Written by Phoenix

16 Feb 2013

This story is mostly true...

It’s been a tough day at work, but you’ve helped to get me through it. We have been texting all day as usual. Plenty said about how we miss each other and what we would like to do if we were together, it’s been a week since I seen you but feels like a year. Each text puts a smile on my face and butterflies in my stomach. We are seeing each other nearly a year now and you still make me feel like a schoolgirl. I get nervous each time we have to meet and butterflies each time we kiss. Our texts can get very hot and heavy, you tell me how you would kiss and lick my nipples and love to taste me and I tell how I would love to wrap my lips around your hard cock and devour you till you cum. It feels so wonderful when we are chatting and amazing when we are together, almost too good to be true I still find it hard to believe that you have any interest in me. All those years we knew each other, nearly10 and neither of us knew that we harboured a hidden desire for the other. That day we bumped into each other and walked together and you slapped my ass and put your arms around me messing, oh how I wanted to kiss you but I was so afraid of what you would think maybe it would be one step too far and you’d never speak to me again. Thank god for texting or we might still be longing for each other from a distance.

Now we spend endless day’s texting, sex texting it should be called and when we meet oh how I wish it could last forever. We do chat on the phone also and really enjoy each other’s company it isn’t always about sex. For now though its time for me to head for home, you say you’re heading home too. I say how Horney you have me from all the sexy chat that day and that I’m all wet thinking about being with you but that’s just not possible tonight you’re expected home. So we each say night and send kisses and that time won’t go fast enough till we can chat again and I put the phone away.

I’m home and in the shower thinking of us, I am all wet warm and still Horney from the days chat, caressing my wet breasts feels so good in the warm water, there not huge a C cup but my small height 5ft2 means there a good size for my body. My nipples are hard and swollen like large wheel nuts (a favourite expression of yours) and I feel a warmth flood my clit each time I tweak them. I play with my nipples thinking of how you rub and gently pinch them between your thumb and finger and it feels so good, if only you were here now. My hand moves down to between my legs were a silky feeling grows unlike the wet feeling of the water this is smoother and I find my pussy all swollen, wet and very sensitive from the fantasy in my head, I am with you now. I gently rub my clit till it starts to harden, my other hand tweaking and pinching my nipples and caressing my swollen breasts as you would do. I allow my hands to creep up my body, both feeling every inch of my smooth skin. I shiver as I imagine there your hands on my slim waist and they find their way around to my bum as yours would, my ass like the soft perfectly shaped peaches you like so much, huh I let out a little giggle thinking, that’s how you describe it. I think of how I love to feel your hands on my bare ass, oh it feels SOO good. My hands find their way to my neck and I think of how you kiss and nibble my ears and kiss my neck, you know that’s just the way to melt me into you I nearly go weak when you do that and it gets me every time. Do that and I’m instantly yours to do with as you wish.

My hands are back on my breasts each breast filling each hand and the nipples nearly stinging each time the water hits them they are so hard. My pussy now soaking as the water runs over my clit massaging and teasing it, I have to play with it I can’t put it off any longer. I think of you, your soft hands touching so gently till my lips are swollen and my hard clit separating them as it grows with each touch. Then one finger and then another slip inside my wet pussy it feels so warm wet and almost like its sucking them in. The water playing its part running off my long blond hair landing on my bum cheeks, it could almost be a hand gently slapping them it feels so good. Water is running over my clit also, coaxing it out more and more, it feels like your tongue licking and sucking as your fingers delve inside me. Oh how it feels good, I lean against the cold tiles on the wall as I ache to feel your hard cock inside me but my fingers will have to do for now. I pinch my nipples harder now and twist them lightly each stinging sensation sending darts of warmth straight to my clit causing my pussy muscles to clamp on my fingers. I let a third and then fourth finger to slip inside and bend forward to push in as far as I can. The water all feel so different in my mind I am really with you the water someone else teasing and caressing my body helping me to stay in my dream world. Yes I feel it, deep inside that’s the spot I flick the hard lump I find within me and without meaning to my legs close in on my hand, I start to buck against it but that makes me flick harder, my nipples are getting pinched and twisted both being pulled together as I uncontrollably buck against each flick of the hard lump I feel it swell deep within my soaking wet pussy.

I wish it was you I so want to feel your naked wet skin next to mine, I can almost feel you smell you and taste you, I want you so badly. For you to be with me now in the shower would be perfect very much a dream come true. I feel a sharp heat rising within me the bucking stops my legs clamp on my hand as all my muscles deep inside spasm on my fingers. The orgasm rises through me, I feel my breasts heaving and my breathing quickens, I moan loudly I can’t help it I no longer control my body as it shakes and all my muscles quiver. In my mind I am in your arms now, your large hard cock inside me and your hands caressing and pinching my nipples. I let out a long sigh as my legs give one last hard squeeze on my hand and I feel my muscles clamp long and even harder around my fingers till I no longer feel them. I’m shaking and I gasp holding my breath as a sharp overpowering sensation powers through me, I feel dizzy the orgasm is so strong it feels amazing. I shiver and drop to my knees the water caressing me and keeping me warm. I feel my warm juices draining out of me, running down my legs, the scent of sex filling my nostrils and helping my daydream seem so real. I am in a dream, if only I could be in your arms, us basking in the afterglow of our bodies perfectly in tune with each other as we orgasm together.

A loud buzz snaps me out of it and I rather carefully stand on weak legs trying not to slip. I open the doors of the shower and grab my Phone off the shelf. A text message, hi sexy it says. It’s you; I let out a quiet laugh to myself and find I’m smiling ear to ear. Hi I was just thinking about you, I text back. You’re glad to hear it you say but you have some news you’ve been called out on a job and it requires a very early start in the morning so you’re leaving now and going to stay overnight. It’s a 2 hour drive to the hotel and if I am free the next day will I go with you? The job will only take an hour or so and I can wait in the hotel till your done we won’t need to leave till the evening because the room is booked for 2 nights just in case. I say definitely, where will I meet you?. You tell me where and I suddenly come to life again and quickly get ready as you’ll be at our meeting spot in 30 minutes. My nipples go hard again and I feel warmth flooding back into my pussy as I think of the hours to come and how we will spend them together, but that’s another story and this time I WILL be in your arms..............

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