5 Sep 2017

I've read some of the stories on this site and thought i'd add mine to the library for your judgement. Keep in mind, this is a true story from my life that has happened some time ago. It is an experience that was so immense that it has burned into my memory, not a week goes by without me recalling the feelings I've had that night.

A little back story. I was engaged to this girl, let's call her "Fyre". We got engaged early in our lives, but loved each other none the less. It was unusual relationship, since we had no idea how to lead adult lives and most of the time spent together we had all sorts of issues. We were fighting because of financial issues, each others' actions etc. I am pretty sure, everyone of you Readers can relate to this at some level, so i will not go much into detail. The point to take away is that after all this we developed a bond, a strong one.

But as life went on, we couldn't keep fighting with each other forever. Alas, we broke up. It was painful for both of us and it took us both a long time before we could lift our eyes from the ground and restart living our lives again, as single people.

Now that you have a bit of context, we can get to the main part. After a year or so, circumstances happened that i needed to get in touch with Fyre. So, i did. I called her for coffee and lunch and she agreed. It was pleasant, we did a little catch up and both seemed happy with our lives. We agreed that break up was for the better and both genuinely happy for the other. We decided, that we still care for one another as friends and that we should hang out more. Again, as no romance involved.

After a week or so, she called me asking to go to a couple of bars. She was planning on taking some photos for her Art project. I said "sure, i could use a couple of drinks". We met up and it was really great time, i mean we chatted and laughed, she was taking photos from time to time. But it was really like a going out with a friend that you knew for a long time.

Then we went to this club. We entered and i said I'll go get some drinks while she shoot some photos around. When i came back i saw her talking to this guy. Since it was loud they leaned to each other, trying to reach others ear. I tried to remain calm, since she is a single lady - so that's ok. Plus, i don't have feeling for her. At least that's what i thought. They were smiling and laughing. I saw her eyes, i knew that look. Those eyes were sparkling, her cheeks slightly red, face glowing.

I went to our table while she remained a couple of feet further from it.

They talked for a couple of minutes and came back to me. I asked:

- Do you know him?

- Nope... just some guy. asked what i was doing here with a camera - she said smiling .

- Cool - i just said and went on with talking to her about random topics.

Later, she said she is going to the dancefloor for some shots. In 15 minutes i thought i'd go to look for her, just to keep an eye. And the scene appeared before my eyes, that i will not forget.

They were talking again, with glowing face. She leaned to his ear to whisper something and ever so slightly touching his elbow. He leaned to her ear and touched her shoulder. All while i was standing there like a dumbass with eyes wide open. They didn't see me, but they were both glowing, their faces said it all. They were loving each other, eating each other with their eyes.

She leaned again and her hand touched his abs, with her palm she caressed him and went bit lower. I just lost it and went back to my table. Sat there for a couple of minutes, i was in panic. i did not understand what was going with me as heat flood my head and lungs.

When i got back to myself i went to look for her again, but she was nowhere to be found. So i asked the guard if he saw her and he said with a slight smile "your girlfriend went that way" and pointed to the Toilets.

I went there, with each step becoming heavier. I knew what was waiting for me, but was trying to deny it in my head. i went in the toilets. And hear that sound. Her moaning sound. Something taht will never forget. I was standing in the bathroom and in another stall i hear her moaning "yes yes yes yes yes yes yes" trying to keep her voice down and the slapping sound of the her butt and his hips....

I lost it, i locked myself in the other stall, trying not to cry. All while their action just kept getting louder and stronger. She was wilding out and he was pounding her like a champion. The pounding stopped and after a second i hear the slurps. She was slurping his cock like no tomorrow, she was out of breath but she kept at it like crazy.

By this time i realized i am hard as hell. I am loosing my mind from jealousy and got an erection?! what is wrong with me, i thought.

I just ran out of there and returned to my table. But why?! i couldn't just site there, while all the patroling guards just stared at me, some laughing quietly.

I ran back to the bathrooms but ran into them both exiting. Her face was all red and smiling. As her friend went to his buddies, she looked at me and said nothing. like absolutely nothing happened. I was speechless, i couldn't mutter a word. My heart sank to my feet. But she just kept silent and walked past me.

This was it, i was lost and confused, once back to the table we talked about stuff and i was trying my best to pretend nothing happened when she suddenly said "Did you enjoy the show, pervert?" and my face turned white.

She took out her camera and showed me a photo. It was her friend taking a pic of Fyre from behind, with skirt up and sexiest pink thong pulled to the side. I was rock hard instantly....She just grinned and said that this evening is done and she wants to go home... i called the taxi, but when it got to the club. Fyre said to me that her friend will join us.

I sat in the the front while they in the backseat. i knew where she lived so i told the driver to drop her off first and get me home afterwards.

There were no sound from the backseat apart from them giggling and kissing. I was going mental.

When we got to her house, i turned around and she had her legs wide open and his hand fingering her. her thong hanging on the ankle. I just lost it and burst into tears.

the exited the car and i whispered my address to the driver. Suddenly a knock on the window, it was Fyre laughing. I opened a window and she leaned in to my ear and whispered "we will fuck so fucking hard" and left.

And how i got home i can't remember, but i remember climbing into bed and masturbating like a freak. Thinking of all the ways she is being fucked right now....

And that is where this story ends. We still are friends with Fyre by the way :) Anyways, hope you liked the story, sorry if wording is difficult to read, my thoughts get all aroused while writing this. Cheers!