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"You can fill all the holes but you have to clean up after yourself...."
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Published 6 months ago
I stand there by the open door, naked, with my cock in my hand, hardening as I stroke it up and down staring at the sight before me. You are there in front of me, naked, bent over with your elbows pressed into the bed, your face against the bed sheets turned sideways to stare at me, my nakedness and my engorged cock now rock hard and pointing right at you. With a wicked smile on your face and a glint in your eye at the thoughts of what's to come. While your face is pressed into the bed your ass is pointed up in the air, your legs spread as wide as you can which in turn spreads the cheeks of your ass revealing the fleshy delights of your gorgeous vagina tucked between your legs. "What do you want, babe" I ask. "I want you inside me" you growl "I want you to fuck me. Fuck me in both my holes. Fuck me hard and then I want you to lick me. Give me your cock and then finish me off with your tongue. Then feed me your cock so I can taste you and me off you” “Okay mistress....your wish is my command” I step forward and grab the tube of lube on the side of the bed. I squeeze a good load into the palm of one hand and put the tube down. I dip some fingers into the lube and coat them with it. Then with the hand with the palmful of lube I wrap it around my hard cock and slide it up and down and all around the surface of my cock until it is glistening with lube all over from the tip to the base. I massage the left over lube into my balls and back up the length of my cock. With my other hand and lube covered fingers I reach between your legs and rub the lube into your pussy. I slide my fingers between the outer lips of your pussy spreading them open allowing me access to the inner lips and entrance to your love hole. I spread my lube covered fingers all round the entrance to your vagina slowly rubbing the lube all round it. I circle my fingers around the entrance before slowly sliding them inside feeling the walls of your vagina against my fingers as they slide further inside you. You let out a slow moan as my fingers enter you. As I slide my fingers in and out I circle my lube covered thumb around the entrance to your asshole. Once it is wet with lube I gently press my thumb against your sphincter applying pressure until it gives way and allows my thumb access to your ass hole. Once inside you your sphincter closes around my thumb trapping it inside. The tight inside of your asshole envelops my thumb as it slides further inside you. As I slide my fingers in and out of your pussy my thumb slides in and out of your tight asshole. I do this for several minutes until I am satisfied both of your love holes are fully lubricated and ready to accept my hard cock. I gently slide my fingers from your pussy followed by my thumb from your ass. I move behind you lining my legs between your spread legs and with my hand guide my cock to the small of your back at the top of the crease of your ass. I slide my cock down between the cheeks of your ass kissing the exposed head of my cock against your asshole as it passes by down to your waiting pussy. My cock head slides between your pussy lips spreading them open as my cock arrives at the entrance to your pussy. Pulling my foreskin all the way back the bulbous head of my cock sits pulsating against the opening of your pussy. I slowly begin to push my cock forward as your inner lips part to accept the head of my cock inside you. The warm wet walls of your vagina part, to allow my cock slide forward further inside you until I am fully inside my body pressed hard against your ass. I hold there savouring the feeling of your pussy around my cock. You sigh loudly. I swiftly pull my cock out so just the head remains inside you and immediately slam my cock right back inside you. You scream in pleasure as my cock hits the back of your vagina. I repeat the same motion again and again and again and each time you let out a small scream that turns into a howl. I start to slow down into a consistent rhythm sliding in and out. In and out, in and out of you feeling the juices inside you ooze all over my cock making the sliding motion of my hard cock easier and easier. Meanwhile I bring my thumb up to my mouth, stick it inside and lather it with my saliva. I take my thumb and bring it down to the entrance of your asshole and swirl it around the entrance mixing the saliva from my thumb with the remnants of lube already there. I teasingly apply pressure with my thumb against your ass hole. Then as I continue to slide my cock in and out of your pussy I slide my thumb inside your ass feeling your tight sphincter swallow up my thumb all the way to the hand. I swirl my thumb around inside you feeling the inner walls of your ass press tightly against my thumb fighting it’s presence in there the muscles of your ass walls pulsating trying to push my thumb back out again. Meanwhile the walls of your vagina pulsates around my cock pressing against it as if it never wants to let my cock go. Through your moans you growl at me “oh yes babe. Fuck me harder. Fuck me babe fuck me....oh babe I want you cock in my asshole. Take your cock from my pussy and fuck my asshole. I want you to come in me. Come in me babe, come in both my ass and my pussy then drink your cum from both of them....yeah babe, fuck me, cum in me and lick me out” After a few more strokes of my cock in your pussy for one last time I pull my cock almost out and then slam it in you one last time before sliding my cock out of your pussy which it does with a wet slurp sopping wet from your juices. I pull my thumb from your ass as well and guide my cock to your swollen asshole. I push the head of my cock against your asshole applying more and more pressure as your sphincter stretches open to swallow the head of my cock. Once inside the rest of my cock slides in easily disappearing inside your asshole. You let out a fresh moan as you take the full length of me into your ass. I hold there for a while feeling your sphincter tightly grasp the base of my cock while the head rests inside the chasm of your asshole feeling the loose flesh within massage the head of my cock. Then I begin to fuck your ass sliding my cock in and out in and out in and out of your ass. As I continue to fuck you I can feel my orgasm building up. Building more and more with each stroke. “I’m going to come babe” I moan “ oh baby I’m going to come so hard” “Oh yeah babe” you reply “ come for me babe. If you can come in both my holes do it for me babe.” I can feel the heat rising in my balls surging into my cock ready to explode. I’m almost there. It’s ready to release itself through my cock. With one last thrust I slide my cock out and immediately slam it back in. As my cock rushes back into the depths of your ass I feel my cum surging up the length of my cock and the first spasm of cum explodes out of the head of my cock. I immediately pull my cock out of your ass squeezing the muscles down there as hard as I can to stall the next spurt of cum. As soon as my cock is out of your ass I swiftly guide it to the entrance of your pussy and slam it inside you just as the next spurt of cum explodes out all over the walls of your vagina coating my cock as it plunges inside. As soon as my cock reaches the back of your vagina a third,fourth, fifth spurt of cum flows out of my cock into you. With each spurt I grunt out an ecstatic moan and you let out a mewling scream of pure pleasure. As my cock rests inside your pussy it continues to twitch as more and more cum flows into you. You continue to loudly moan into the bed at the multitude of orgasmic feeling courses through your body. Your body is trembling from it all. Your pussy pulsating on my cock. I slowly slide my cock from inside you. It slides out of your pussy with a wet slurping sound the entire length of it covered in a mixture of my cum and your juices. Leaving you on all fours I lean forward and start to kiss and lick your back from the base of your neck and down your spine to the top of your bum. With a hand on each cheek of your ass I spread them open and continue to lick and kiss you down the crease of your ass. I stop at the entrance to your ass to slide my tongue over the entrance then with the tip of my tongue lick all around it gently pushing my tongue to lightly probe the hole. As I do this you squeeze the muscles in your ass which puckers the entrance of your ass hole. Slowly your ass hole opens and a few drops of my cum from within starts to drip out. I bring my mouth to your asshole and suck and lick every drop into my mouth. I savour the taste of it on my tongue. The slightly salty taste of my cum with the slightly tart coppery taste of your ass. I attack your asshole with my tongue craving more. I penetrate your ass with my tongue sliding it inside your ass tasting more and more of my cum as you continue to gently force it out. I swirl my tongue inside lapping up every last drop of cum and ass juice and sucking it all back into my waiting mouth. I empty your ass of as much of my cum as I can and slowly remove it from your ass. I continue down with my tongue till it reaches your vagina. I gently use my fingers to part your lips to reveal your hot wet pussy. My cum has already begun to seep out of your vagina with a string of sticky cum trailing from your pussy mouth down over the hood of your clit. I stop to inhale deeply and savour the aroma. I stick my tongue out and lick the cum trail from around your clit and all along the trail of cum back to your vaginal entrance. I savour the taste of both our creams on my tongue then I push my face into your pussy plunging my tongue deep inside you. I roll my tongue around the walls of your vagina lapping up my cum and your sweet juices. By now my face is covered in both our cum as I shake it from side to side against your vaginal opening. It feels so wet and sticky as our mixed cum drips down my chin onto my chest below. Making my tongue pointed and hard I dart it in and out of you like a mini cock letting our combined juices gush out all over my tongue and face. I drink down our juices hungrily savouring every drop. Your vocal moans and screams spur me on as I continue to probe my hard tongue in and out of you. Soon every drop of our combined cream has been sucked into my waiting mouth and I have devoured every last drop. I remove my tongue from inside you and I start to make a trail with my tongue down from your vagina to your clitoris below. Using the tip of my tongue to part the little hood of skin covering your clit I run my tongue over and around you clit gently at first. I flick my tongue slowly at first then faster and faster over the hard nub of you clit. I bring my lips to press around the outside as I suck your clitoris into my mouth all the while licking it and flicking it and sucking it as you scream and moan and thrash about on the bed. Your legs start to buckle but I grab them to hold you steady as I continue to lick and flick and suck on your hard little clitoral cock. Sucking on it like a baby on a nipple your screams rise and rise. With one full scream you begin to shake and shudder as an explosive orgasm overtakes you and your pussy begins to gush with juices out all over my waiting face. I lap up and swallow as much as possible. A little bit of pee also starts to come up and I move my mouth to drink it down savouring the taste in my mouth before gulping it down along with your cum juices. What I don’t capture with my mouth drips down my face onto my chest below. I rub the excess wetness into my chest and down to my cock below coating it further with your cum and pee along with my own cum from earlier. By now you are slumped on the bed panting and exhausted from the orgasmic bliss you are in. But you still have the energy to look back at me and with a smile and a wicked glint in your eyes point at my cock and then point into your open mouth as you lick your lips seductively. I smile back, flash you a wink and climb up on the bed so that I am up on my knees beside your head. My semi erect cock now sits in the air just above your face. You raise yourself up now so that you are now face to face with my hardening cock. Placing two fingers under the head of my penis you raise it to your lips and gently kiss the tip. your tongue extends out and licks around the twip tasting our combined cream coating it. You place my whole cock on the palm of your hand and feed the length of it into your waiting mouth. You close your mouth around my cock and swirl your tongue around it inside your mouth licking off the sticky coating of our cum. You slide my cock out of your mouth and, looking up at me, stick your tongue out and give me a satisfied "Ahhh'' and a wicked smile. You then take me back into your mouth and proceed to kiss, lick and suck my cock now coating it in a thick film of your saliva. Everytime you remove it from your mouth a trail of saliva stretches from my cock back into your mouth. You take the full length of my cock into your mouth, your lips kissing the base as you hold it there for a few seconds before releasing it again with a gag and a satisfied sigh. As you suck my cock you reach under me between my legs and feeling around you find the end of the prostate stimulator I have had inserted up my ass the whole time. Never missing a beat sucking my cock you find the rubber handle of the butt plug and begin to tug on it slowly pulling the plug from my ass. You pull it to the bulbous head allowing it to stretch my asshole wide. Then just before it can pop out you plunge it back in pressing it hard inside against the back of my anal cavity. You repeat this motion over and over as you suck and lick my cock inside your mouth. The sensations I feel are exquisite. The feeling of your mouth and tongue all over my cock as it slides in and out of your mouth and your tongue licks all along the length and around the girth along with the feeling in my asshole as the plug plunges in and out stretching my asshole wide everytime you almost pull it out then it retracting as you slide it back in. Once again I begin to feel that familiar feeling in my groin. My balls heat up and I feel the force build at the base of my cock. "Oh babe, I am going to come again" I groan. You just flash me a look with your eyes to tell me you are ready for it then take my cock into your mouth, tightening your lips around it and bob you head back and forth along the length of my cock. You take the end of the prostate stimulator and pull it to the point of exit stretching my asshole wide.The hot feeling at the base of my cock builds and builds until with one final suck along its length as you pull the plug finally from my ass I orgasm. I can feel my cum pulsing down the length of my cock, spurting forth into your waiting mouth. The force of my cum and the amount means you can't hold it all in and my cum starts to bubble out of your lips. cum pours out of your mouth, back down my cock and down your chin. But you continue to pump my cock into your mouth taking load after load of come into your mouth. Gradually my orgasm subsides and you allow my softening cock to slide from between your lips. You close your lips tightly and, saying nothing, look me in the eye and I know what's next. I slide down on the bed so my face is next to yours. I bring my face closer to yours until our lips meet. Lip to lip you part your lips and I part mine simultaneously. Your tongue darts into mine along with a mouthful of my cum. My tongue darts into your mouth a beat later and with our lips pressed tightly together our tongues swirl around each other's mouth as my cum flows back and forth between our two mouths. I swirl my cum around my mouth savouring the taste before swallowing it down. You do the same and swallow a mouthful of my cum too. We use our tongues in our respective mouths to clean every last drop of cum remaining swallowing it all down with relish. I break our kiss so that I can next lick all the remaining cum from around your mouth and chin. Whatever I find I share with you as I deposit the cum i lick up into your mouth. We lick and suck every last drop of cum from our faces and collapse in a heap of sweat beside each other. Our bodies heave in unison in sexual exhaustion. We lay there face to face, our noses tipping off each other as a drop of sweat from each nose pours down their respective lengths and combine at the point our noses touch. We breathe each other's breaths in unison as we lay there basking in the glow of what we have just shared, a warm smile on our faces as we drift off to sleep in each other's arms. A while later I wake up but you're not there. Then I hear your sweet voice from behind me say "Hi babe. Good you're awake" I turn around and you are now over by the door smiling down at me. You are still naked but as I look down I see you are not completely naked. You are standing there wearing your strap-on harness. In one hand you have the tube of lube and you are squeezing a generous amount of lube into your other hand. You then proceed to rub the lube up and down and all around the thick rubber cock extending from your strap-on harness. You stare at me with a twinkle in your eye and a mischievous smile on your face. "Alright babe" you growl "Assume the position. It's your turn next".......

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