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Commercial Parties Guidelines

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These guidelines are a working document that may change and evolve until we have a set of guidance notes suited to allowing commercial party threads in this forum category. It should be noted: - Swing4Ireland has no involvement in any events or club events. - Swing4Ireland takes no share of any profit made from an event, and the service is provided free for the use of registered site members only. - Members should make up their own mind whether an event offers good value for money. Swing4Ireland makes no representation regarding the quality of the event or venue. - Members should make their own enquiries if the venue they may be attending, holds the relevant commercial insurance, fire, electrical, food hygiene and other such certificates. Swing4Ireland makes no representation regarding this matter. - If you are listing a Party / Club party, from which you are going to make a profit for yourself or business, then this is the section for you.
Warming the Bed
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hi any party in galway or around galway ...plz let me know

Warming the Bed
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Any parties or clubs going on in Cork this Weekend the 30th and 31st.