Written by mayoman

3 Jan 2015

a while back i was cruising in Galway at night, i went into a toilet and there were two men there, there was next to no light just moonlight shining through the windows, i went into a cubicle and left the door open, one of them followed me and came up behind me and rubbed my ass, i put my hand on his crotch, he was hard, not too big, just what i like, he pulled his cock out and i started to wank him, he pulled my pants down and stuck his finger in my eager hole, i just moaned lowly so only he could hear me, he knew by now i was his to do with what he would, he whispered in my ear me i was a fucking bitch and he was going to fuck me, and that's exactly what he did, he started to rub his cock against my hole a few times while calling me a fucking whore, fucking dirty bitch, fucking slut, dirty cunt, i'm going to rape you you cunt. by now i was turned on so i put some spit on my hand and rubbed it on my hole, he saw this as the sign that i was ready so he bent me forward onto toilet, kicked my legs apart and rammed his cock in my ass, i was not ready for to be this rough and i yelped in pain as his cock pushed through my sphincter, shut the fuck up bitch he snapped at me, "i'll tell you when you can talk", he fucked me for a little while, while cursing at me and degrading me, he pulled out fully, i thought he was finished, but he asked the other guy"do you want some of this" the other guy said sure and he pulled out his cock, put some spit on it and proceeded to work his way into my hole, he was gentler than the first guy but he was bigger and he really stretched my ass almost to breaking point, he started to pump my ass while the first guy started to tell him to "give it to the cunt, dirty fucking cunt, faggot" then he slapped me on my ass as the other guy fucked me, he started to fuck me faster and faster, so much so that his cock fell out of me, he just rammed it in again, he wasn't gentle like before, it nearly tore my ass in two, he was close to cumming because not too long after he gave me an almighty thrust and he nearly pushed into the toilet, despite what they say in erotic stories i didn't feel his cum shoot inside my ass or throbbing cock, i just felt him push his cock into me as far as it would go and he was grunting, he did this a few times, he rested on my back for 10 or 20 seconds and then pulled his still hard cock out of my ass, wiped the cum and shit off his cock with some tissue, pulled his pants up, farted in my face, laughed, slapped my ass and left, now the first guy was back in control again, still calling me every name under the sun, rammed his cock in my hole again,thankfully it wasn't to big, maybe 5 inches, i could take it this rough but only just, he was hurting me,he knew it and he enjoyed being in control, small man syndrome i suppose, but i liked it, he liked taking his cock out of me and ramming it back in just to hear me groan and moan with pain, and i have to say pleasure, well he finally started to cum and his thrusts started to get even more savage and his grunting and insults started to get louder, by now he was pulling my hair, slapping me and shoving hi cock as far up my ass as he could, he finally came and when he pulled his cock out after unloading his cum in my ass he turned me around put me on my knees and told me to clean my fucking shit off his cock, i told him i didn't want to do this he gave me a hard slap in the face and told me to clean his cock or he would beat the shit out of me, i was scared now so i did what i was told, it was disgusting, i was gagging i don't mind telling you, at last his cock got soft, he was happy, or as happy as he could be, he was a nasty little man, but i have to say, other than cleaning my shit off his cock, i loved the experience.

I've been back there a few times since and i have never met either man, i would like to meet them again, maybe next time not so rough.

well that's my story, its true, i would welcome comments, good or bad.