pleasure washing over her as her orgasm grows and grows. She already is too late to stop it. She is going to cum in the middle of a public cinema. She bites her lip to contain the moans struggling to escape her mouth. She reaches over and rubs her hand over the bulge in my trousers. I help her undo my trousers and let her slide her hand into my boxer shorts. Her fingers glide over my shaft as it pulses hard. Her thumb runs over the tip, presume smearing over it. She slowly strokes my shaft back and forth stopping every so often to run her thumb round the head of my shaft. She removes her hand from my shaft as she is about to cum and sucks on her thumb. I feel her cum long and hard in the seat and she whimpers as her thumb is still in her mouth. Helen’s orgasm finally ends and she comes back down to earth just as the film is coming to an end. Helen turns me and says thank you followed by a deep kiss. We get up to leave and when outside she asks do you come here often and I tell her that I am here most weeks. Helen then says hope to see you here again then! Let me know if you like.... Especially if you have a little play with yourself as you read it....

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