Hostel Other

It was just another ordinary day, another beautiful hot sunny afternoon laying round the small intimate pool wiling away the day. Mike the old retired guy from Leeds had done his usual trip to the supermarket and the cold beers were going down nice n slow. Neil the guy from Manchester was talking about his ex and saying they were splitting up when he got home. Big Andy the former football hooligan also from Leeds was telling stories of his past. … Read more

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Wildflowers in Summer Fiction

"Hey, how are you ?"
"I'm good, drink drink ? or too early ?"
"Surprise me. You look ... good."
"Really ? its all my clean living."

They laughed at the sarcasm.
Two friends. Boys still in so many ways, but men to those watching and the bar man that appeared in front of them.
They'd met for the first time in years outside and decided to take time out to catch up.

"Really ? what the hell ? you guys seemed so happy - I can't believe she's… Read more

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The Next Life Fiction

He sat watching the city across the water. Muted by distance, she seemed alive and filled with life this morning. Her features shrouded in the remnants of the fog that the morning sun was burning through. The blue sky above her and the heat from the sun from the East warmed him along with a scarf this spring morning as he lifted himself from the bench and walked towards the subway entrance. Those minutes each morning sitting watching the water … Read more

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ann summers fun Fact

Hi Zara here from Armagh. Its been a while since I,ve been on here. But here,s a wee kinky story to tell that happened at the weekend, St Paddies Day, when me and two of my girlfriends went to Belfast for the day. A bit of shopping and a few drinks was on the agenda for the day. We knew, as it was St Patricks Day, and the England Ireland rugby match was on, the place would be buzzing.
We had been shopping all day and popping into… Read more

Musings Fiction

She shifted.
She felt him still within her.
She could feel the pulse of his body against her flesh within and her eyes closed and her mouth opened.
A low growl ? no a groan emitted from her very soul and flooded the room.
She could smell and taste him - the meat that she had craved was on her tongue, surrounded by her lips and deep touching her throat.
His scent on her and enveloping the space where she lay now.
She could feel his weight … Read more

In the woods Fact

Hi folks I love the smell of trees great to have a walk in the woods. My husband and I went to Newcastle . It was a hot day and we walked to the back of the forest. My husband told me to take my top off. I had no bra on but fuck it why not. At the sight of my tits flapping in the woods made us very horny. He pushed me up against a tree the bark very rough against my titties. He pulled down my skirt and started to finger fuck me. I was so wet. I s… Read more

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London3 Fact

Well as before my London 60th birthday was a real treat. We stayed at a very posh hotel i won’t stay anywhere if it doesn’t have at least4stars. I was dressed up and waiting for my husband in the lobby. I was wearing a tight black leather knee length skirt black seamed stockings my red high heels nice red blouse with a black bra underneath. Bright red shinny lipstick my hair up showing my big tarty earrings. The young waiter a young boy about… Read more

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London2 Fact

On our trip to London we visited the London dungeons. It is a very dark place they have lots of little shows to watch there was a big crowd. At one show we stood in darkness at the back of the hall. I stood in front of my husband, I felt his hand up my leg I was wearing a nice summer dress very loose. He parted my legs and started to finger my wet cunt. I gasped we were only a few feet away from other people. But then holy fuck I felt his hard co… Read more

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London Fact

For my 60th birthday my husband took me to London. We had a great time lots of fucking porn shops the usual thing. It started to rain one day we were in soho. To escape the rain and have a rest we went into a movie hall showing soft porn. It was very seedy and dirty. We sat down in the back row there was only 4 other people there. In the back was an elderly man enjoying the show. He clearly watched us coming in he couldn’t take his eyes off me.… Read more

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When Souls Collide Fiction

The club that night pulsated.
The sounds that pumped by a nameless DJ in the corner drowned out the sounds come from the shapes and images of the flesh before him.
The colours emerging from the white strobe were enriched by the shine the light made on leather parent boots or stilletos or corseted bodies and the smiles all around the room. It felt to him he was surrounded by darkness and it was a welcome protective shawl he wore in this world… Read more

Swing Low Fiction

Lying in the sunshine the wind washed over him and lifted his body high and dropped him low. Weightless.
The waves were invisible where he lay and yet it lifted him high and then low and from side to side. Floating.
“Surprise, sometimes, will come around”, the hammock moved up and the cloud he’d been staring at seemed to be motionless above. Free.
“I will surprise you sometime”, the hammock moved down and low and the cloud he’d … Read more

Tescos Fact

Hi every body it’s jenny again Hope you liked my last story. My husband and I go to our local Tesco’s late on. I dress again in my high shoes seamed stockings red skirt but longer than before. I have a red see blouse but I am wearing a black bra to show through. I wear one to small so my tits hang out and open two top buttons. I love to bend down the lower shelf and let the night workers see my big ass. I wear a throng to show off my cheeks. … Read more

Footsteps Fiction

She walked slowly down the corridor.
It was wide and expansive and she’d enjoyed taking her heels from her feet in the lift as they travelled from the bar.
She was tipsy now from the wine, the conversation and the anticipation of what might come next and she liked that feeling. Adventures begin with plans, ideas shared and logic of what might be but it’s all best guess. The excitement and anticipation of opening ones eyes at the beginn… Read more

Milf1234 Fact

Went to a hotel the Galgorm my husband went down to the bar and waited for me. I am 64 years old but a have a good body. I entered the bar wearing red high heels 6” black seamed stockings with a suspender belt with the metal buckles. I had a very tight Lycra red mini skirt which showed my suspenders belt off. I wore a red see through blouse with no bra letting my 38d Titts flop my large nipples clearly showing to everybody. I wore red lipstick.… Read more

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Sentient Edges Fiction

How long had she been lying here? she could tell that morning was coming from the light that had changed from deep darkness to grey light edging its way into this room. Her eyes were tired and adjusting to the light. Her body felt wide awake and detached in so many ways, it had betrayed her over and over again since the moment he had first touched her, stroking her wrist with his fingers the evening before as they had enjoyed a drink.

Her mout… Read more

An Echo Of Before Fiction

The city scape sparkled as far as she could see. The shadows of the southern mountains a contrast to the emerging light from the east as time passed on this the longest night.
Throughout her vision tiny lights dazzled far and wide illuminating the sleeping city that seemed to be slumbering still. She imagined him now somewhere within, lying on his side with his eyes closed and she recalled his scent, his sounds, the shape of his mouth, how his… Read more

A barman's Pleasure Fact

I am working Part-Time in a Bar in Dublin and got on well with most of the customers and have many ladies giving me their numbers when their boyfriends are not looking.

This couple came in, he’s a bit of an idiot and she is hot and very sexy the way she looks at you and flirt’s with her eyes and smile. He is Danny and she is Monika and she is 34yo and long legs and looks stunning. She was making eyes at me as I worked and we flirted a lot … Read more

test BDSM

test test test test test… Read more

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The Joys Of Swinging Fact

So what i type below is fact and it is about my first ever swinging encounter.

I got chatting to a couple in the chat room for several weeks and we got on fairly well, i would cam the odd time with the F of the couple and speak about what our likes and dislikes were. Then eventually i asked would they like to meet for a "coffee". Both M and F agreed and we swapped mobile numbers. A time and date was set, 5pm on a Wednesday at their house, an o… Read more

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Greatest Walk of Shame (Part 2) Fiction

There is only one room door , she walks in front of me going to the room door. Oh that dress showing off her curves so elegantly as she slides the card down and green light appears turns to me again that seductive smile she opens the door and we both walk in. We walk into a massive open room with a complete glass wall which have Curtains draw apart from one section right in middle which has a high back regal chair facing towards the window right… Read more

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Greatest Walk of Shame ( Part 1) Fiction

Read the text from Sir....

Tonight is night ...Enjoy remember to give the Envelope to her , she will be at the bar wearing Silver dress and rose beside her. Be there for 8pm.

Sir had contacted me few weeks ago thru mutual friend and asked if I would take his beautiful partner out for a Meal for Birthday and make sure she had good time as her Birthday Surprise. I agreed as knew them both well and tonight was the night.

Sir had chosen su… Read more

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Coachford Greenway Swinging

Myself and herself went to this location a few weeks ago again, as per the last time we only arrived and with a few minutes a couple arrived in a boyracer car. He was a bit scruffy and he began wanking as he watched us in the rear seat of my car, then his partner who was Spanish joined us in the back seat and she pleasured both myself and herself, the guy kept wanking while watching us he suggested that we go to his place nearby but herself wasn'… Read more

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Visit to Her Office Romance

Oh James had pictured Trish at desk feeling herself after the morning Sexting they both had. James couldn’t get the thought of me being on those moisten lips Out of his head. So he headed into work on his day off, there was a few people at their desks and James said Good Morning.

“ What brings you here this morning James on your day off “ one of the fellow workers ask ....
“Patricia ask me in for meeting said be only 10 - 20mins.... H… Read more

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The Blues and Reds of Lavardin Fiction

The Blues and Reds of Lavardin

David entered the gallery foyer, pausing momentarily to gaze up in interest at the banner promoting the exhibition of Catherine Dubois portraits. The image of the artist’s face looked airbrushed and artificial, set against a background montage of her work, and it was initially almost unrecognisable to the man who had shared her life for over three years. Could she really have changed so much in the time since t… Read more

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The Glass Desk Romance

Was a typical Monday morning meeting at JusJoc Architects and all the departments head people sitting around the large company Glass Desk as the Boss Trish was given us the update on the Big meeting company had on Friday.
Trish today was looking so different her Hair was down and even though still wearing suit and shirt it was more casual top button open and shirt more looser not her normal rigid self. Oh she is a task master , you never want to… Read more

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At Your Mercy BDSM

I hear the Buzz on the Intercom ,
“ I am here” she says ...
“ I will buzz you in , my door is open just walk in“ I reply and headed back at sit in chair I placed in the middle room. I am now looking facing the door, anticipating a beautiful goddess is about to enter wearing what I asked her to wear. I can hear the footsteps slowly coming up the stairs and coming closer to my door. I know what I have planned but the excitement that s… Read more

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On d train Lesbian

Recently, I had to take a trip which required a long train ride, about 4
hours. I had a seat to myself and so did the pretty, but overweight
woman sitting across the isle from me. She was large framed, wearing a
skirt and blouse, her breasts were very much on the large size. She
appeared to be in her early 40's. About two hours into the trip, she
pulled out a blanket and closed her eyes for a nap. It was already dark
outside, and the only l… Read more

Tantric Delights Fiction

Tantric Delights

The black silk blindfold she'd tied covering his eyes was smooth and comfortable as was the darkness around him. His sense of sight removed, his imagination and hearing created a picture in his mind of her elegant body, moving slowly around the room. He imagined her grinning, enjoying her freedom to tease and replayed her laughter as she tied his hands firmly with a silk dressing gown cord to the chair on which he sat.
He cou… Read more

Mermaid Fact


Have you ever seen a mermaid? I have. And near Cork, too. It was on a lovely sunny Sunday morning last September. I went out the country, near Macroom, to pick up two girls and go to a kinky bondage rope tying workshop together, near Limerick. They were not ready, as usual, so I drove over to my favourite location in the whole world……..the beautiful Mullinhassig Waterfall, (so much better than Niagra Falls, where the view… Read more

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Nude in Africa Fact

Where in Africa would you like to go to?

My most wonderful trip abroad was to Zimbabwe and Zambia in 1999. There was my first attempt at stripping off in the outdoors ……………….

It was a particularly hot day so shorts were all that could be worn. When everybody else had left the Zambezi river, and I was relaxing alone, I thought this might be an appropriate time to be adventurous and see what it feels like to step outside of societ… Read more