• By Paul and Susan 10 Jun 2017 07:55
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Susan and I are 29, married and have no kids yet as we want to experience life before we settle down. Susan is a real head turner, tall with dark hair, nice big tits and a great arse, she likes to keep a patch of hair over her pussy, but it's always trimmed. We wanted to have threesomes, but Susan is very shy and reserved as I'm the only one that ever got the whole way with her. We found swing4ireland and started to explore, we grew more confiden… Read more...

  • By Magluer 8 Jun 2017 16:27
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Some years ago my wife and I were having a drink with an American friend of mine, the topic of fantasies came up and he and I were agreeing that most men would love a threesome with two women. My normally prudish wife shocked me by claiming that most women fantasised about having two cocks to play with. That night at home I mentioned my surprise to her and she admitted that it was a strong secret fantasy of hers to have another cock along with mi… Read more...

  • By TKMax 8 Jun 2017 03:32
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I regularly work away for weeks at a time and in my absence my wife Sara needs attention, as you'll know by my previous stories she is not shy, has a very high sex drive and needs it quite often. We had a married friend we trusted and he used to call and service her but he became worried about being found out, so he suggested a friend of his from another town. He was older, a widower and a successful business man, Sara never sees age as an issue … Read more...


Local woman who work in the local shop Mary (not her real name) I chatted with her on Bank Holiday Monday at the shop about most things that had happened over the weekend, been the long weekend as you know the shop was not as busy as a normal Monday. I had established that her husband was gone to the local cattle mart and would not be home until about 4 or 5pm. Mary was finishing work at 1.30pm. I had previous encounters with both Mary and her … Read more...

  • By JJ 5 Jun 2017 16:46
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Last Saturday night in a local club I was out with my friends, it was busy and as usual there was a hen party in for the night. There was about twenty of them, from 18 to mid fifties. One woman in particular caught my eye, she had short dark hair, massive tits straining to get out of her blouse, nipples visible. She had a skirt on and was a little on the plump side but it suited her and she was very sexy and flirty. I got chatting to her and boug… Read more...

  • By Sally 5 Jun 2017 14:07
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For the past couple of years my husband Sean has been wanting to see another man screw me, I said no way at first but eventually I said I would do it. A couple of times we got close but I couldn't go through with it, then Sean got in touch with a guy from here and he agreed to do it. Sean arranged everything and we went to a hotel, Sean and Mike had agreed what was to take place.
I was nervous as we waited in the room, but a couple of drinks he… Read more...


Continuing on from the delivery guy.

My girlfriend Rose had received a txt from a new number in work one day, she took out her phone and opened it and it was a picture of huge dick. She got so excited she said she had to go to the bathroom and relieve herself. When she got home that evening we had the most incredible sex ever. She needed that picture inside her for real. I told her to txt him to come over and she seemed a bit reluctant. After… Read more...

  • By PR 29 May 2017 21:52
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My wife Caz is 36 years old, 34D tits that are enhanced and sit up pert with big nipples, she keeps her pussy trimmed and has a slim fit body, she is a petite blonde. She used to work as a lap dancer and is very confident and a real exhibitionist, always out to shock. We have a great sex life and take part in the swinging life style, some of my friends know this and are intrigued by it all.
Las week we were out in town with some friends of mine… Read more...


Me and mrs always wanted to try bi fun we were out one night got chatting to hot cpl at bar of hotel the guy was very hot mrs got turned on straight away, so as night passed on drinks kept comeing them mrs turns too other girl and say is it time for yere bed yet to which she replied though you would never ask we all went to there room mrs eat her pussy first hot guy sucked me off wow bi fun way too go lol… Read more...

Mary the woman who work in the local shop was out with her husband few weeks back when I just happened to meet them by chance nothing planned. I have met both but not together ,we had met at Christmas but not as a threesome.
To get to the main point we shared a taxi home to their house, had few drinks and I was feeling horny.
Mary went to her room and changed into her night wear and came up in to the sitting room where her husband and my self … Read more...

  • By TKMax 27 May 2017 00:33
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Sara and I were in Dublin for the weekend and ended up in a small backstreet pub, it was unusual for us but it was pretty busy and the locals were really friendly and great fun. The life and soul of the party was the barman Jim, he was larger than life in every sense, cracking jokes and making himself the but of a lot of it because of his size, he was mid forties with quite a sizeable beer belly, pretty much the typical barman of his generation. … Read more...

  • By Clare 23 May 2017 23:43
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I have been married to my husband for 10 years, extremely happy I might add. We would have a good sex life, breaks away when we can and sex at least twice aweek. Last year I found a lot of porn site's on his phone followed by membership to this swinger site. I confronted him and after a lot of bullshit he finally admitted he wanted us to meet another couple. I was sick are you crazy . He wouldn't let go and eventually I gave in. We decided to mee… Read more...

  • By Q 23 May 2017 18:26
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My wife and I have been married 30 years, have kids that are grown up, and have always had a great sex life. Mary is 55 but in great shape, before we married she was pretty promiscuous and had lots of sex, but since then all we have done is fantasise and plan but never went through with anything.
Recently we were away and attending an anniversary for some friends of ours. It was a great party and we were having a great time, meeting some old fr… Read more...

  • By Shaun 23 May 2017 15:24
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My girlfriends family were away for a couple of weeks on holiday. We couldn't make it as Rose had just started a new job. I took a couple of weeks off work to be there for her and for a break. One night we decided to stay in for a few drinks and a takeaway later in the night. We were watching tv and decided to order a takeaway for delivery.

We were told it would take about 45 minutes. We didn't mind and we're both feeling the effects of the a… Read more...

  • By Caz 22 May 2017 15:18
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My hubby had been going on for ages about seeing me get fucked by another guy, I liked the idea but was reluctant to carry it out. We compromised that I would fuck someone on my own first, he agreed with that and I said I would try it. I went out on a Saturday night before an inter county gaa game when I knew the town would be busy. I wasn't in the pub long when I got hit on, he was a nice guy, older than me (32) but he and his friends were good … Read more...

We're in a warm seaside resort in Europe. Lying on a beach. The heat is getting us nice 'n relaxed, 'n because we are relaxed we soon have horny thoughts. There are alot of beautiful women topless sunbathing. You find yourself enjoying the view as I do. There is one who is playing volleyball. About 22 with beautiful pert tits. She is playing volleyball with 2 men. After a while they go into the sea. We can see her enjoying it as one kisses her ne… Read more...

I had been with my then girlfriend for about 4 years. Sex was good when she was up for it. I had fantasied of her with another man many times but whenever I brought it up she never seemed bothered. One weekend we had a hotel booked and tickets to a gig in the big smoke. We checked into the hotel on the Friday evening and were getting ready to head into the concert. I jumped in the shower first and then she went in for one. I laid on the bed waiti… Read more...

My FiancĂ©e Ann and I started fantasising about having MMF threesomes a few years ago. The idea of sharing her is something that has thrilled me for a long time, I introduced it to our playtime and it turned out it is something she is also turned on by. We moved from fantasy to trying it out a few times, it has been really fun. We have played with swinger and escort options but the idea of a genuine pick up has always been the dream. I reality th… Read more...

  • By lisa 17 May 2017 02:25
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I was 17 Years old when I first realized how my body could change the way people viewed me. As a teenager growing up with unemployed parents I had never been given the tools to show off what I had no new clothes all hand me downs nothing modern, never had a hairdresser touch my hair, so boys weren't interested, they had no idea what potential was there and either did I until the nite I stayed in my friends house , it was 2 or 3 in the morning whe… Read more...

  • By Rua 17 May 2017 00:21
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My wife Aine has been going on at me for a while to try a threesome, and when we read a recent story by Jenny she was set on it. She is 32, short dark hair, petite and slim with pert tits. We went away and went to a club, I told Aine it was up to her to source someone she was happy with. Well she certainly did that, she brought two guys back to our table and let them know what she wanted. Once back in the hotel Aine stripped off and encouraged th… Read more...

  • By Ted 15 May 2017 19:08
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Kate and I have been married for 25 years, have 2 grown up kids and an active sex life. Kate has only ever been with me and for a while now we talked about swinging, we joined on here and chatted to some great people. We hadn't done anything as Kate is very shy and reserved, but I wanted to see her with someone else so we set that as a starting point for us. We discussed it with Mark and Amy and and he said he would do the deed for us, so we arra… Read more...


We were only dating a few weeks when I realized my girl was a real flirt, she couldnt help herself or didnt realize she was doing it.
If we were in a bar or club she would be flirting with the doormen on the way in or getting chatted up by guys at the bar or on the dance floor and it didnt take long for me to start getting insecure but she would always laugh and say "its just my nature babe" and she would do her best to reasure me that I was her… Read more...

  • By TKMax 8 May 2017 19:09
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Sara and I were abroad on a sun holiday, just chill out time , Sara spent most of her days sunbathing by the pool. Two young lads of about 19 or 20 were always there and were very taken with Sara, she is more into older men but she was enjoying the attention and flirted with them constantly, teasing them generally and winding them up saying they wouldn't be fit to satisfy her. They were saying how lucky I was and they would love to have an older … Read more...

  • By jenny 5 May 2017 18:18
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Have been with my husband since I was 21 . 12 years , he is great except for sex . I only had 2 encounters before him . Both were with inexperienced men . No orgasm with either . My husband won't talk about sex and only does it missionary position with the lights off . He could last 10mins or 20 tops . Never bothered me before but as I get older I feel like I've missed out . I masturbate regularly but i wanted to experience an organism during se… Read more...

  • By jim 5 May 2017 04:12
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While staying in hotel with my wife we got drunk very early in the day . At around 9 pm we went to the room for sex . During sex we started to fantasize out loud about her having sex with a stranger. we immediately stopped the session and got dressed ,jeans and top for me slutty dress for her . we said we would just mess around not let it go to far . Plan was for me to enter pub first and she would follow me in as a single and sit at the bar. Wit… Read more...

  • By BMc 3 May 2017 22:56
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As people will see by my profile, i am a Black man, living in semi rural Ireland, i very seldom go out, as i felt people looked differently at me, i seldom drink, but when i do go out, i like to drink a beer, and it was on one of these outings that i bumped into a neighbour of mine, He was at the bar drinking with a friend of his, and i was a bit surprised when he called out to me to come and join them, i had seen him several times, but didn't kn… Read more...


At the weekend past i visited one of those record & CD fair that are held time to time in the local Town Hall. As i had recently purchased a turntable i was looking to see if i could find any gems from my youth, most of the vinyl was the usual crap Top of The Pops and Country Compilations all well worn. Whilst browsing a voice said are you looking for anything in particular i turned and was confronted by a rather cheery young Lady with a bundle … Read more...


A recent story here made me want to share our experience too.

We are both almost 40, Lou is 38 and I'm 39. We keep fit, cross fit, cycling club the usual. Lou is about 5ft 6 and about a size 12-14 nice ass and tits, not all skin and bones but not large either.

Before we had kids we had some wild nights but things became very civilised over the last 8 or 10 years , now that the kids are older we got to get a few weekends away on our own an… Read more...

I've a very sexy fantasy I'd love to make happen with Vix.
We would arrange a male (single or married) to meet Vix late at night in the ally beside our house.
She would have sexy dress, heels and be enjoying a sexy smoke.
He would arrive and she would go down on him and make him all hard. She would then put a condom on him with her mouth.
She would then light up another cigarette and he would fuck her in ally while her legs are pinned up … Read more...

  • By Big D 1 May 2017 16:27
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My wife and I have been married for 15 years now and although sex is good,we have never experienced it with others. Recently we were away at a wedding and were having a really good time. Sue is 41, petite with a very sexy body. We made friends with a lot of new people but one in particular took a shine to Sue, he was an elderly black man called Ron, mid sixties and very charming. As the night went on Sue became very drunk, so I decided to put her… Read more...