Privacy Options and Opting Out

Your personal privacy is very important us and consequently you can customise numerous email, filters and display options on your account.

To change or view your privacy options, first mouse click Settings, available from the top profile menu that appears when you click your name, then mouse click Privacy.


You can customise:

- Whether you show as being online on the homepage.

- If you want to show your friends on your profile.

- Enable or disable other members commenting on your profile.

- Other members calculating how far they are away from you and what your location is.


You can control what account types contact your profile.  If you don't want to hear from males, simply untick that option and press 'Update' to save.


The site will send you an email if you have received a new message, a new friend request, a group invitation or newsletters.  If however you'd like to opt out of these, you can simply untick those options and press 'Update' to save.

Instant Messenger

You can customise who can contact you through the site instant messenger (positioned bottom right of the site).  You can either choose everyone, just friends or no one, simply by unticking and ticking the various options.  Press 'Update' to save.

Photo and Video Comments

If you have any photos or videos, you can opt whether you want to allow other site members to comment and leave a rating for the item.  You can choose between everyone, friends or no one, imply by unticking and ticking the various options.  Press 'Update' to save.