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Bedtimebaby 9 years ago

And then there was 4

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6 min
A tap on the interconnecting door as a gem off a lady sauntered into our room through the adjoined door we didn’t stop with our endeavour to please each other ....two strong hands settle on my shoulders and being to rub them with ease as i still straddle the man beneath me ...she her self lays along side us ...hand travelling along his thigh as we move in slow union ,,, the man behind me ...strong and gentle ... lower his lips to my skin .... fire burns with me .... Two men with the power to please and black shimmer off the body along side me as she moves up the bed a little my view is delightful , she lets her hand slip down her body as i watch ...over the curves off her breasts .. Down more , . moving so slow she slips her fingers along the rim off silken knickers ,,,, easing it to one side to revile a smooth wet pussy ..... as I gasp from the pleasure being inflicted on me … i lean over and let my lips follow her hand ... still pleasing the man beneath me hips rocking deep and slow as he watches me with intent , behind me his lips travel down my spine.. as I shiver in response … lower I move on her …will she let me taste the honey sweet wetness ....mmmmm she will ,,,, as she holds the slip off silk to one side tongue traces along the line bared for me the man behind me holds my hips ...moving me on the one below as he to moves to meet me ...thrust for thrust .... hands gliding me ...cock filling me as i lick and sip at a juicy pussy begging to be filled.. My hand ventures to feel the soft lips as my partner finds and enclosed a tight nipple bud between his lips she moans in response …my since on fire as I slide two fingers within a silken clad pussy , pushing up slowly and deliberately keeping time with my partners endeavours ..behind me I feel cock rubbing along my back , hands keep me moving as lips trace across my shoulder, down my neck and deliver waves off please with each thrust from below … my tongue joins my finger , licking , lapping the free flowing juices , sucking her throbbing clit as she raises to meet me again and again ,, pleasure building faster and the urgency we share is the same for all , sitting astride my partner again I urge the lady beside us to do the same …watching with delight as she sheds the silken garments with ease before she is positioned above him facing me … her partner moves to one side , kneeling on the bed beside us as we steal a kiss , soft lips on lips and hands travel over us , two then four , as the men to torment us , looking at her I nod and as if reading my mind me lean over and lock our lips around the throbbing cock beside us .. My hips rocking with the need for more , hands from below finding her pussy spread easy and starting to tease as we continue to share cock , tongues sliding his length , lips sucking as ours meet around him , we share the taste odd pleasure , teeth nipping ,up and down his throbbing length , turns taken to lick and share his tip before she slides her lips over him and engulfs him , deep , hard , fast , again and again , my head lowers as I steal a kiss from my partner …before leaning back and gliding him in and out off my tightened pussy .. Moaning with the need to be satisfied I lean back and thrust harder and deeper clenching hard …holding cock tight inside moving with deliberate power …faster , deeper , swallowing him with my wet tight pussy , slow down and up and down again feeling his sack harden as my butt rubs against it with each deep penetrating thrust .. as his fingers still work on her sanative pussy , rubbing , tapping , pinching , teasing her juices from her , she moans to as she suck her partner deeper his hands on my breasts tugging , pinching teasing at nipples moulding breasts so pain and pleasure as one that I could scream with pleasure … again I thrust deep taking a throbbing hot hard cock deep with in me , more and more wanted , leaning back further as I do she leans over and traces her tongue along my pussy lips where they lock around hard cock that shimmers with pussy juices…shiver dart through me … cock filling me … her tongue travels my partners length with each thrust , savoury pussy juices that flow down him, tasting us as one , hands and tongue now torment my breast …one then the other .,, sucking ,, lapping , licking , flicking over the taut buds , nipping them between his teeth , sucking harder demanding and needing .before he stops and moves around the bed as she too moves a little he sides into tight wet pussy her from behind she moans into my pussy and begins to suck at my throbbing clit as the man below me holds me open to her still filling me as he moves to meet every thrust … wave after wave off pleasure … she quickens , tongue darting in and out , around , over , back before sucking cock and clit as one again and again as her partner pushes his hot throbbing cock into her dripping wet pussy over and over again his free hand down between her legs , rubbing and tapping her pounding clit spreading her juices as he moves deeper with each thrust as we all rock as one , the tempo set , the desire heightened with each moan , each cry out , each demand more … as fingers and lips play on my spread lips my pussy starts to tighten more , cock driving hard in and out , juices flowing along his length being licked and sucked away … faster we move cocks taking pussy to another level deeper , faster , over and over again we are filled , hands and fingers demanding more , bodies glissing from the passions spent … my pussy contracts as the cock with in me jerks he spurts deep and hard again I move , again he spurts .. Deeper he fills me ..she to is being filled as her partner holds her hips and drives hard and fast taking all she has to offer , time stand still and we all share the lustful powers off pleasure , each taking and giving …shaking , shivering , spasm after spasm , waves off desire and wanting washing over us as we each in turn reach a heightened zone off contentment , bodies spent with release we collapse back on to the bed as we await quicken breaths to slow we savour the looks off fulfilment we all now share …. Ok lads make the coffee …she is all mine this time …..

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